The Farmer's Wife

Next time I pass through Greensboro, North Carolina, I will be making a stop at The Farmer's Wife. I spotted this lovely antiques shop over at the Garden and Gun site and had to share. 

In 1999, Antiques dealer, Dan Garrett bought this three story turn of the century grocery warehouse and has been fixing it up ever since. Part home, part shop, it's a treasure trove of gorgeous pieces and soulful southern design...

There are so many good finds here, like the reproduction images from old seed catalogues, hay forks, antique pizza pans and cutting boards or vintage flour sacks and mortar and pestles... I think I'd spend quite a bit of time here.

The Farmer's Wife needs to be on your must see list next time you pass on by this part of town. Learn more, here and here.


Images: Stacey Van Berkel       Content: Sweet Peach


The 404 Hotel 

On my last trip to Nashville a few years ago, I was searching for a nice, boutique hotel but for some reason, came up empty. Now, they got something. It's called The 404 Hotel...

Located in the Gulch neighborhood, this small hotel is made up of five king rooms with a mix of furniture both new and vintage. Plus, they feature a rotating gallery of work by artists. All i can do is love that....

Attached to the hotel, housed in an orange shipping container, is the 404 Kitchen. Chef Matt Bolus cooks up local, seasonal fare and the design looks just as scrumptious as the food. The 404 hotel, is officially bookmarked for my next trip...


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The El Cosmico Shop...

The one southern city I really want to visit is Marfa, Texas. I'm always reading about it and I love the idea of driving out to the desert, far away from home, shutting off my cell phone and getting lost under the stars at El Cosmico. I will stay in one of their amazing yurts one day. And now, come to find out they have a gift shop featuring lots of amazing artisans. Even better...

A devout fan of colorful blankets, I can't help but love these beauties made of South American wool- each and every one unique from the other in both pattern and size. 

The shop is, as you'd expect, full of color with a hip, retro feel. Goods include apparel, jewelry and camping gear. See their entire shop, here, or better yet, take a trip to this west Texas desert town. Disconnect, discover, reflect...then go shopping. 


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The Reuben Wallet

Every time I see the handiwork of Dallas, Texas based artisan, Barrett Alley, I'm reminded why I'm such an avid fan. His mix of handcrafted leather and vintage Japanese or German cloth is as good as it gets...

His latest creation, the Reuben Wallet is 2.5" x 3.5" and meant to hold up to 8 credit cards or a mix of cards and cash. It's not a carry all by any means- just there for you when you want to keep it simple (and stylish).

I like to think the Reuben Wallet is a manly necessity, functional yet modern and classic. Purchase your favorite, here. 


Images: Barrett Alley;    Content: Sweet Peach


It's Friday...

...and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Not a free moment today for a full blog post but there is time to share this pretty pic via a wonderful new blog I just discovered, Steph Modo. Plan to spend some time perusing all her posts on upcoming artists, DIY projects and recipes. It's a goodie. Enjoy the weekend...





Someday, I want a home with white washed floors and if i'm lucky, some weathered white brick...and if that dream so happens, I'm purchasing these modern and playful hairpin tables from Arrowhead.

Arrowhead is a small craft operation based in Durham, North Carolina. The team produces a multitude of custom pieces using local, native hardwoods and salvaged heart pine. These blocky hairpin swivel stools quickly caught my eye, made of red oak and mild steel. 

Here in the South, we love a good bench and this one is a true piece of art, made of tornado salvaged walnut and a steel base. 

This porch swing is beautifully constructed without even one fastener...just rope and some crafty engineering. To see the entire current collection of handcrafted pieces by Arrowhead, just click here. 


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Checking in with Handmade Studio TN...

I always love to check in with my favorite southern artists to see what they've been up to. Like Morgan Williamson of Handmade Studio TN, who handcrafts the prettiest dinnerware and serving dishes for the home.

Each piece in the collection is made to order. Oh, how I would love to own a whole set of Morgan's dinner plates, each with a subtle texture and one of a kind form. And they go so perfectly with vintage silverware...

Whether it's bowls, cups saucers, plates or tumblers, Morgan crafts pieces that are as pretty as they are practical, meant to be used and passed on to future generations. They are 'imperfect' vessels, showcasing the mark and point of view of the artist. 

One of my favorite gifts to give is this cheese board imprinted with Morgan's signature lace texture. (reminding me of her stunning Chamberlin Platter, which I blogged about previously) Plus, these sweet ceramic cheese markers, finished in a glossy buttercream glaze, are another perfect gift for the cheese lover, of which I know many. To see Morgan's entire collection, just click here. 


Images: Handmade Studio TN     Content: Sweet Peach



Sydney Hale  

I've been a fan of Sydney Hale candles for quite some time. The candle line is full of scrumptious scents and are all beautifully packaged. That's all I need to become a devout fan...

Meghan and Chris Cook live in an old farmhouse in Purcellville, Virginia. In 2007, Meghan began a small shop on Etsy to sell a single line of candles which soon became wildly popular, turning her part time hobby into a full time job. 

The soy wax candles are crafted in small batches with all ingredients and packaging sourced from the US. 10% of profits also goes directly to dog rescue organizations. With her and Chris' continued success, their collection continues to grow...

...which includes a new line of deliciously scented room sprays. I'm eyeing the Gardenia one as I always stop to smell gardenias- one of my favorite flowers. I imagine this room spray needs to be in my posession very soon. Check out all of the Sydney Hale scents, (and a fab dog shop) here.


Images: Stephen Hansen, Inhar Chong,    Content: Sweet Peach



Bracelets, by Billy Moore

Good news. Billy Moore, the Tennessee based craftsman behind the incredible leather distressed belts, has recently added bracelets to his collection... 

Leather, copper and sterling silver are Billy's materials of choice. His bracelets range in price from $60-$170. 

Billy's double wrap leather bracelets are made from hand worked leather, then softened, painted and weathered by his hands. A copper hook or buckle is the finishing touch. 

As stated on The Lodge site, "Billy's methods are unique among leather craftsmen. Inspired by his father and grandfather who knew how to build things and fix them when they're broke, he uses his hands and tools created by nature to craft his pieces. After acquiring leathers from American tanneries, he conditions the skins, sometimes waist deep in a river, othertimes using a tree stump, or even with boulders to give an uneven finish. See all of Billy's bracelets, here. 


Images: Cause and Effect     Content: Sweet Peach



Prints by Pomalia

I'm a bit partial to Scandinavian design so I was happy to discover the Swedish company, Pomalia. The designer, Pauline, has illustrated a bevy of international cities including a handful of select southern locales...

Pauline is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and modern design and her prints have a bold, playful vibe. I personally want the Copenhagen one, if only to remind and encourage me to visit there soon. Believe it be...  


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