Brooks Reitz Shares His Favorites...

Brooks Reitz of Charleston, South Carolina has a good thing going. As the mastermind behind the Jack Rudy Cocktail Company, he has created a legion of avid fans across the country. His small batch tonics are incredibly good and his care for product quality and design is truly inspiring. Featured in the NY Times, Garden & Gun, GQ and Bon Appetit to name a few, Brooks was kind enough to take a little time to share his favorite Holiday Gift Picks with Sweet Peach. Thank you Brooks...

1. BILLYKIRK CARD CASE WITH SNAPS, $74. Billykirk, a collaboration between the very talented Bray brothers, has been around for quite some time. This wallet, which is the only one I carry to this day, is streamlined and thin. The leather has gotten softer and more supple with each passing day and it never fails to invoke a compliment. 

2. CREAM-NUT PEANUT BUTTER, $6.49. Surely peanut butter is one of the most widely consumed foods in our fair nation, but most brands are packed with all manner of terrible sugars, preservatives and chemicals. Cream-Nut is BY FAR the greatest peanut butter ever made. Crafted by the same family for over 80 years in Michigan, this stuff is so good, it's worth buying by the case. 

3. ROPE KNOT DOORSTOP BY THE-COMMONS, $45. The Commons, a brilliant pop up shop in Charleston, focuses on American made objects for the home. I recently picked up a doorstop made from nautical rope (in pic above) that I use as a paperweight. The cool thing is they used technical rope to give it a modern feel. I love it. 

4. CERAMIC ASHTRAY BY HOTEL SAINT CECILIA, $25. I don't smoke but on a recent trip to Austin for my girlfriend's birthday, I picked up this ceramic ashtray from Hotel Saint Cecilia. Liz Lambert, the owner, is one of the most exciting hoteliers in the nation, as this hotel is a dream. I use this ashtray atop my bedside table for change, my watch and other crap I accumulate each day. 

5. QUILTED FLEECE CPO JACKET, $275. David Mullen, the owner of Save Khaki, designs beautiful, understated clothing that is produced in the USA. His clothes are made for guys that like nice clothing but don't have a taste for too much trend or fluff- like me! This jacket is perfect for Charleston, where it never gets too cold. You can toss it on when you leave the house and it carries you through the day.  

As a big fan of Brooks' wares, I had to include some pics and links to his incredible creations, the Small Batch Tonic and the Small Batch Grenadine. You'll find these in stores across the US or on his site, here. They make an amazing holiday gift- made better when you can share it with friends and family on a cold, winter's night. Enjoy.