Sturdy Brothers

The other day, I received an email from Alison Wilson who works in tourism for the city of Thomasville, GA. She wanted to pass along a cool Kickstarter project that involved two talented brothers, Spencer Young (from T'ville and a founder of Grassroots Coffee) and Ben Young of Wake Forest, NC. With a shared fondness for locally made, high quality products, the siblings wanted to join the growing community of American handcrafters. They aptly named their new venture, Sturdy Brothers.

On the Sturdy Brothers Kickstarter page, you quickly see their talent (and potential) for crafting leather and canvas goods. My favorite piece is this waxed canvas apron with leather straps. It's simple, practical, built to last and the adjustable leather strap with clasp is my favorite touch. It makes a lot of sense, plus it just looks cool. 

Another of their offerings is this versatile, unisex tote bag. It has double reinforced canvas along the bottom and embodies that classic, utilitarian look. 

I'm not a person who would really ever use a tool roll but I must say, it's one of my favorite handcrafted creations I've been seeing from various artisans. This one looks like it will stand the test of time and as they say, only get better with time. 

The great thing is the brothers have achieved their initial goal on Kickstarter of raising $3500. This money will pay for an industrial sewing machine, a heavy duty dryer and a leather logo stamp for all their goods. There are a few weeks left on their funding page and you can still donate to the cause, here

The generosity they receive  from all of us only fuels their dreams and ambitions for Sturdy Brothers. Plus, with each donation, you will receive one of their handcrafted goods and more importantly, be a part of their company's inception. Like the feeling they have when completing a newly handcrafted piece- made right here in the USA, it's something you can be proud of...


Photos: Sturdy Brothers        Content: Sweet Peach