Atlanta Vintage Map

One of the perks of being a design blogger are the emails you get with links and pics of cool projects in the works. Like this one, just completed by Jeanee Ledoux of Finely Crafted. It's an art print that showcases her favorite vintage shops in Atlanta. Jeanee, "I tried to capture the spirit of each shop and our city as a whole- note the kudzu on the signpost!"

Jeanee recruited the talented, Cindy Tomczyk of Paper Parasol Press to design the map. Jeanee, "I did the research and art direction and she made the drawings in her signature atomic-era style."

I love Jeanee's layout. As she shared, "We were stumped for a few days on how to treat the numbered list of shops. It was a boring sidebar and didn't look integrated with the drawings, so I came up with the idea to turn the headline and list into a diner-style sign." Too fun...

An artistic collaboration is a pretty beautiful accomplishment. The process itself --if successful-- takes the ego out of the equation and allows two parties to bring their best skill sets to the table and challenge their individual abilities in a new way. I'm inspired by the work of these two and excited to see who Jeanee will collaborate with next. (Check out Jeanee's last collaboration with Leah Duncan)

Jeanee and Cindy's vintage map is motivating me to finally check out the Starlight Six Swap Meet this weekend. It's just down the way from my house, I've always wondered about it and as you can see, admission is 25 cents. Oh, I'm all over that...


Photos: Jeanee Ledoux; Cindy Tomczyk      Content: Sweet Peach