Peach Picks: Danielle Romero

One of my favorite finds when I first started the Sweet Peach blog was the NY to Nashville shop, created by Danielle Romero. Her continuous hunt for vintage and reclaimed fabrics in Tennessee has led to the coolest manly pocket squares. I loved sharing her shop on the blog and she was part of why I started Manly Monday. So - Danielle has a special place in my heart, whether she realizes it or not. I'm thrilled she said yes to sharing her holiday gift ideas. Like her pocket squares, Danielle's picks are of high quality with a classic, timeless style. Thank you Danielle! 

Daniel Boone Buffalo Plaid Pocket Square, $27. My husband used to keep a rag in his pocket for wiping engine oil off his hands or dabbing sweat from his brow when he was woodworking. I made him this flannel pocket square to replace the shop rag because it looks a lot cooler in his back pocket when not called upon to clean up a mess. 

Goo Goo Clusters, $4.29. These chocolates are a Nashville original and a MUST in our stockings every Christmas. 

Sugarlands Distilling Sweet Tea Moonshine, $25. Bottled in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this handsome mason jar boasts a 40 proof southern sweet tea moonshine, blended just the way your grandpa used to make it. 

Handcrafted Waxed Canvas Lunch Tote, $65. I love the brown bag aesthetic with the durability of waxed canvas + leather! Made in Nebraska, so you know it's sturdy. 

Titanium Cutlery Set, $22. Keep these in your car or at your desk for a much better alternative to eating lunch with a plastic fork. 

Huberd's Shoe Oil, $12. This oil is perfect for keeping those boots in working order. Plus, the tin can boasts a fantastic design. 

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle, $28. Perfect for bringing coffee to work or carrying along on a camping trip, I vote for the classic red bottle. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Danielle Pic: Tyler Sharpe