The Coffee Wizard

When I expressed interest in coffee, my good friend Em, of Emily G's told me I had to talk to Jason Dominy, the Coffee Wizard, to learn how to brew the perfect cup. Turns out Jason is the Director of Outreach and Wholesale Support for the reputable Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, based in Atlanta and Olympia, Washington. 

The special aspect to Batdorf & Bronson is that all their coffee is certified fair trade, certified organic or bought directly from the farm. Jason, "We roast with 100% renewable energy and recycle 80-90% of everything that comes in. They've become so successful in their methodology, here in Atlanta they roast coffee beans for the entire East coast-  from Chicago to the Virgin Islands. 

Jason favors the Clever Dripper process to make his perfect cup. Jason, "It's a hybrid of a French press and a pour over and allows for a rich, full body with a clean, sweet taste." He recommends a burr grinder for an even extraction and highly recommends buying whole beans to ground just before making your coffee. This will ensure the freshest cup of coffee with the deepest aroma and flavor.  

So here's how to make the perfect cup. First, rinse the coffee filter, then add freshly ground beans. Start a timer at zero and saturate grounds with 200 degree water. The formula is 24 grams of coffee to 340 grams of water, just off boil. (This will make 2 coffee cups worth, or 12 oz.) 

Jason likes to do a quick whisk on the very top to push the grounds into the water. 

When the timer reaches 2:30, set the dripper on a large coffee mug or decanter to fill. Then serve and appreciate. 

And if you see the pretty blue cup at a coffee shop, it means they're offering a high quality coffee roast from Batdorf & Bronson. Here in Atlanta, you can get a fresh cup at Dancing Goats. A perfect cup o' joe...tastes incredible and it's stylish. Thank you Coffee Wizard. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach