Ice Cream Cupcake

Last week I took some time off to visit my old stomping ground of Hermosa Beach, California. I was there with two of my nieces, Cassie and Kristen. Since Cassie is an ice cream fanatic, she wouldn't leave without trying the Ice Cream Cupcake offered at Frosted Cupcakery. And how can I blame her? Cassie chose the royal white with vanilla buttercream, filled with strawberry ice cream. 

This delicious concoction is almost twice the size of a normal cupcake and will pretty much make any niece or nephew smile from ear to ear.... it's good. 

While Cass happily finished off the cupcake, I snapped a few shots of her in Bryce's adorable kitchen. I'm in love with this wallpaper which reminds me of my own house growing up... (Bryce found it at Vintage Modern in Charlotte) 

Although Frosted Cupcakery is located on the west coast, there are many bakers creating their own versions here in the South. And if they're not- perhaps you could put in a special request to the baker. Afterall, ice cream and cake were meant to be together. Forever and ever. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach