The Octopus

Animal decor of some kind is always in trend. The octopus, of all creatures that inhabit the land and sea, is an unlikely candidate. In person they are not the prettiest, but in artform, they take on a cool, graphic persona. (find bath decal here

I recently bought an octopus print much like this one. I never thought I'd own one but as I stare at it, I like its mystery, its other worldliness...there's much beauty here. 

Artist, Thomas Paul has embraced the octopus more than any other. He has created octopus bedding, dishware & towels. The top right plate comes via ibella. 

This bright red octopus pillowcase comes from the Texas based shop, Royal Kane. The vibrant pillows are via Dermond Peterson.

The hip octopus. Who knew? Embrace one soon...


Photos: Respective shops;    Content: Sweet Peach