Kristen Solecki

As I write this early morning, I am getting ready to drive to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the Southern Summit. It's a three day conference to meet and mingle with some southern creatives. It's also a chance for me to see my cousin, walk my favorite streets and buy more Produce Candles. Plus, I could use a heaping dose of southern Charleston charm, which is captured so perfectly in these lovely paintings by local artist, Kristen Solecki.

Kristen's original artwork captures the mood and beauty of this historical city. Kristen, "When I first moved to Charleston, the architecture and color are what inspired me most. There are tons of tiny, beautiful details on the buildings downtown that even when you walk by them constantly, you can always notice something new. Everything has a story and that in itself is inspiring." 

Kristen recently moved from Charleston to nearby Johns Island. Kristen, "Moving there has influenced my work in a new way where the natural elements of water and huge spanish oaks and full trees not only inspire work but also make a perfect environment for creating work." 

Whenever I walk the streets of Charleston, I can't help but notice the architecture, the color, the details, the people. It's a vibrant, inviting city. As Kristen shared, "I create images based off of small moments and stories using strong line work and bold color using acrylics and ink." She captures the beauty and the fun of Charleston and it's actually making me excited to take this five hour long drive right now. Thank you Kristen! See the entirety of her current artwork collection, here.

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 Illustrations: Kristen Solecki       Photos: Faith Briley       Content: Sweet Peach