Blackbird Tees

I think it's important for every guy to have a few well designed tees in their wardrobe. Blackbird Tees in Richmond, Virginia is a good shop to peruse as it offers cozy, worn in men's tees (via American Apparel and Alternative Apparel) that are paired with great design.  

I've worked on many tv sets and whenever I worked with a male host, his stylist had a fair share of cool tees like these on hand. These tees all have great color and quirky designs that you just don't see everyday. They pair well with a nice pair of jeans...and you can layer over them with button downs and sweaters.  

Owners Karl and Jody consider themselves road trip junkies. Jody, "We love city life but we'll run for the hills the first chance we get. So, the outdoors, the night sky, and life in the wild are all themes that surface throughout our collection."  

One of my favorite items in their shop are the monogrammed cardigans. Jody shares that this design is their ode to Laverne & Shirley, which makes me smile. (I loved that show.) It's a super soft Amerian Apparel tri blend cardigan offered in heather black, gray or cranberry. (and it works well for women too) 

And as I love this pic, I couldn't resist sharing it. Jody and Karl have a women's selection too which includes t shirts and pullovers and two different styles of leggings. I think I need to buy these. Peruse their shop a bit more because Jody and Karl have been gracious enough to offer Sweet Peach readers a discount! 


Photos:Blackbird Tees        Content: Sweet Peach