Subtle and Sweet

Erica, from the Etsy shop Subtle Acts, has crafted some lovely journals and notecards for our pleasure. You can tell at first glance, she has a great eye and a caring heart...

Erica explains her process, "I usually start with a general idea of what I think I want to make, whether it's an animal, an object or a person. Once I get the image right, I then transfer it to my rubber carving block and begin carving. Carving time varies and depends on the complexity of the design. Once complete, I then stamp my notecards and journals and hope for the best!"

Erica's favorite design is the lightbulb. As she explains, "It is a simple design of a very common household object that is slowly becoming obsolete as we move into a more energy efficient world. But it has long been a symbol of thoughts and ideas." Erica wonders if this symbol will endure long after its demise. I suspect these keepsake journals are one way to ensure its longevity. 

As an owner of a lab, I love the sweetness of this hunting dog journal. Erica and her husband have two rescue dogs whom she describes as "fabulously unintelligent but highly entertaining and loving." The journal with the loblolly pine is one of my favorites as I love the name loblolly and see these trees every day in Georgia. And so does Erica- who lives in the piney woods of East Texas. 

The Studious Owl is one of the first stamps Erica created. Her backyard woods in Gilmer, Texas are home to plenty of owls and she's lucky enough to hear them call out each day. I'm so jealous! I think I should put one of these notecards on my inspiration board so I can hear the call of the wise owl someday too...

Erica has lived in the South all her life. As she says, "The South is an essential part of who I am. This is where my artistic life began as I was a child drawing at the dining room table. And though I have my own space to work elsewhere, I still do a lot of my work at the dining room table." I think there's comfort in what we know and the habits we form as artists. I like to think of Erica at her dining room table, surrounded by woods and wild things, creating new designs for us to cherish.

Find the retro camera journal here and the Thoreau notecard set here.