Corella Design

Artist, Donna McKenzie of Corella Design in Charlotte, North Carolina loves fashion and animals so she realized- why not combine the two? Donna's current favorite in her animal series is the bear, as he's quite versatile and loves flannel shirts. She also likes how his expression turned out. As she describes, "it's whimsical yet realistic at the same time." 

Donna reveals her process, "I always begin with pencil, graphite or pen to create a drawing, then I will scan the drawing, pull into Photoshop or Illustrator and clean it up just a little, maybe add some color." Find the cute pig here or the sweet mouse with a classic bowtie here. 

Donna gave this polar bear a bit of a retro look. He's obviously a fan of color and I must say, he pulls it off well. 

I love all of Donna's bears. She offers two versions here, the bear in the red flannel or the bear in the white tee. She's inspired by their furry mass adding, "Bears just appear to be so huggable." I concur, especially in cozy clothes...

Donna finds her inspiration from a myriad of places, "Nature for one. I also love magazines, fashion, music, photography, fabrics- anything with a pattern or color." I'm a fan of the fox above. Donna titled this one, Falling Flowers.

Such lovely work, with each piece offering a different personality for your decor. Find all of Donna's illustrations, which includes all manner of animals and people, here.