New York to Nashville

Danielle Romero of Nashville has a passion for collecting vintage fabric, as well as crafting by hand. In her shop, New York to Nashville, (she's a Northern girl who now lives in the South) you'll find all number of pocket squares she makes from reclaimed fabric. This one may be my favorite- a vintage herringbone chambray.

Since all of her fabrics are of reclaimed vintage stock, Danielle usually has enough material to craft just 4 sets, ensuring a unique product for your pocket. 

Check out Danielle's entire shop here, which includes cufflinks, suspenders and hats. 


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On Location: Shryne Design

I met Shanna Shryne a couple years ago when she was working for Bryce- helping to manage his shop, Curious and gradually securing clients for her interior design business. She was amazing at her job then and now ...well, she's a designer to watch. Shanna just opened a retail shop called Shryne Design in Hermosa Beach, California. 

I was there in March to see her shop in person and couldn't believe all she has accomplished. There are so many well designed and unique pieces in every square foot of this space- including these painted luggage pieces by Imax. 

Shanna admits she is always being influenced by trends but keeps the fundamentals of design in her back pocket. As she shared, "I tend to lean towards the organic, minimilistic, quality pieces and design elements." Some of her current favorites come via Jonathan Adler, Alexandra Ferguson, Nest, Globe (Skateboards) and Cat Studio.

Shanna, "We specialize in the whimsical, fun side of design. I'm always encouraging the unexpected with a goal of bringing a smile to your face, offering furniture, art, accessories and gifts that can't be found at big-box stores." And her price points are great, with a myriad of home items priced well under $100. These metal deer heads are a steal at just $24. 

There's a little bit of everything in Shanna's shop but it all feels like a cohesive whole. It's like you're in her apartment for the first time and quickly realize you like her taste, then like everything she owns. These incredible chunky bracelets come via Towne & Reese for just $30. 

She has a kids section too with unique toys and books. And then there are these large monopoly pieces I fell for by Cyan Design. Made with pewter, they are hefty and fun conversation pieces that work well as general decor or even as bookends.

Shanna was the first to tell me about Sugarboo Designs, based in Roswell, Georgia. She carries their incredible artwork and pillows throughout the shop. You'll also find the unexpected here- like this machine gun lamp in black and gold.

If you happen to visit Hermosa Beach sometime soon, stop by and see Shanna. (and Bryce just down the way) Along with her incredible retail, she offers everything from a free one hour home design consultation to full remodels and new build design work for both residential and commercial clientele. Miss Shanna, a designer to watch... and learn from. 


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Antlers, prettified

If you're a Sweet Peach fan, you know I follow Jenny and Cody of Cast & Crew in West Texas. They always seem to curate the coolest stuff from the 50's, 60's and 70's. As they say, "We are quite simply a couple with a craze to find and resurrect pieces of the past." 

Their latest venture are custom deer antlers. Last year, the pair came upon several crates of old antlers from a longtime hunter and saw an opportunity to craft a unique and stylized product for their shop. Inspired by the graffiti knitting craze, Jenny meticulously wraps the antlers with various shades of yarn.

The antlers are then flush mounted on an arrow wall plaque made in either dark walnut or natural maple. The final product is both modern and playful. 

Have Jenny and Cody customize your own set of deer antlers here and click here to see their entire Etsy shop. 


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A Lovely Office

Since I don't have a full on office space in my home, I utilize a small corner of my living room to work from. It's enough to hold a desk and chair but oh, how I wish I could have a large, light and airy office like this one. So for today's post, I found some offices to inspire and make me (and perhaps you) rife with jealousy.  

If I could pick the ideal office, it would be bright with heaps of natural light to keep me alert and in good spirits. These offices offer an inviting place to create and daydream...

So many good ideas in these pics, especially the hammock. Naptime is important afterall...

This last office belongs to my friend Lara Rossignol. She recently moved from being my neighbor in Georgia to a cute flat in Los Angeles. This office shows off her incredible eye for design, which makes sense as she's the author of one of my favorite blogs, Piewacket and is an incredibly gifted photographer. Check out her beautiful work here. Hope you're inspired... 


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The Versatile Mason Jar 

Sweet Tea Clothing Co. in Asheville, NC has a thing for mason jars. One of their most popular creations are their mason jar strands with lights, which look perfectly charming draped across the back fence or any relaxed and inviting Southern porch...

I really like their well constructed 3 in 1 mason can be a holder, a candle or a planter. When I was in Asheville, I bought a few for gifts and a couple for myself. 

Find your favorite mason jar creations from the Sweet Tea Clothing Co. here.  


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Duke Cannon

While traveling recently, I saw a cool shop with stacks of Duke Cannon soap in the window. When I saw that this "Big Ass Brick of Soap" derived from Memphis, Tennessee, I knew I had to investigate further...

The guys over at Duke Cannon know their target group. This soap is strictly for manly men. As they state on their packaging, the soap "meets the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories." Then of course, is the man wants that. 



This is a big ass brick of soap-  actually 3x the size of most soaps you'll find.  

The big brick is modeled after the soap used by GIs during the Korean War and manufactured in the same plant that made military soap for over 20 years. 

Quite simply, the soap has one function, to get you clean. Nothing less, nothing more. So if you're in the need of feeling more manly and just want to get the job done, grab a bar of Duke Cannon. Easy. 


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Mother's Day Gift Solution: HollyBeth Organics

The right Mother's Day gift can be hard to find. But after discovering HollyBeth Organics late last year, I feel I have the perfect go-to for all the moms in our life. HollyBeth Anderson handcrafts all manner of goodness for our skin and is the only USDA certified organic skin care line in all of Georgia. 

I've tried many of HollyBeth's products and every time I think I find a new favorite, I try something else and fall head over heels. They are all so scrumptious and good for you, I want them all, all the time. The Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream feels incredible on your skin, (currently soothing my sunburn) and works to moisturize and nourish dry lips, hands and feet- or wherever you need it most. 

The Marigold Bergamot Dry Oil works great to reduce oily skin and to calm and heal minor irritations. HollyBeth makes her foaming cleanser in both Chamomile and Marigold. These cleansers are gentle on the skin, hyperallergenic and 100% natural. The Camellia & Sunflower Face & Neck Elixir is one of my favorites. In all honesty, it feels a million times better than any face cream I've tried...

I'm a big fan of HollyBeth's best seller- the Eye Cream. It comes in a one ounce jar and will last your mom months and months (if not a whole year). This cream is so popular because it's rich in Vitamin E, (an antioxidant) Camellia oil, (UV protectant) and jojoba and sweet almond oils which moisturize and hydrate. Perfect combo. 

Peruse HollyBeth's site to decide which all natural skin care concoctions your mom would like best. You may remember I blogged about HollyBeth's Grits & Honey Scrub which is an excellent gift- but so is her Citrus All Over Cream which is highly effective in keeping away mosquito bites in the coming months. Why spray a chemical when you can have something all natural, good for your skin and sweet smelling? So many options...including a travel gift set. Peruse all the organic goodness here.



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Katherine Sandoz

Katherine Sandoz resides in Vernonburg, Georgia, about 10 miles south of Savannah. It is here, along the lush, meandering Southern coastline, that she finds inspiration for her abstract paintings- from flowers and trees to all manner of shapes, colors and textures that speak to her everyday life. 

Katherine often begins by taking photos of objects, landscapes or people that inspire. As she shares, "I paint a series of small detailed works from a selected grouping of my photo library. With old magazines, I might make quick collage studies to begin to understand and see the location in a more abstract manner. Then I will start another more abstract series working from both the detailed works and the collages." 

Acrylics and water based media are Katherine's go-to tools but she is open to using fabric, paper, found objects, oil and water colors as well. Katherine, "The media itself tells a story so it's important for me to use materials that are on concept." 

Color choice is obviously a big part of Katherine's process as well. As she shared, "I'm concerned with its temperature, its saturation, its proximity to other colors, shapes and textures." 

Many of Katherine's paintings feel wholly Southern to me. When I asked her what she loved about the South, she made me smile wide with her varied yet visual list; "Southern writers, story telling, little boats in back rivers and swamps, Cajun and Zydeco music, dirt and 'shell' roads lined with trees of any kind, camellias...

...women who have one set of silver buried in their back or front yard, men who stand up at tables and open doors, 'yes m'aam'..." I concur on all counts, adding one more thing to love about the South... artists like Katherine. See all of her lovely, inspiring work here. 



Andy Cruz @ Home

House Industries founder, Andy Cruz has created a home to admire and envy. Although Andy believes in a clean, modern aesthetic, his space feels lived in and inviting. Many of his furnishings include vintage Herman Miller and Knoll. 

House Industries is based in Yorklyn, Delaware. Over the years, Andy and his team have made a considerable impact on design, crafting fonts that we now see in ads, billboards, greeting cards and product lines. They've also designed objects for the home which include tea towels, blocks, dolls and prints. Andy's dining room has proven a good testing ground for displaying new wares...

As Andy is in the business of creating fonts, it's no surprise to see various ampersands and letters throughout the home. The hand carved carp was found at a flea market in Japan. 

This lovely chair is an art piece in itself, designed by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller. 

Such a fabulous home... Learn more about House Industries and Andy Cruz here.


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Shanny Beebo

A good wall clock is hard to find but the Shanny Beebo shop proves to be the exception to the rule. Shannon Ruby, fron San Antonio, Texas has handcrafted over 180 wall clocks, many of which are made from upcycled materials. 

The bases to many of the clocks are made from old vinyl records which give them extra charm- plus they're lightweight. 

When you buy one of Shannon's clocks, you're getting a one of a kind piece as no two are ever exactly alike. 

This labor intensive clock was made with individually rolled magazine pages. It's been featured in British Vogue and deservedly so. Such a fun piece- find it here. 


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