When I was pondering what to blog about for Valentine's Day, my friend Tiffany answered my question in one phrase, "What about Valentino?" Valentino is a puppy that Tiffany and her husband, Jeff were about to rescue in a few days time. They had just seen this one photo of him with a heart shaped nose and the name Valentino was born, as well as a love for this little guy they had yet to meet. 

Valentino was being fostered by Christine Totten after being rescued by Amanda Liston and her partner, Terry King of Carolina Care Bullies. Amanda and Terry rescue dogs, focusing on pit bulls on death row in North Carolina shelters. They have so far placed 250 pit bulls into permanent, responsible homes. Many have a negative idea of pit bulls, which is often fueled by the media, but the many pits that I've met over the years are truly sweet, loving dogs...and they love to clown around. 

So, here's how it all went down. Last Saturday morning, Valentino, to the left, was unbeknownst to him, about to meet his new family which included Mischa, to the right, sporting here a fashionable winter scarf. (Tiffany and Jeff adopted Mischa from the same organization 8 months ago) 

Mischa waited in the car...then the two met and Mischa wasn't sure what to make of it all. Was this pup going home with her? After all, she's a spoiled child that gets lots of love and attention and occassionally gets to wear fabulous accessories...  

Back at home, Tiffany showed Valentino around as she walked him inside and out on a leash. Valentino found comfort in a good chew toy as Mischa paraded around the house, letting little V know whose house it really is. Until...

Mischa realized that Valentino was the most amazing play friend ever. As Mischa is just a year and a half old, she has a ton of energy. As I saw her last week with my two dogs who have arthritis, back problems and no real desire to leave their dog beds, she was none too pleased with their lack of enthusiasm. Valentino, on the other hand, could play for hours and hours on end...and they did, almost four hours straight. And that was just day one. 

They have since bonded beautifully. Mischa loves her little brother. She licks him incessently and watches over his every move. 

So Mischa found her Valentine in a cute four month old aptly named Valentino- so lucky. She's not even two and she's already got love all figured out. (amazingly, the happy pair were rescued from the same animal shelter and happened to be fostered by the same caregiver) I hope this offers a little inspiration to rescue your own dog someday...and check out the site of Carolina Care Bullies. They give those on death's door the best gift of all. A chance at love. 


Photos: The Santiagos, Carolina Care Bullies    Content: Sweet Peach