Fort Remington

With a name that could also double for an action TV series, DJ Remington plays a role in life much more subdued. As a fifth generation woodworker, she lovingly hand crafts all manner of kitchen utensils at her workshop, which is situated near an idyllic cow pasture in central Florida. Her intention is "to create beautiful, functional utensils that will have the quality to be handed down and become family heirlooms." 

Based in the South, DJ utilizes wood from the Cherry, Pecan and Sycamore trees. As she explains, "My favorite is the Southern Cherry for its durability in the kitchen and lovely gain lines that are always a surprise when carving." It's plain to see that DJ has found her calling as she explains, "I love to take a tree that would normally be burned or left to rot and find the beauty and the value inside." I love the Coffee Scoop.

This is the extra long Classic Spoon. At 15", it's made for some serious cooking. All her culinary tools are built to last. As DJ states, "I try to put strength in every utensil. I like hefty handles that feel better to hold than the skinny handles. And they can stir the thickest creation in the pot." 

DJ really enjoys crafting the right tool for a specific culinary dish. As she explains, "I've noticed in my travels around the southeast that there are local foods that are popular in a certain area. It may be Chicken Pileau, Lo Country Boil or Shrimp and Grits and I love to supply the perfect cooking utensil for the chef to create an amazing local favorite." This sturdy Dutch Oven Spoon is perfect for a chili or Brunswick Stew. DJ adds, "It's a chunky handle, making it comfortable to hold and stir and the generous bowl makes it a great serving spoon too." 

No matter your skill in the kitchen, it's probably safe to say you cook pasta. Dj's Pasta Set makes a wonderful gift. I also love the look and style of the small Salad Set and right handed Pot Hanger

I'm privy to any shots of sweet tea in a mason jar. So when I saw that DJ had crafted a spoon just for stirring lemon, sugar, simple syrup or whatever else you may like for your tea, I was dreaming of being on my porch with this tasty beverage, kicking back and cooling off in the summer heat. The beautifully crafted Rounded Stirrer or Iced Tea spoon gets the job done. 

See all of DJ's creations here. Thank you for putting so much love and care into these utensils DJ, and thank you too for the oh so lovely pics! 


Photos: DJ Remington   Content: Sweet Peach