I love a good map, especially one that shares the best spots for tasty, southern barbecue. Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright of Charlotte, North Carolina came up with this fab idea. The Great NC BBQ Map is an impressive undertaking as the well-designed guide features over 400 restaurants, shacks and eateries, and to date, is the most comprehensive BBQ map in the state. 

Amanda and Paul started up their company, EDIA, in the summer of 2014. The name EDIA is an acronym for Every Day Is an Adventure. Their goal is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and create adventure at every turn. 

The map shares important info for any lover of southern BBQ, including whether each locale offers whole hog BBQ or just part of the pig. You'll also learn how the BBQ is prepared and which sauces to expect. And to make your road trip adventure throughout North Carolina even more fun, they created a game pack of puzzles to keep you entertained as you traverse the state, finding your own adventure...seeking out the extraordinary in the ordinary. Perfect plan for the holiday weekend.