The sweetest birdhouse...

In Star, Mississippi, you'll find some crafty craftsman making the sweetest birdhouses. When I saw this one, the Bluebird Bunkhouse, I knew I needed it for my backyard to attract one of my favorite songbirds. As bluebirds have suffered a decline in the US, small efforts like this can make a real difference.

My friend Bob helped me place my blue bunkhouse securely in the yard and he kindly brought over some wood shavings to start a nest. Then I waited... It took about a month but then, just like that, a nest was born. It appears to belong to a catbird which makes just as lovely a song...It's okay, I get it. Finders keepers. Welcome to your new home catbird. 

As if the Bluebird Bunkhouse wasn't sweet enough, there are dozens and dozens of fabulously designed birdhouses for all kinds of wrens, chickadees and songbirds in the Heartwood shop. They all came to be because of two Mississippi brothers, Larry and Jerry Glass. Their innovative eye for aviary home design has quickly caught the eye of many and now, stylish birdhouses have taken residence in thousands of backyards across the nation.

My other two favorites include this Lady Bug Loft and the S.S. Birdsong- so perfect for a beach house. And if that's not enough, check out Larry and Jerry's bird feeders, butterfly houses, bat houses and even beekeeping equipment. It's all right here.


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