Gift Sets

They say it's better to give than to receive...which is especially true with this box of manly goodies. Guys tend not to buy the best skin care products so make it easy for them with this Shaving Gift Package from Prospector Co. in Savannah, Georgia. It includes a rag soak, shaving oil, shave creme and aftershave. ($60) 

Another great option is their Sampler Pack, which includes beard oil, shaving oil, aftershave splash, shaving and absinthium cream. ($48) 

Who knew with a bit of vodka, juniper berries, spices and botanicals, you can craft your own gin at home? This Homemade Gin Kit is a fun gift that comes via some creative folks in northern Virginia. 

Each kit contains enough ingredients to make two bottles of handcrafted gin. As stated on their site, users "have reported that their small batches rival the mass produced, store bought gin brands in aromatics, flavor and complexity." ($80)  

The quick way to any man's heart is food. So may I suggest a gift set from one of my favorite people in the world, Emily Myers. She crafts the best jams and sauces. And I love her suggestion of combining Almond Butter with her Peach Marmalade Jam to make PB & J Wings. Wings and football sounds very Manly Monday...

Click here for the Almond Butter and Jam gift set ($33) or here for your favorite mix of three ($30) or two. ($24). And it's hard not to please any man's taste, as you'll have 21 options of jams and sauces to choose from- which include Peach Ginger Hot Sauce, Strawberry Chipotle and Berbere Sauce.  


Photos: Prospector Co., Homemade Gin Co., Sweet Peach    Content: Sweet Peach