Wee Gallery

Surya Sajnani of St. Petersburg, Florida has the wee thing down. In her shop, Wee Gallery, she creates the sweetest items for our little ones. These nesting dolls come in sets of three and are meant for kids age three or older. 

I first found Surya's work at a shop in San Francisco a few months back. Her Art Cards for Baby were a perfect gift for my friend Tiffany who just had a baby. These cards feature high contrast and repeating patterns which helps to stimulate visual development in infants...use as flash cards or as artwork inside or near the crib. 

Her signature black and white designs carry through in wallpaper, decals, toys, blankets, pillows, tattoos, mobiles and these adorable ceramics and activity books. Check out the entire Wee Gallery shop, here.


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Little Lux

Ever since I first wrote about Gunner & Lux, a jewelry line started by John Petersen, I've been keeping an eye on what he's designing. At the time of my first blog entry early last year, his then four-year-old daughter, Riley, had started making her own necklaces for herself and friends. They were a mix of vintage jewels and letters. Now, following along on their Instagram feed this past year, I've noticed Riley's side gig become a full time passion. Her very own jewelry line called, Little Lux is now in over 75 shops across the country, including Barneys NYC. Big things are on the horizon for these two gems...

My favorite aspect of Little Lux is how I feel these two actually created their very own trend. Each necklace showcases one thing- whether it's an animal, a person or a thing. The object of attention is oversized yet not overly so. The featured item is allowed to shine, keeping each necklace minimal in design yet with the perfect added touch of color, flair and kid appropriate fun. I just love it...

Although John is there to lend a helping hand and handle the logistics, it's Miss Riley who is at the helm of her own brand. As John shared, "Riley is always coming up with new ideas that we are experimenting with and trying out. She gets lots of ideas from books she reads, antique stores we go to and the many camps she went to over the summer. Some of her ideas work and some don't, but the creative part of sketching and picking colors is where she really gets excited." 

You can see Riley hard at work in the pics above...and it must be amazing for her to be at the forefront of building a very credible and viable business at the spry ol' age of six. I love that her popular Charlie the Cheetah necklace was featured on a recent issue of Babiekins Magazine (modeled here by Marley Battle) As she designs, cuts rope, ties knots, packages, delivers and may I add, writes a Thank You note for every order, she's well on her way to becoming a strong, in trend, in demand, force in the business. How cool is that? Find your favorite Little Lux statement piece, here.


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Treehouse Kid & Craft

I love a good kid's shop and Treehouse Kid and Craft in Athens, Georgia is one of the best. Owner, Kristen Bach curates a bevy of products that are meant to nurture the imagination and soothe the soul. It's a mix of design friendly toys, organic bath products, vintage and handmade kid's clothes, furniture, decor, artwork and my favorite- clever games and activities. 

An I love Athens diorama, how fun is that? This is something I'd love to open and start coloring and assembling. Kristen creates and sells these herself... now we just need an Atlanta one. 

What stands Treehouse out from the rest is their classroom space where they offer a variety of DIY classes, workshops and summer camps. Classes include drawing, super hero, collage, sewing, knitting, printmaking, puppetmaking, stop motion animation and so much more...

Kristen opened Treehouse in 2010 and the good news is she's expanding to Atlanta by the end of the year. A new Treehouse will spring up in Inman Park to showcase all her wares and include lots of cool workshops for the kids. It's a place to explore and to play... all imaginations welcome.  


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For one of her holiday gift picks this past December, Libbie Summers (via Salted & Styled) chose the work of Lane Huerta of Lovelane in Savannah, Georgia. From the very first glance at Lane's colorful capes, hats and superhero cuffs for kids, it's easy to see why...

Offered in various bright colors and playful designs, these moto helmets are as adorable as it gets. I think it's my new favorite kid gift cuz I'd want to wear it too.

If you believe your babe is a little superhero, upgrade their wardrobe options at the Lovelane shop. You'll find the perfect collection of goods to let a child's imagination fly...


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Billie Blooms

Ever since I first blogged about the fabulous Finkelstein dolls, I've been an avid fan. So when I noticed that they collaborated with a new company called Billie Blooms in order to create some fancy pants for a few lucky Finks- I was curious. Who and where and what are Billie Blooms? 



Turns out Billie Blooms is a company of two. Libi Molnar and Ashley Liemer stared the company last month and work between their two home bases of Brooklyn and Miami. They set out to create stylish, high quality, American made baby bloomers for both girls and boys. So far, so good...

The bloomers are made from 100% cotton with elastic waist and legs. Libi and Ashley currently have 9 styles available in their online shop and each look embraces a clean, minimal aesthetic.

Find more Billie Bloomers here and be sure to check out the Finks with fancy pants because who doesn't love matching chambray bloomers?  Too cute... 


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Designed by Artists

Insun Hong is the creator and designer behind Designed by Artists, based in Houston, Texas. As she recently shared, "As a full time designer, one of the biggest tasks I have is to make marketable products that sell and this rule often conflicts with what I desire to do as an artist at heart." Her philosophy is to design products that are made with the soul of artists. 

Insun's plan is to introduce new designs every six months with special editions for popular holidays. Her current series features toddler blankets... 

Insun, "My blankets are made with 100% cotton, super soft fabric that is perfect for toddlers." Her 30" x 36" lightweight blankets have an original design (unlike traditional repeat patterns) that catch your eye with their color and originality. Her blankets are for moms (and babes) that care about good style. 

This is a fun concept and I look forward to seeing what Insun's next lineup will be. An artist to watch- keep track of her work and whereabouts, here.


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I love a good looking shirt, especially on a tiny tot. Atlantan, Kim Woods does too, which is why she has created willaby, a clothing and accessories line with a modern touch. Kim, "I believe in dressing children in a way that is simple and quiet, yet current. I think that small people deserve demure prints and streamlined design." 

Kim has been sewing and designing since she was 12 years old and loves executing everything at willaby from concept and design to overseeing all the local production. As comfort is paramount, all of the pieces are made with 100% natural fibers and meant to be versatile and unisex, which I really love. The dotted and checkered bloomers are just the sweetest....


Kim finds inspiration through a myriad of experiences. As she shared, "I tend to look at vintage baby clothing and old family pictures. Both of my parents come from farming families. And although I'm not sure if it's apparent in the designs, I often think about those homemade, simple, functional pieces of clothing they wore as kids. At the same time, I love Japanese design and I think that influences me as well."  

Check out the entirety of Kim's shop, here. And if you live in Georgia, Kim now sells at six fantastic kid shops that you'll want to visit if you have a child- or need a gift. Kim is also teaching a Sewing Craft Camp in Atlanta next month, which is a really incredible idea. Find out more, here.


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Little River Designs

I have a soft spot in my heart for growth charts as I've always thought they were just the most fun thing ever- especially the ones made by Little River Designs of St. Simons Island, Georgia. 

Each ruler is handcrafted and meant to hang six inches from your floor to ensure accurate measurements. Why didn't we ever measure all our dogs we had in our house growing up? I love this idea...

The growth chart ruler is available in white or natural and can be personalized with up to 20 characters. 

Sara Alread started the company after her nephew, River was born. Sara, "He became our inspiration and little mascot." And subsequently he has a design business named after him...it's a good start in life. Check out the Little River shop, here.


Photos: Little River Designs; Chris Moncus Photography     Content: Sweet Peach

The Meaning of Maggie

When James Lipton asks that question on every show of Inside The Actor's Studio-- "What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?"-- I'm always torn between a painter and an author. Both offer the ability to work from anywhere, like a cute cabin in the woods or that beach house I dream of so often. So, when Atlanta based author, Megan Jean Sovern wrote to me last month, sharing the story of a recent novel she wrote (for kids age 8-12), I was at full attention. I knew I wanted to support her efforts, particularly after I saw how gosh darn adorable it all was....

As Megan shared, "The Meaning of Maggie is about eleven year old Maggie Mayfield's blazing trail to the White House armed with a head full of brains and a backpack full of snacks. She's a girl on a clear mission. But that mission is derailed when her dad's legs permanently fall asleep. What happened? The truth? It's not what happened. It's what's happening. Maggie switches gears from global domination to unraveling the mysteries surrounding her family." 

Megan drew on her own life for some of the storylines and characters but as she concedes, "Maggie is way tougher than I am. She can also handle her Mike and Ikes better than I ever could." She wrote the book in coffee shops and on park benches not far from her home in the Poncey Highland area of Atlanta and felt inspired by the South. Megan, "Southerners are bred with an amazing amount of resilience. To heat and mosquitoes and haunted pasts. And Maggie and her family use that resilience to take on every challenge that lies ahead of them." 

When her publisher, Chronicle Books, wanted a book trailer, she was quick to take on the task herself. As an advertising copywriter by day, Megan wrote the script along with her husband and enlisted Georgia Tribuiani to direct. This short trailer is as delightful and imaginative as her subject matter.  

Megan's writing style helps churn our imagination and create the world of Miss Maggie. What I love about the trailer is how those images in our head now come to life, setting the scene and backdrop so perfectly. Plus, she's conjuring up my own past. Being born in the 70's-- typewriters, candy corn and bad wedding photos on the dressers are all symbolic of my own childhood. I may be older than 12, but I have to admit, this book speaks to me...

Megan, "My intention was to write a story about a family who is handed an incredible challenge and it doesn't tear them apart. In fact, it makes them stronger, better and even funnier. I also always wanted to write something with a Spaceballs reference. I finally succeeded." I'm not sure what other profession Megan herself would like to attempt but I hope she doesn't deviate from author anytime soon.

Find, read, savor and share The Meaning of Maggie, here.


Photos: Raymond McCrea Jones      Content: Sweet Peach

Eclectica Kiddo

If you live in Atlanta, you may have stepped inside Seed Factory, one of the loveliest and inspirational kid shops you'll find. And if you look along the walls, you'll notice some artwork that is hard not to fall madly in love with. All the pieces are commissioned and curated by Atlanta based company, Eclectica Kiddo. 

Laura Liatis and Emily Mann have combined their talents to provide the most scrumptious children's decor. Laura, "We are always looking for artists with a unique take on children's art." She added, "We want the imagery to be appealing to both children and design-minded parents: to be on trend without being trendy and cute without being cutesy." I believe that is exactly what they have accomplished. 

Ekaterina Trukhan, an artist originally from Russia who now resides in London, has built her career on children's artwok. Her cheery, playful images are just the sweetest, don't you think? 

Laura and Emily find artists that they want to work with, then challenge them with the task to create images just for children. Many of their artists (except Ekaterina) have never created artwork specifically for children before so together they guide the artist through the process. Kelsey Garrity Riley spent her childhood in Europe but relocated to the US to study at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. As shared on the site, "Her beautiful watercolor images have a vintage feel with a unique contemporary twist." 

Teagan White has my heart as her work displays her deep affection for the natural world. Laura and Emily loved these images and decided to display them on birch panels, which is a lovely complement to the style and intention of Teagan's work. 

Atlanta based artist, Justine Rubin incorporated her love of collage and poppy colors to create this adorable series of animals for Eclectica Kiddo. This is Justine's first collection of published children's artwork. 

These days, I'm loving vivid color in design which is why I'm head over heels for the work of Abbey Rhodes. As stated on the site, "Abbey's work shows his appreciation for folk art and simplicity in design and pattern." Mr. Cat or Mr. Dog are available in bright blue, green, orange or yellow. 

Laura, "I absolutely love watching the imagery evolve from a conversation with our artist to a sketch, to a inked drawing, to a final image." While Laura, (seated to the right of Emily) brings a long career on the business side of art and art production to help run the operational side, Emily, an artist herself, is integral in the creative and collaboration process. Together, with a strong love for the arts, they make a perfect match. I loved that they saw a niche in the market and filled it with something sweet and cheery- and beautifully designed! Bravo...


Photos: Eclectica Kiddo site     Content: Sweet Peach

The Finkelsteins

The one blog I follow every day without fail is Swiss-Miss. I'm a fan of Tina's business and marketing insights as well as her wide array of interesting finds that she curates from across the globe. Last week, she had a quick post about these adorable stuffed animals, called The Finkelsteins out of South Carolina. Perfect for Valentine's Day...

When I asked Michelle Jewell to describe her shop, she shared, "Finkelstein's Center is a toy design company that offers one of a kind soft characters and custom fabric sculpture, handmade in Charleston." 

Each Finkelstein is made with a fleece material for the body parts and for their fashionable clothing, Michelle uses a combination of vintage and upcycled, remnant fabrics. Michelle, "Our goal in using short runs of fabric for the shirts is that each will feel special to its recipient because we have a limited quantity of each fabric." 

Each one of a kind animal is handsewn by a team of four Creature Makers who follow patterns that Michelle has created. Michelle, "They sew and stuff each Fink and I finish the toys by hand embroidering their facial features." 

I loved the answer I got when I asked Michelle how she thought up the name... "It is actually my dog's middle name, Bernard Pickles Finkelstein Jewell-Amick. Thankfully he answers to Bernie." 

The pigs and the giraffes seem to get the most fanfare but I happen to be a sucker for the lion. Adorbs. Click here to see the entire family of Finks to find your favorite. And Happy Happy Valentine's Day...

And if you haven't seen it already, check out my Valentine video called, Make It or Buy It: Valentine's Day.  



Pillows by Colette Bream

Cute, cuddly and portable are perfect adjectives to describe a good kid's gift- which is why I love the handcrafted pillow creations of Colette Bream

Based in Kent Island, Maryland, Colette designs and crafts all her pillows by hand using natural materials. Each creature, thing or flower is made with 100% lambswool and 100% polyester stuffing. They come in different sizes too- some at just 10" tall, others as big as 26". 

Inspired by her own daughter, Colette has created these pillows to help nurture every child's vivid and vast imagination. Her things and creatures have personalities and unlimited stories to tell...over and over again. 

Peruse Colette's entire shop, which includes organic bedding, artwork and more cozy fun items for play and pretend, here.


Photos: Colette Bream     Content: Sweet Peach

Checking in with Blabla...

I'm starting to think that every kid's gift I'll ever buy from here on out will be from Blabla. I just love everything they do - and they keep coming out with new, adorable things. How can I not love them so? 

The traveling play pads are part of their new Petit Home collection. Each one is super soft with incredible style. They come in a handful of sweet designs and are made of 100% cotton with a polyfill. The play pads are screenprinted by hand and are, as any mom or dad would love, machine washable. 

The Handkerchief bean bags are another new addition to the Blabla line and of course, the design is clever, thoughtful and inviting. These also have a handle for easy travel and each one has a removable, washable cotton cover. 


I just love you so Blabla. Lucky for us, they're an Atlanta based company and they have been incredibly generous to Sweet Peach. Brandy, from the Blabla office, is donating the giant monkey, above, for our upcoming auction on our Revival's opening night, July 5. (sign up here) Plus, we'll have a basket full of their knit dolls for sale that will make you ooh and ahh. I can't think of a better kid's gift. To be overwhelmed by adorable, peruse the entirety of their shop, here. Thanks Blabla.


Photos: Blabla Kids      Content: Sweet Peach


Stacie Bloomfield of Springdale, Arkansas is one of my favorite Southern artists- you may remember some of her pillows and prints I posted about last year. Well, her newly revised shop, Gingiber, is now chock full of even more good things. I wanted to share some of her latest prints that help beautify a room and warm the heart...

Stacie has been a doodler of cute animals ever since she can remember. Having refined her skills over the years, she's amassed an impressive portfolio of over 50 prints to choose from- all in various sizes to fit your space. 

It's hard to pick a favorite but the great thing is she has all manner of color choices and sizes in her illustrations so you can peruse till you find your match. See her entire shop, which includes pillows, tea towels, magnets, wall decals & tote bags, here. 


Photos: Stacie Bloomfield     Content: Sweet Peach

Tiny Fawn

Reading Darrah Gooden's bio, I learned that she "was born in the Mississippi Delta to a farmer and an artist and raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas." It's no wonder her work is an artistic, colorful perspective of the natural world.

Darrah now resides in Dallas where she creates paper collages with colored tissue paper. Taking on the look of watercolor paintings, her art pieces are delicate, sweet and deceptively simple. Yet a closer look reveals depth and texture- creatures that come alive and have a story to tell. 

Collage is an artform I don't see very much but when I do, it makes me want to get out some paper and scissors and start crafting. I like Darrah's idea of framing a few together - the prints have a bright, modern feel that can work just as beautifully in a living room or a kid's room. Check out the entirety of Darrah's shop, which she calls Tiny Fawn, here. 


Photos: Tiny Fawn      Content: Sweet Peach

Rattles, Mobiles, Hats and Booties.... (And a Giveaway!)

Once you touch and see a Blabla Kids creation, your heart can't help but melt a bit. This company began when two friends, Flo Wetterwald and Susan Pritchett, took a trip to Peru. They fell in love with a group of community knitters they just happened to meet and decided to launch their own line of cuddly creations. Their goods are all made with the finest natural fibers and handknit by Peruvian artists. I love this Owl Dream Ring, which makes such a great gift for a new babe. 

Earlier this year, I blogged about their very popular knit dolls. Since then, they've expanded their offerings to include these adorable rattles.


Flo and Susan also expanded their line of clothing. Their hats and booties are just too sweet. They are many creatures and colors to choose from. If you're going to keep 'em warm this winter, may as well make 'em stylish...

Their line also includes blankets and pillows. (Rattles also featured here) What's great about Blabla is they are a no brainer for a kid gift. The quality is high, the design is top notch and the receivers are all too happy to receive...

Pop into their shop if you're in Atlanta or peruse their entire shop online here.


Photos: Blabla Kids    Content: Sweet Peach

Checking in with Wit & Whistle...

One of my favorite stationery shops in the South is Wit & Whistle. Amanda Wright from North Carolina creates and crafts amazing paper goods that you immediately want to covet all your own. She recently ventured into stamps, which, as a lover of a good impression, I truly appreciate. 

I may just need this hello stamp in my life. Trouble is which one? They're both so amazingly cute and perfect...

Now this may be my favorite. The ant stamp.

I can see kids and adults having a lot of fun with this one. The single ant is just as cute as the parading line of curious ants up your paper, to your envelope... And looks great on a gift tag. 

Amanda has created some charming stamps that work well for all sorts of stationery needs. I like that if you buy more than one, the stamps all have a cohesive look...

Amanda's jotters are what first caught my attention, and she keeps adding to the collection. These three would be nice to add to your laptop bag, your purse, place on your kitchen counter, atop your desk. Pretty and practical...that's a good combo. 


Photos: Wit and Whistle     Content: Sweet Peach

Rifle Paper Co.

Although Rifle Paper Co. makes stationery, calendars and journals, my favorite creation of theirs are the prints. I think the Ladybug print is my favorite, based on an original illustration by Anna Bond. 

Anna and her husband, Nathan are the masterminds behind Rifle Paper Co., based in Winter Park, Florida. As stated on their site, "Our products feature whimsical designs which often include hand painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless."

I'm a fan of number and alphabet prints and this one is no different. And the Hat Collection print feels a bit Southern. I like it...

All of their prints are at a great price point, averaging just $25. See all of Rifle Paper's products, which are as lovely and fun as their prints, here. 


Artwork: Rifle Paper Co.   Content: Sweet Peach