The Dallas Neighborhood Map

Yesterday, my friend Bradley sent me a link to a Dallas based artist he thought I may like. His name is David Anthony Harman and along with having a great eye for design, he makes maps. Of course I like him. 

David is a Dallas, Texas native and loves his home city through and through. And since love and passion go hand in hand, David decided to take his lifelong knowledge of the city and create a map of all the neighborhoods  (over 160) that are 'intown' or located within the squiggly square known as Loop 12.

The Dallas Neighborhood Map took David 6 months of intensive research to complete. Important collaborations with locals, friends and institutions, such as Preservation Dallas, helped him bring this vibrant and varied city to life- on paper. No easy task...

David, "I made this map for all those folks out there who love this city as much as I do." Learn more about David's screen-printed, Dallas Neighborhood Map, offered in six different color combos, here. 


Photos:      Content: Sweet Peach