Sweet Peach Guide: WALLPAPER

If I can encourage just one behavior for 2013, it would be to wallpaper one room in your home. I've done three walls in mine and I have to restrain myself from doing more. As my friends always ask me for links, I realized I should also share them with all of you. The above is Astrophobia, by Filthy Home. I've compiled a list of shops   currently on my radar. Although far from complete, it's a good place to start... 

Graham & Brown, Memento; Miss Print, Saplings, Joy D. Cho for Hygge & West, Petal Pusher; Miss Print, Dandelion Mobile; Graham & Brown, Soprano; Kimberly Lewis, Striped. 


Mr. Perswall, Artist Milano; Osborne & Little, Maharani; Nama Rococo, Little Butterfly Loop; Graham & Brown, Romance; Miss Print, Cotton Tree.


Walnut Wallpaper, Laburnum;  Graham & Brown, Spirit; Hemingway Design, Vintage; 5qm, Tapete 919, 817, 894; Anna French, Bouquet. 


Scandinavian Surface, Moose Memory; Paper Mills, Little Havana; Rachel J Powell, Woodstock; Miss Print, Little Trees; Osborne & Little, Dufy Leaf; Walnut Wallpaper, Zig Zag; Roddy & Ginger, Logpile. 


It's amazing how many great textures are now available as wallpapers. If you've always wanted that brick wall, spackled concrete or worn patina, well now you got it. From top left ; Mr. Perswall, Wallpainting; Concrete Wall, #4; Mr. Perswall, New York Memories; Twenty2, Sisal Grasscloth in toasty straw and deep brown; Mr. Perswall, Concrete; Graham & Brown, Squares *You can paint inside these squares; Osborne & Little, Canestra; Graham & Brown, Fallon


Designer's Guild, Saraille; Mr. Perswall, Secret Cities; Madison and Grow, Maggie in Red Boat House; Bholu, Nimboo; Mr. Perswall, Writer's Thinking in Ink; Mr. Perswall, Brooklyn;  Osborne & Little, Best in Show; Ferm Living, Feather. Jimmy Cricket, Porcelain; Filthy Home, Dick Picnic.

 Mr. Perswall, Osborne & Little, Graham & Brown, Ferm Living, Filthy Home, Designer's Guild, Kimberly Lewis, Miss Print, Twenty2, Walnut Wallpaper, 5qm, Hemingway Design, Hygge & West, Rachel J Powell, Paper Mills, Bholu, Madison and Grow, Anna French, Roddy & Ginger, Jimmy Cricket, Nama Rococo.