Holiday Gift Picks for the Entertainer...

Our special feature of Holiday Gift Picks continues today with guest artisan, Leah Duncan. Leah is one of my favorite southern designers, crafting the most delicious pillows, scarves, tea towels and prints so I was thrilled when she said yes to my request. Leah, "For the gift guide, I was drawn to a lot of tableware and linens so I wanted to focus on gifts for the home entertainer. I hope you like it!" 

1. MASON SHAKER $29. Leah, Because everyone needs a mason shaker. 

2. CANOE LEATHER COASTERS $64. These beautifully crafted leather coasters by Canoe will make a unique statement and are the perfect combination of classic and rustic to work with anyone's home decor.

3. A NEW TURN IN THE SOUTH $22.99. A modern spin on southern food, this book by Canadian turned southerner, Hugh Acheson is a perfect gift for the entertainer who loves to cook. 

4. MARFA BRAND SOAP $30 for box. These Marfa brand soaps are amazing! They will add a perfect touch to anyone's guest bathroom. 

5. LEBORED TEA LIGHT HOLDERS, $36. These wooden tea light holders from Lebored are rustic, simple and geometric, all perfect for the modern entertainer. 

6. RIFLE PAPER PLACE CARDS $7.50. Rifle Paper Co. is always amazing and these place cards are no exception. 

7. LETTERPRESS RECIPE CARDS $15. These vegetable recipe cards by Studio SloMo are classic and her craftsmanship is some of the best I've seen. Perfect for any home cook! 

8. UNCORKED GLASS, $44 for 4. These southern made glasses by Uncorked Glass Company are great to mix and match with other dinnerware. Plus, they are the perfect color of cobalt. 

9. TEXTILES BY CONSTANCE $36. These beautiful linen napkins by Constance Holt are so classic, they will spruce up any occasion. 

10. HAAND CERAMICS CLOUDWARE BOWLS, starting at $35. The small size of these bowls make them versatile for any table setting. They're also so beautiful that they could be just for display, as is all of the work at Haand. 



The Minimalists

Keeping it simple is a good mantra and artists Mark Warren and Chris Pence of Orange County, North Carolina do just that and more. Their handmade homewares of bowls, cups and plates have a simple beauty and elegance to them as well as a homey feel, which makes sense. They live a cozy, homey life...

Mark and Chris live in a gorgeous 120 year old farmhouse on 40 acres of land, (which I need to shoot someday!) They've converted the front porch to their dry materials storage and do their work in the parlor room as well as outside under the persimmon and hackberry trees. Sigh...

I loved reading how commited they are to living and working off the grid as much as possible. Mark, "We use a very minimal amount of electricity to produce our work. We only use our rainwater in production." They also fire their kilns with propane, one of the cleanest fuels around and source their materials locally, even digging up the red clay just outside their front door. 

Mark and Chris' wares are deceptively simple. Each piece is well planned for maximum use and minimal waste. I love people who live their passion- it's where the line blurs between work and play. It all just flows...

These squares and triangles are so fun and thoughtful. As they share on their site, you can build a whole meal around them- "Starting with a main dish or salad in the square, a side or soup in the large triangle and down to the smaller triangles which are perfect for sauces or individual guest's salt and pepper." 

These ice cream bowls may be my favorite. Again, very thoughtful- the high back allows you to scoop the ice cream easily and the little spout at the end allows you to drink the melted remains. Ingenious...

This may be my favorite artist photo yet. Thanks Mark and Chris for sharing a bit of your heart and soul with us. I can't wait to see what you create under the persimmons next. Keep us posted! To see their lovely shop, Haand, just click here. 


Photos: Haand, Taylor Ghost    Content: Sweet Peach