The Bourbon & Boots List

If you love to support Southern artists, then you must follow Bourbon & Boots. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Bourbon & Boots is the go-to site to buy Southern made and inspired goods from small business owners. I peruse their site at least once a week to see what's new and interesting below the Mason Dixon. Editor, Melissa Tucker was kind enough to share some of her latest favorite finds. These picks have Southern grit and soul. Enjoy...

STATE QUARTER CUFFLINKS, $22. These conversation starting cufflinks make me kind of wish I could wear a suit. Luckily for the ladies, they make rings too. 

JOHNNY CASH NECKLACE, $42. This necklace goes with everything. The combination of Johnny Cash and the reminder to keep a close watch on your heart- well, that's an irresistible combination. 

SILVER BULLET RING, $59. Made of sterling silver with a 9mm Win Luger bullet head holding a clear Swarovski crystal, this little ring has some attitude. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrier Project. Crafted in Kentucky, what's not to love? 

COPPER SHOT GLASSES, $125. The day these arrived in the office, our eyes lit up. Look how shiny! Oh, and they're surprisingly heavy. We did everything short of cracking open a bottle of whiskey to test them out. What? ...It was noon, y'all. 

FOUR LETTER WORD BRACELET, $25. Racy or sweet, this bracelet is available in the four-letter word of your choosing. Yeah, your mind went a little wild, didn't it? Ours did too. Focus ladies, focus. Some wholesome suggestions: Hope, Love, Y'all.... and some not so sweet. We'll leave that to you, mom might be reading. 

MONOGRAM DOOR HANGER, $30. The old joke is Southerners will monogram anything that sits still long enough and whether you're claiming a dorm room door or a bedroom in your house, this is a lovely way to be defined by your initials. 

BROTHEL TOKEN WISHBONE NECKLACE, $60. My secret is out now. This necklace- made in Milton, Georgia by one half of the Angel Court jewelry operation- is my favorite thing on our site. I can't say I own one yet, or that mom would be entirely proud to see me wearing it, but I think it's perfect in every way.

R RIVETER MILITARY BAGS, from $195. When you spend big money on a high quality handbag, you justify it by considering how long it will last, right? Good things aren't cheap. But this military bag has the added bonus of supporting hard working military spouses in Georgia. Even better.  

MASON JAR LIGHTS, $69. Those white Christmas lights can stay strung up on a Southern porch all year long, that's acceptable. But mason jar lights? Now, THESE have personality.  



Bourbon & Boots

Amy Bowers, Editor of the fabulous Bourbon and Boots site that is based in Little Rock, Arkansas knows great southern artistry and design. Bourbon and Boots is all about showcasing quality, stylish goods from small business owners and artisans. Without fail, the site delivers on unique and well crafted goods that you won't find at your everyday shop. Amy has been gracious enough to send a B & B goodie box to my house for use at next weekend's Sweet Peach Revival. Here's a sampling...

R. Riveter, out of north Georgia, was started by two military wives who wanted to create full or part time jobs for other capable military wives in their network- jobs that would be, as they share, "as mobile and as flexible as the military lifestyle demands we be." The military wives offer a variety of stylish bag styles that incorporate high quality leather and canvas military tents.

Dcoybrand is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I didn't know they existed until I saw them on the Bourbon & Boots site- they make ties, tees, bibs and these amazing vintage pocket squares sourced from American made fabrics. They hand make as many pocket squares as the found fabric will allow, like The Henley, above, is just one of ten. How is this not the best gift ever? 

Amy also included a gingham dog collar in my goodie box- via Paw Paws of Greenville, South Carolina. I have two dogs so I was instantly smitten...great design and well made. 

Paper and Place, via Dallas, Texas crafts hometown map necklaces that always make a great conversation starter- and remind you of home. Made with real maps, glass and paper, they're hard not to want. 

This fabulous Mrs. Grant tote via R. Riveter will be auctioned off at the Revival next Friday night. And all the items you've seen in today's post will be part of our raffle giveways, if not the auction. So if you're in Atlanta next weekend, I do hope you come on by and see us. Thank you Amy... and thank you Bourbon & Boots.