Gus and Lola

A good print is hard to find. That's why I was so happy to stumble upon Britt and her Etsy shop, Gus and Lola based in Atlanta, Georgia. She designs these happy-inducing, brightly colored prints. As she states, "This shop is a small expression of my love for design and all things pretty." 

These are really sweet together, don't you think? Sized 11 x 14 each, these You Are My Sunshine prints would make a great addition to a bedroom or hallway or kitchen or porch- wherever the color sheme works best...

I'm partial to the Live Simply print. It's a good reminder to slow down, to breathe, to always appreciate what I do have instead of focusing on what I don't. You Are My Greatest Adventure is an ode to the two babies Britt recently adopted from Ethiopia. Too sweet, thanks for sharing your lovely work with us Britt. See more of it here.