Peach Picks: Rob Wilson

I've been a fan of Rob Wilson ever since I first saw his clever illustrations. As a devout fan, I thought I'd be brave and ask him to create an illustration for this year's Peach Picks for the Holiday. Lucky for all of us, Rob was more than happy to oblige. Besides his wonderful artwork to kick off our holiday season, Rob is the first to share his favorite gift picks with Sweet Peach, all of which are from artists based in Dallas and Brooklyn- the two cities he travels between the most. And they're all just so good...

1. FROM THE ROAD Dolpa Pillow, $345. New York designer Susan Easton's love of travel and design spurred her to create a business working with artisans around the globe. This pillow, made from woven yak blankets, is certainly a conversation piece.  

2. GARZA MARFA Round Stool, from $750. This quarter sawn oak and brightly painted steel base stool from west Texas stands tall.  

3. DIRT'S EL PATO TIN with succulents, $42. My favorite flower and plant shop in Dallas makes these perfect, compact succulent gardens. They're like Marfa in a can.  

4. THE NASHER STORE DPW Plattter by Boris Bally, $440. This bright graphic platter made of traffic signs would make anyone stop and take notice.  

5. VARIOUS PROJECTS Key tag, $15. Various Projects make hundreds of fantastic tags, each one engraved with a snarky word or phrase that will definitely help you remember where you put your keys.  

6. MOLESKINE, John Alcorn: Evolution by Design, $64. Inspiring and influential, a new book about the legendary graphic designer John Alcorn is a visual delight.  

7. STAG, Sleepy Jones, Jasper Stripe boxer shorts, $44. I'm happy that a new Stag outpost has opened around the corner from me in Dallas. Their striped boxers will surely beat getting a box of candy canes.  

8. LILCO Geometric tea towel set, $30. Designer Lily Smith + Kirkley's hand-screened geometric linen tea towels are perfect gifts for hostesses and hipsters alike. 

9. KATE WEISER CHOCOLATE, Build-Your-Own box, $15-70. Kate Weiser chocolates, made in Dallas, are almost too beautiful to eat. But with so many delicious flavors, you won't be able to stop with one bite. Create a gift box with candies like Lavender Apricot, Ninja Turtle and Mango Habanero and then make one for yourself. 

10. TEN OVER SIX Fort Standard Bottle Opener, $60. If I found one of these insanely cool bottle openers in my stocking, I'd hope to find a few bottles to go along with it. 

11. WARE OF THE DOG Cashmere colorblock sweater, from $90. I wish my dog Maisie would wear one of these smartly designed sweaters- honestly, I wish I could wear one. Instead, she's opted for one of the neon orange and pink collars that are also part of this cool collection from Brooklyn. 

12. F IS FOR FRANK Handmade pewter woodgrain belt buckle, $81. Dallas-based jewelry designers, Shoshannah Frank and Casey Melton create meticulously crafted pieces that reflect their love of nature and their wit.

13. RENEE RHYNER SHOP Ebay Yellow Chair framed print by Brian Cronin, from $250. Brian Cronin is an internationally recognized illustrator and I've always been a huge fan of his work. This print is one of a new series of chairs on sidewalks, notable for its bold color and melancholy shadows.

14. PAT KIM rocket, $210. A walnut, hand painted rocket by Pat Kim may not be exactly something you need, but it's definitely something that will boost your spirits. 

Thank you Rob- your Peach Picks mimic your impeccable, fabulous taste. I'm thrilled at this chance to share your favorites. Hope y'all are inspired as I am. And Happy Black Friday! 


 Photos: Respective artists; Allison V Smith     Content: Sweet Peach