More Cool Stuff from Modern 50...

I have little time this morning to blog but I wanted to put together a few pics from my favorite design collective, Modern 50 in Paint Branch, Maryland. They seem to be the curator of all things cool. And they have a bit of everything - from seating, tables, lighting and storage to all manner of vintage oddities. 

Hope these finds offer a little inspiration for your weekend. Perusing the Modern 50 site is certainly fun, albeit a bit frustrating. You wish you could afford it all...


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Tribute 212

Heidi in Huntsville, Alabama has a good eye. Curator of the vintage inspired Etsy shop, Tribute 212, she shares, "I love to hunt and gather lovingly worn objects." 

I love both these finds, a vintage milk can which could make a great umbrella stand, and an oil can made pretty as a vase for fresh herbs...

Heidi states that she "lives a barefoot life. As casual and free flowing as possible." I somehow get a sense of that lovely life through her pics...

Heidi's scrumptious finds include tableware, signs, milk crates, furniture and accessories. See all of it here. It's the next best thing to salvaging yourself...


Photos: Tribute 212    Content: Sweet Peach


Celina Mancurti

I'm a sucker for a pretty tea towel so I was a bit smitten when I saw Celina Mancurti's Etsy shop. Originally from Buenos Aires, Celina now lives in Tampa, Florida where she is creating a home collection that is both eco-friendly and sustainable. 

This pink tea towel with a chicken may be my favorite. It's hand-screen printed, 100% linen and has a cotton loop with a vintage button attached. She also offers yards of her pretty printed linens for you to do as you wish. 

She offers 18 different tea towels in all. Her inspiration comes through her travels, her native home in Argentina and of course, mother nature. 

All of her linens are made from the fibers of the flax plant and are eco-friendly. This lovely table runner is $50. 

Peruse Celina's site to see her ever expanding line of pretty linens, which also include tablecloths, napkins and aprons. 


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I heart Nutella...

The Nutella Truck is on its way across the country. As I have always been a bit of a nutella junkie, I checked them out when they stopped in Atlanta last month. 

My friend Kevin met me and we had a free dose of nutella on bread and waffles. It's always a good way to start the morning...

On my nutella high, I was so happy to find this recipe created by Monique of the Ambitious Kitchen blog. She had my heart when I read that this cookie is made with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips, then a sprinkling of sea salt and if that wasn't enough, a spoonful of nutella in the middle. 

I made this recipe at my mom's house and it's super easy and super delicious. As Monique says on her site, "Quite frankly, this is a chocolate chip cookie that will change your life." 


Photos: Sweet Peach and Ambitious Kitchen    Content: Sweet Peach




In 2004, a movement began down under in Melbourne, Australia. In 2012, it has spread to over 13 countries with millions of men participating...

The idea; On November 1, men give themselves a close shave, then for the rest of the month grow a moustache. By sporting their 'mo' in 'movember,' it helps to raise awareness and funds for male ailments such as prostate and testicular cancer. In 2011, the manly men of the US helped raise 126.3 million dollars. 

There are dozens of moustaches a manly man can grow- the horseshoe, the chevron, the pencil, cowboy or straggler. Which is what makes the month of Movember so fun- facial hair and grooming products. 

Interested Mo Bros register here, and can participate as an individual, team member or team captain. Mo Bros then receive a Mo Space page where friends and family can register and donate- plus watch their transformation in becoming an even manlier manly man over 30 days time. 

Check out the Movember site to learn all about this important month of the year. Plus, they have tshirts, socks, caps, prints... even a Movember mobile app. And if you missed the call this year, you can still support the cause and ready yourself for next Movember. What type of manly moustachery will you conjure up? 

For those who need to groom their growing staches, may I suggest the Moustache Pomade by Herban Lifestyle in Falls Church, Virginia. It's made with all organic ingredients- even organic essential oils for a fresh and manly scent. 

And some grooming tips...invest in mustache scissors and a grooming kit, shower before shaving, shampoo and condition your stache, use a wax to better condition the hair and give it shape. Also, moisturize your face daily and comb your stache with a stache comb. And pick the stache that best complements your face...experiment until the women in your life say a Mo Bro's favorite words, "Nice stache..." 


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The Bench x60

Last month I came home to find a big cardboard box on my front porch. It was from Patrick Cherix of Jacksonville, Florida. You may remember him from his fabulous chairs I featured earlier this year. Well as much as I love those chairs, this bench is even more incredible, inventive and thoughtfully crafted. 

This stunning piece has that modern look with a little rustic charm, so it's a perfect fit for the South. The best part is it's handcrafted completely in the US, utilizing yellow pine wood from Alabama. 

The Bench x60 will last a lifetime. It's made to withstand heat and humidity, even high winds and rain, so it works great indoors or out. 

I was really impressed on how easy it was to assemble. It took me just 3 minutes to put it all together. Unwrap, align, slide and tighten. Easy peasy...


The Bench x60 comes in various finishes from natural to black. I can't endorse it enough as I've had the bench for over two weeks now and love everything about it. Patrick is also kind enough to offer Sweet Peach readers a big fat discount. It currently retails for $249, but if you type in the code, (all in upper case) "SWEET50" upon checkout, you will receive $50 off and pay just $199. Gotta love that. Plus, there is free shipping until December 21. Such a deal. I hope you partake, or at least leave a comment on his site. Happy weekend...


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Cline's Antiques

I traveled to Charlotte, NC last weekend to meet up with Bryce and his new bf, Andrew, whom I adore. Bryce was adamant we check out Cline's Antiques in the small town of Mt. Pleasant, so in the car we went...

Bryce was in heaven as he wanted to buy truckloads of goods here (which he may be doing shortly). If you're the least bit handy, there are hundreds of treasures here... you just need a little time and patience to sift through it all. 

There's no real structure to this place, you just wander around the land and find dilapidated barns and tractor trailers loaded with stuff in varying degrees of disrepair. 

You'll also just find loads of items strewn along the grass and dirt. In this pile, I found a pink flat bowl that'll be perfect for a pretty succulent in the springtime. 

If I had a way to bring it home, I would have bought the antique white headboard to the left. It just needed Byrce's touch to sand it a bit and it would've been good to go. Sigh...

Two of my favorite finds at Cline's was this massive table, which would make a great desk in a big loft...then this green cabinet, which after a little tlc, would look amazing mixed with black and white decor. 

I really liked the celery colored tv dinner trays too, which owner, Donald Cline was selling for just 50 cents each. 

Bryce's favorite find were these incredible wooden factory carts from Nashville, which as you may know, have become trendy and popular as coffee tables- selling for anywhere from $400-$2,000 in hip design stores. Don was selling these for just $40 each- such a steal. 

There aren't any prices on things so you have to walk to the little makeshift office in the front of the lot and ask Don how much this or that is. 

Don't believe its first impression, Cline's Antiques is a goldmine. Since 1977, Don has continuously sold truckloads of goods to regular folks and wholesalers as well as to various national film and tv productions. But you don't need me to tell you that, ask Don yourself. A true southerner, he sure knows how to tell a good story...

This land has been in Don's family since 1840- steeped in history and memories, no matter where you look. It's open Thursday-Saturday from 8am-6pm. Next time you're near Charlotte, check it out... it's a gem.       


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


Naked Decor

Supon Phornirunlit of Washington DC knows no other world but design. He started his own design group at 24 years old, helping to craft brand identities for a host of big companies. Now, he's transitioned into creating his own home line, Naked Decor. 

Pillows are Supon's main focus. Most are vivid in color with bold graphics and lots of I'm a fan. 

Supon has a good site as he also sells products that he likes and is inspired by. Such as these crafty porcelain lights via Streamline that are equally modern and playful. Check out his Etsy site to see more of Supon's creations which include wall clocks and kitchen gadgets. 


Photos: Naked Decor;  Streamline    Content: Sweet Peach


Election Day

Time to vote and be happy that all the campaign madness is over. It's an important day in our history and one that makes me think of our nation's capital. Washington DC is such a wonderful city, steeped in history and significance, not to mention, great design. Amy C. Nelson handcrafted this lovely print.


From top left, Lisa Barbero, Joey and Jude, EvivartBugsy and Sprite, Iluxo. Make your voice heard today...go vote! 


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The Roo

I first saw the Roo a few years ago on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Along with Bryce, I was visiting his niece, Chelsea. Her classmates were strung up in trees on different colored hammocks, hanging out and studying. Then a hike up the mountain behind the school, we found even more kids kicking back amongst the trees in what they all called, their 'Roo' or 'Kammok.'

What makes the Roo so cool is how versatile and easy it is to use. And it all comes down to the materials. The innovative Lunar Wave fabric helps keep you warm on a chilly night or cool on a hot, southern day. 

Created by Kammok in Austin, Texas, this modern hammock ($99) is also extemely compact, weighing less than a pound. 

The python straps, (inspired by the python snake) have a vice-like grip and superb tree hugging ability. As stated on their site, the ROO can be hung "to any tree, rock, post or other anchor point capable of bearing their weight." 

Click here or the pic above to see a fabulous video by The Whistler & the Well on just how easy it is to set up the Roo. 

And the best part is Kammok's 1% For The Planet initiative. They are committed to fighting malaria and give 1% of all their revenue to CTC International. Together they work to focus on education, the environment, economy, health and community development in Kenya, Africa. Kammok's business model is: Give. Develop. Sustain. I can't think of a better plan. Although the guy above has a pretty good plan too...


Photos: Kammok; Daniel Davis; final pic-    Content: Sweet Peach