Foxwood Co.

A couple months back, my eye landed on this walnut vessel and it's been love at first sight ever since. This piece turned out to be one of many eye catching and original works be Annapolis, Maryland couple, Casey and Amy Johnson.

Casey is an artist and sculptor by trade and takes great pride in constucting aesthetically pleasing, clean and functional forms. Amy helps in the design process and streamlining the logistical and marketing side of things. It's a a good match as their pieces feel wholly original with staying power. As shared on their site, "Our hope is that they become heirlooms, gathering their stories from kitchens, dinner tables and homes as they are passed from hand to hand." 

Casey sources the wood locally and no dies or stains are used. What does shine through, however, is a great respect for the process, as it's evident Casey lets each piece of wood tell the tale it wants to tell. The results are simply stunning, much like Mother Nature herself. See the entirety of the incredibly lovely shop, Foxwood Co., here. 


Images:     Content: Sweet Peach