Silas Tom Paper Goods

I received an email recently from a graphic artist in Texas. If I had interest, he wanted to share his new holiday cards with Sweet Peach. After seeing Scarf Face, above, and his incredible, modern style...well, I was quickly a fan and devout admirer. His name is Rob Wilson. 

In the business for 22 years, working with clients such as AT&T, American Airlines and Nokia, Rob is an established and well respected designer. He started creating these drawings in his spare time and after much fanfare, decided to share them with the rest of us. 

As Rob shares, "Each of the illustrations are infused with my sense of humor, experiences from my travels and my own sense of design." This graphically pleasing and endearing card is named Present Tense.

Rob has a few Hanukkah selections as well. It's amazing how a great artist can instantly set a mood and bring us into their world. I can connect with the emotions of the scene...the comforts of home and the holiday season ring clear. 

This series, with the added gold color, is inspired from Rob's travels to Germany. Rob, "For several years, I traveled to Germany and Austria a few weeks prior to Christmas. I enjoyed the bitterly cold weather, the hot gluhwein and a great sense of cheer as I wandered through the many Christmas markets." 

What I like most about Rob's cards is how the more you stare, the more you see. My mind fills with mini scenes and storylines. Rob offers boxed sets of all his holiday thoughts just in time for the holidays. I suggest you check them out- along with his line of cards for birthdays, weddings and such. He's a gem, which makes me all the more grateful that he found Sweet Peach...