Halli Hitchner

For most of us, finding the right art for our home takes a lot of time. It often doesn't come easily nor quickly. But, I'd have to say these lovely floral paintings are a safe bet. They're incredibly sweet, delicate, charming... 

Halli Hitchner of Fleur Papier was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She's always had a strong connection to natural forms, endlessly inspired by the blooms and vines that grow in her own backyard. Perhaps what I love most, however, is how Halli makes all of her own paper. As she shared, "The labor intensive process of creating a piece involves making and drying the pulp for the handmade paper while at the same time, spending time finding inspiration for what I will hand paint next." 

Halli's hope is that you feel, with each piece, that you've traveled back to the 1800's, perhaps meandering inside an old English garden. Her work is special, meant to be cared for and shared. See all of her current creations, here. 


Images:  Rylee Hitchner; hallihitchner.com      Content: Sweet Peach