Professional Porch Sitters Union

I like any reason to sit on my front porch (which is actually where I'm blogging from at this moment), so I really loved it when I read about the Professional Porch Sitters Union on NPR. The Union was started in 1999 by Claude Stephens of Louisville, Kentucky. The group is bare bones simple without a mantra- just one really good suggestion, "Sit down a spell. That can wait." 

I like any gathering that has no rules or regulations. In fact, according to Claude, there are "no dues, no membership requirements, no mailings, no agenda, no committees, no worries." What Claude does believe is that turning the tv off and heading out to the front porch to share stories and quality time together is critical to building sustainable communities. Love that... 

To start your own local chapter, all you have to do is give yourself a number, then invite some people to join you out on the porch. Attendance is optional. I think we need to add some more chapters to the thousands of local chapters that already exist in all 50 states and four different countries. It's just another good reason to turn off the electronics, find a rocking chair, some friends and shoot the breeze... I'm in! 

To read or listen to the NPR story on the Professional Porch Sitters Union, click here. 


Photos: PPS Union, Martha Stewart,   Content: Sweet Peach