The Bench x60

Last month I came home to find a big cardboard box on my front porch. It was from Patrick Cherix of Jacksonville, Florida. You may remember him from his fabulous chairs I featured earlier this year. Well as much as I love those chairs, this bench is even more incredible, inventive and thoughtfully crafted. 

This stunning piece has that modern look with a little rustic charm, so it's a perfect fit for the South. The best part is it's handcrafted completely in the US, utilizing yellow pine wood from Alabama. 

The Bench x60 will last a lifetime. It's made to withstand heat and humidity, even high winds and rain, so it works great indoors or out. 

I was really impressed on how easy it was to assemble. It took me just 3 minutes to put it all together. Unwrap, align, slide and tighten. Easy peasy...


The Bench x60 comes in various finishes from natural to black. I can't endorse it enough as I've had the bench for over two weeks now and love everything about it. Patrick is also kind enough to offer Sweet Peach readers a big fat discount. It currently retails for $249, but if you type in the code, (all in upper case) "SWEET50" upon checkout, you will receive $50 off and pay just $199. Gotta love that. Plus, there is free shipping until December 21. Such a deal. I hope you partake, or at least leave a comment on his site. Happy weekend...


Photos: Sweet Peach, Glodea    Content: Sweet Peach