Sweet Peach Revival 

I'm so happy to announce my first Sweet Peach event. It's something I've been trying to conjure up for over a year now and the stars have finally aligned. I've partnered with Beth Lord of the indie-pendent and John Rich of Oakleaf & Acorn to create a 3 day event we're calling Sweet Peach Revival. (design via the talented Stefanie Carter) 

The event will include an auction, live music, food, drink, a Southern Market and much more. All will take place at Belly General Store in Atlanta. As there is a lot of planning that goes into an event like this, Beth and I have already started getting crafty- making napkins for the Bourbon, Bacon & Biscuit Brunch to be held July 7. 

And we even started making jars of Bourbon Peach Butter with master canner, Lyn Deardorff. (more on this recipe next week) ...and of course we had to finish them with a pretty fabric and piece of twine.

If you follow Sweet Peach, you know that John is a master curator of cool. He, and Beth will be instrumental in securing great Southern items for our weekend market you really won't want to miss. Our July 5th Inaugural event will be FREE but you must register to be on our private guest list. Also, click here if you'd like tickets for our July 7th Bourbon, Bacon & Biscuit Brunch. More to come...just keep checking our website for updates. Feel free to email me if you'd like to play a part in any way. And happy weekend, hope to see y'all very soon...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach




Stacie Bloomfield of Springdale, Arkansas is one of my favorite Southern artists- you may remember some of her pillows and prints I posted about last year. Well, her newly revised shop, Gingiber, is now chock full of even more good things. I wanted to share some of her latest prints that help beautify a room and warm the heart...

Stacie has been a doodler of cute animals ever since she can remember. Having refined her skills over the years, she's amassed an impressive portfolio of over 50 prints to choose from- all in various sizes to fit your space. 

It's hard to pick a favorite but the great thing is she has all manner of color choices and sizes in her illustrations so you can peruse till you find your match. See her entire shop, which includes pillows, tea towels, magnets, wall decals & tote bags, here. 


Photos: Stacie Bloomfield     Content: Sweet Peach


JM Drygoods

Michelle Teague was settled into a nice career in film living in NYC when she took a job on There Will Be Blood in Marfa, Texas. It was an area of the country that her and her husband, John were drawn to and after John was asked to help out at the fabulous El Cosmico (I have to go there someday), thing led to another and they moved there permanently in 2008. 

Upon hearing that a Dry Goods shop was available for rent, Michelle jumped at the opportunity to give it a new life. JM Drygoods was born (named after her son John Maverick), and the shop now resides in the lovely city of Austin. Inside you'll find furniture, clothing, ceramics, textiles, glassware and anything else Michelle deems as a must have for your home...

Much of what you find in Michelle's shop is found during her travels in Mexico. I'm in love with this coverlet made by the Otomi in the Eastern Sierra Madre in Hidalgo. Michelle, "The animal and floral motifs are inspired by cave depictions and their intricate embroidery and vibrant dyes are an ancient Mexican traditional work of art."  

Such a lovely shop to visit next time you're in Austin. But even if you're not Texas bound, you can still find her hand selected wares online. Enjoy...


Photos: JM Drygoods     Content: Sweet Peach



The Doughssant

Introducing the Doughssant, a cross between a doughnut and a croissant and the answer to NYC baker, Dominique Ansel's wildly popular and original version, the Cronut. The Cronut has become so in demand, Dominique had the name trademarked. 

Cronut Mania has created lines that stretch out the door and into the street at Dominique's popular Manhattan bakery. These inventive pastries often sell out less than an hour after the doors open.   

Atlanta resident, Cristy Lenz, brought the Cronut to the attention of her favorite baker, (and mine too) Ms. Maggie Sweeney of Cake Hag. She thought if anyone could make the Cronut taste as delicious as it does up north, it's Maggie. Lucky for the both of us, Maggie was up to the challenge. 

It took Maggie three hours to skillfully craft over 50 layers of croissant dough. This extra time and effort was well worth it in the end. As Maggie shared, "The layers are deliciousness." After the croissant dough was ready, she popped the doughnuts into a deep fryer to brown. 

Next, she topped them with brown sugar...

Then filled them with vanilla bean pastry cream. Kill me with goodness... but wait, there was one more step. 

Maggie's final touch was a dollop of homemade brandied peach puree. Her sweet, southern version is the answer to the northern Cronut...she calls it the Doughssant. 

If you would like the southern made Doughssant, you can order them in batches of 15-18 in various flavors. Contact Maggie here. Just please prepare yourself, there's no way you can eat just one...


Photos: Sweet Peach. Cronut pics: Dominique Ansel Bakery    Content: Sweet Peach


The Lady Tie

My friend Beth and I have been waiting patiently for months for the Otis James Lady Tie. There's been many a phone call, 'Did the Lady Tie come out yet?'... 'Where's Otis' Lady Tie?' Well the good news is... it's here. 

As it's mostly women whom buy his stylishly popular men's ties for their husbands or boyfriends, Otis realized the opportunity to dress the ladies in their own neckwear. His classic, feminine creations are made of premium Japanese cotton and can be worn as a bow or neck tie. The fabric also has a bias cut for a nice, natural stretch.  

This July 5-7, I'll be hosting, along with Beth (the indie-pendent) and John Rich (Oakleaf & Acorn), a 3 day event celebrating Southern design and craftsmanship. Details to come but we're calling it the Sweet Peach Revival. In our Southern Market, we'll be selling the Lady Ties so you'll be able to see them in person. Plus, Beth and I will be wearing them all weekend long. Yes, I know, we're a tad obsessed.

The Lady Tie comes in four color choices with small polka dots; Cornflower, Rum, Sage or Latte. Learn more about this fabulous tie, plus Otis' beautifully made hankies, caps, bow and neck ties for men, here.


Photos: Otis James site;; Taylor Christian Jones      Content: Sweet Peach


Dude, Sweet Chocolate

A fan of well made chocolate and great design, I'm under the spell of Dallas, Texas shop, Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Chocolatier, Katherine Clapner has the sweet job of conjuring up new flavors and concepts for her award winning concoctions, which have become wildly popular in her Oak Cliff neighborhood and beyond...

Having studied at the Culinary Institute of America in NYC, Katherine worked for 20 years as a pastry chef before venturing out on her own to sell her handmade chocolates- first at Farmer's Markets, then soon thereafter at her very own shop. She categorizes her chocolates in opposing taste profiles of 'dudes' and 'sweets.' 

This mouth watering creation is made of 65% Peruvian chocolate with pecans that are soaked in handcrafted Texan Stingray rum, blackstrap molasses and vanilla bean. 

Chubby Nuts are a highly addictive snack made with whole hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia and soy which are tossed in egg whites, powdered sugar, sea salt and candied in the oven. Then...rolled in white chocolate and finished with 72% South American dark chocolate and powdered sugar. I think I need Chubby Nuts in my life. 

Her packaging is amazing. Katherine, "All our products are housed in kraft and/or apothecary bottles with brown stickers. No ribbons and no bows." That's my kind of packaging. I really love her gift sets, which any lover of chocolate would be thrilled to receive. Her bottled inventions include Tequila Chocolate Sauce, Bourbon Chocolate Sauce, Vodka & Coffee Chocolate Sauce....yum. See all her gift options here.

Katherine's incredible flavor combinations and skilled hand have made her a chocolatier to be reckoned with. As Katherine shares, "I believe I have just begun to scratch the surface of what the possibilities are and look forward to the journey it takes me on. I believe I never will finish and am happy about that." Us too...


Photos: Manny Rodriguez    Content: Sweet Peach


Folk Fibers

After much delay, I finally purchased a new sofa via k2 Studio in Asheville. And now that I have this nice, cozy sofa, I realize how bad I could use a good blanket. A talented artist in Austin, Texas seems to know all about good blankets. In fact, I'd say her blankets aren't just good...they're exceptional. 

Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers is the thoughtful, creative artist behind these beautifully made quilts. Each and every stitch is done by hand...

Maura has a true love for the craft. As she shares, "The art of hand quilting does take more time, but the results are greater and more valuable than a manufactured quilt. " If she has a large order, she relies on other quilters or sewers in the Austin community to lend a skilled hand. 

Another aspect to truly love about Maura's process is that she organically grows, forages and harvests all her natural dyes in and around Austin. This includes indigo, cochineal, walnut hulls and onion skins. As she shares, "I patchwork my dyed fabric with other fabrics, both vintage and new. I am faithful to using 100% natural fibers; they feel better and live longer." 

Maura creates lovely pillows as well that are hand dyed with natural dyes and include a feather/down insert. 

It's nice to see Americana quilts handmade with so much care and attention. These truly are heirlooms that can be passed down, generation to generation. Learn more about Maura and Folk Fibers, here. 


Photos: Folk Fibers      Content: Sweet Peach


Thoughts & Prayers for Moore, Oklahoma...




Tiny Fawn

Reading Darrah Gooden's bio, I learned that she "was born in the Mississippi Delta to a farmer and an artist and raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas." It's no wonder her work is an artistic, colorful perspective of the natural world.

Darrah now resides in Dallas where she creates paper collages with colored tissue paper. Taking on the look of watercolor paintings, her art pieces are delicate, sweet and deceptively simple. Yet a closer look reveals depth and texture- creatures that come alive and have a story to tell. 

Collage is an artform I don't see very much but when I do, it makes me want to get out some paper and scissors and start crafting. I like Darrah's idea of framing a few together - the prints have a bright, modern feel that can work just as beautifully in a living room or a kid's room. Check out the entirety of Darrah's shop, which she calls Tiny Fawn, here. 


Photos: Tiny Fawn      Content: Sweet Peach


Knit Ties & Wooden Ties...

With summer approaching, it's a good idea for the manly man to switch up his look for Southern soirees and shindigs. One way to do this is with a knit tie...

The knit tie, made in silk or linen, is a nice summer option. Billy Reid makes the above- all of which would look amazing with a white button down.   

Sid Mashburn and Ledbury have some incredible color options as well that beautifully complement the bright days of summer. 

For those who like to mix things up a bit, a wooden bow tie offers a nice change of pace. Created by Adam Teague and Tim Pasley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, these ties are unique conversation pieces that add a modern flair to a man's attire.   


Adam and Tim craft the ties themselves from various hardwoods such as walnut, bocote, canary and zebrawood. 

With over two dozen to choose from, there's pretty much a bow tie for any outfit- or customize your own here. 


Photos: Billy Reid, Ledbury, Sid Mashburn, Two Guys Bow Ties, Sweet Peach     Content: Sweet Peach