Grady's Cold Brew


Although I'm not one of those people that need a cup of coffee everyday, I do enjoy a tasty cold brewed coffee from time to time...

What I like about Grady's Cold Brew is how they get their inspiration from New Orleans. Their special ingredient is chicory, whose origins begin in Egypt but the root has been mixed with coffee in France since the early 19th century. When French colonists established New Orleans in 1718, coffee crops were one of their big exports and contributions to the city. It quickly became an integral part of the local culture.

During the American Civil War, naval blockades cut off the port to New Orleans, hence the locals access to coffee. To stretch their supplies, New Orleanians began mixing their coffee with acorns, beets... or chicory. Chicory coffee was cheap and used in times of coffee shortage or an economic downturn. This surprising combination of flavors in coffee has become a New Orleans tradition as well as chicory in a 'cafe au lait' or hot milk. 

All of this colorful history makes Grady's Cold Brew so much more of a good idea. It can be mixed with water or milk, served over ice or steaming hot. Chicory has a nutty, mellow flavor and when added with milk, tastes like hazelnut. Learn more about Grady's through their site, plus find their recipe for a New Orleans Iced Coffee (and other tasty coffee concoctions), here.


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