Building Studio

Coleman Coker is an artist and an architect. He's a Tennessee native and through his company, Building Studio, has created numerous award winning structures. I particularly like this project he completed in 2003, nicknamed Texas Twister. It's a retreat with six guest bedrooms in Ellis County, Texas. The owners are currently restoring the wetlands and native grasses that surround the property. 

The property is situated between hardwoods and this beautiful open meadow. 

I like the entrance to this home. As stated on their site, "The west parking area has a steeply angled 2x cypress screen- a flag- that announces the retreat's presence for arriving guests. The long water trough and birdbath offers a pretty touch. As the owners are avid birdwatchers, it's a welcome invitation to the surrounding wildlife to come drink, take a bath, stay a while...It's your home too. 


You'll notice the two foot band of clarestory windows that surround much of the home and allow in heaping doses of natural light. The clean, modern interior design, with soft tones of grays and browns is truly stunning. 

A truly gorgeous home and sanctuary... Learn more about the innovative projects of Building Studio here. 


Photos: Building Studio     Content: Sweet Peach