Andie's Specialty Sweets

Andie and Jason Moore of Dallas, Texas are master artisans of the culinary variety. They carefully craft all manner of sugared creations that tend to leave you a bit speechless with their perfection. 

After seeing their shop, I believe they could create anything. But, they do specialize in all things found in mother nature, from fall leaves to fungi...

as well as cute round things like gears and buttons.

Andie and Jason are the original purveyors of vintage button candy and what makes it all the more sweeter is how all of their tasty candies are made with high quality, certified fair trade and earth friendly ingredients such as organic chocolates, flavorings, sugars, oils and starches. And every single item, no matter how small and intricate, is handmade individually. It truly is a labor of love. 

I particularly like all their edibles from the sea, which include shells, oysters, starfish, sand dollars and corals. You can buy eight of them to set atop a cake or placed together in a bowl for a most delicious conversation piece. 

Andie and Jason have created quite the niche for themselves in crafting some of the best edible candies available. See their entire shop here and don't forget to think about them when you plan your next dinner party or celebration. I do believe their tasty concoctions would make a most memorable addition...


Photos: Andie's Specialty Sweets      Content: Sweet Peach