Kia Neill

I love when an artist expresses their wholly original point of view. Like Kia Neill of Houston, Texas who creates seductive and fantasized versions of mother nature. 

Nothing is literally 'drawn' in her drawings but images come to life in a very slow, deliberate yet spontaneous way. Kia, "To produce my drawings, I use a hairdryer to manipulate puddles of thinned down pigment on paper. The hot air current speeds evaporation and moves the puddles around. The process is unpredictable and induces a type of meditation."  

She continues, "As I gradually layer the marks from the dried puddles, I recognize form and pattern similar to what I see in nature, such as the ridges of clam shells, linear folds of sedimentary layers or jagged tree lines of alpine forests." 

Such beautiful images to get lost in...see more of Kia's impressive work, which includes sculptures and installations, here.