Rustic Brand

At just 26 years old, Trevor Brown has created an impressive niche for himself. Creative Director of his own on line company, Rustic Brand, based in Alexandria, Louisiana, he crafts high quality, rustic minded necklaces and bracelets that are catching a lot of people's attention...

All the dog tags used are hand cut from raw aluminum then rounded and sanded, the brass is naturally aged and hand embellished and the leather is of the highest quality, all hand treated and waxed by Trevor himself. The goal is to create lasting, impressionable pieces that have their own unique character. Trevor also allows you to customize pieces with monogramming or short phrases which he hand stamps individually using metal lettering and a good 'ol hammer.

A true craftsman, Trevor revels in the fun and challenge of sourcing and working with various metals, jewels and leather. It's an ever evolving craft and I'm excited to keep track of his journey. See his latest venture into apparel, here and click here to see the entire Rustic Brand collection. 


Images: Rustic Brand    Content: Sweet Peach