Sweet Gum Co.

The amount of time I take to blog each day is probably fairly equal to the amount of time I take to browse other blogs- finding inspiration and new connections. I have a running list of bookmarked sites that evolves each day but one of my mainstays is Local Milk, a food blog by Tennessee native, Beth Kirby.

Beth's blog is full of incredible recipes with equally incredible photos. Beth also curates a small shop of southern handcrafted (or found) kitchen items, called Sweet Gum Co. Above are ceramics by Trish Riley of Chattanooga, Tennessee that are each one of a kind and meant to be put to use each day. 

The cutting boards come via Joseph Huebscher of Huebscher Woodworks, also based in Chattanooga. Joseph rescues downed trees to transform the right cuts into stunning, functional pieces. For these impressive boards, he utilized reclaimed live edge pecan (left) and reclaimed black walnut sapwood (right).  

I love the idea of visiting a coppersmith one day to learn more about the craft- and who better than Ben Caldwell in Nashville, whose work is nationally recognized and includes all manner of utensils and dish ware for the home. I particularly love the relish spoon and antler point gravy ladle

And I know it's way too early to think about fresh honeysuckle- but this post has motivated me to buy a honeysuckle plant this spring, if only to harvest the blossoms in the summer to make Beth's recipe, Honeysuckle Biscuits with sea salt peach butter and honeysuckle mint vinaigrette. Speechless... In the meantime, peruse her blog and southern shop to be endlessly inspired and hungry. I bet after a bit of browsing, this site will be one of your mainstays too...


Photos: Beth Kirby/ Local Milk & Sweet Gum Co.       Content: Sweet Peach