A Spring Wreath

Now that spring has sprung, it's a good time to share a bit of its cheeriness at your front door. I've recently come across a few shops that make the prettiest spring wreaths. It's a fun gift to yourself and may be one of the sweetest gifts you could give to your mom, sister, close friend...

Lynn of Tulsa, Oklahoma is the artist behind these bright and pretty tulip wreaths that are distinctly spring. She offers nine different wreaths... just pick your favorite color. 

Jen Perkins of Macon, Georgia makes this wild and playful wreath. Miniature roses are accompanied by soft pink and white wisteria and the prettiest field blossoms.

I'm a bit obsessed with succulents these days so I was quickly smitten when I saw these beautiful wreaths from Jessica St. Hilaire of Ocala, Florida. I particularly love the house wreath with a door and chimney, made from reclaimed cedar wood. Would be great as a housewarming gift...


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On Location: The World's First Designer Hotel

For over 5 years, Copenhagen has been on my list of must see cities. I've yet to make it but I have pinned a picture of its downtown to the middle of my inspiration board. My recent find that the world's first designer hotel came from this very city just solidifies my need to visit...and the good thing is now I have a place to stay. 

The Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in downtown Copenhagen was designed by famed Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.

It was for this hotel that in 1958 Arne created the iconic Egg chair (right) as well as... 

the iconic Swan chair and couch. Arne designed practically every aspect of the hotel, from the silverware, coffee pots, furniture and lighting to the exterior facade. But sadly, much of the fabrics and furniture have been replaced as the years have taken a toll and subsequent decades called for a different design approach.

Jacobsen, who was working as a landscape architect in the late 50's was heavily influenced by the color green, whose various shades dominate the hotel. He used green in the textiles and furniture and combined them with both organic shapes and rigid geometric forms. 

Room 606 is the only one that is truly original- with wenge wood paneling and green furniture. Luckily, you can still book it.  

At its completion, the hotel at 20 stories was the tallest building in Scandinavia. Jacobsen found inspiration from the Lever House completed in 1952 in NYC. 

Ribbon windows dominate the Alberto K dining space as well as all the corner rooms to ensure the view of Copenhagen is the main attraction. Arne's Series 7 chairs in dark leather are calling our names, asking us to sit and stay awhile...Here's hoping the inspiration board does its job. And soon. 


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Minty Green

I've finally arrived at my gig outside the country for a bit. It's the Hot Season here- very high temps and ridiculously humid. But back in the South, spring has sprung so I wanted to share pics of homes that have incorporated mint green. It's a relaxing, soothing color that works great with pops of pink, coral, black, brown or gray. And when paired with a crisp white, it's even elegant.

Mint green has made quite the comeback in the last year. Since it has a calming effect, it makes a good fit for a bedroom or bath. It's also a great color choice if you have soft, natural light...

If you want to do a little spring cleaning and freshening up, I think a coat of mint green paint could be fun. Or some new accessories... Mix it up and it may just create that needed shift you've been looking for. 


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Bags, Shoes and Such...

Happy Monday- hope everyone had a good weekend. While I'm still flying high in the sky, I wanted to share this great boutique shop I found called Need Supply in Richmond, Virginia. They opened in 1996 and have slowly expanded their well curated wares to create quite the collection- including clothes, bags, shoes and all manner of manly accessories. 

They have an impressive selection of shoes, covering all price points and styles. I really like their selection of ties, scarves, gloves and pocket squares... 

All their bags have great quality and style but this black satchel by BillyKirk is pretty perfect. It's classic, well made and will stand the test of time. 

Check out Need Supply here- either in person or on-line. They do cater to both men and women and their large selection will keep you happily browsing for hours...


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I need a little prettiness today as I'm about to take some very long flights. I'm off this weekend for a seven week journey out of the country for a tv gig. I think "It's the journey, not the destination" does not apply here. I just want to get there. Alas, I have my ambien and my iPad filled with tv shows and podcasts. I will still be blogging too! As the destination must remain confidential until air, I'll take pics along the way and share them in a few months. Also, stay tuned for info on the very first Sweet Peach event to take place this July in Atlanta. I can't wait- and hope to have the chance to meet many of you. See y'all back here on Monday. Cheerio America...




Official Design

At Official Design in Dallas, Texas, you'll find thoughtful, high quality furniture. This is the Peanut Rocker, inspired by the traditional rocker, but given a modern twist. As stated on their site, "We worked the steel by hand, from the milling of the runner connections to the welding of the upper frame. We sculpted the walnut seat and runners with a CNC router." Simple screws and bolts were the finishing touch. 

Mark Leveno, a graduate of SCAD, is the furniture and architectural designer at Official. I particularly like his Mango Bench made of mango wood and steel and inspired by a three dimensional line drawing of a cube. 

This is the Yeti. With a cushion made of wool, it is referred to as the "softer, more tactile cousin of the Mango bench." The Yeti was featured in the Milan Furniture Fair of 2012. 

The Droid Stool was also exhibited in Milan. See the process of its creation here. 


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The First Day of Spring

HollyBeth Anderson of HollyBeth Organics is a breath of fresh air. Her home is as lovely as she, and HollyBeth is as giving and welcoming as any Southerner you'll find. So, since today is the first day of Spring, I asked HollyBeth to share her recipe for her biscuits that I'm personally head over heels in love with. And of course, she said, Yes!

HollyBeth is from Habersham County, Georgia. As she shared, "Biscuits are a symbol of love and appreciation, made from the heart. I grew up with my Grandmother who made biscuits for me most mornings. She never used measuring cups or spoons, just her hands. They were always drop biscuits and she always cooked them on an iron skillet in the oven." 

HollyBeth has fine tuned her biscuit recipe over the years and as her Grandmother did, she takes what is in season and just makes it happen, often on a whim. On this day, she found some lavender, rosemary, mint and lemon verbena in her garden. She clipped them and decided on two different types of biscuits to make for Sweet Peach: Rosemary & Lavender and then Apple, Mint & Lemon Verbena. Yummmm....

The base recipe for HollyBeth's biscuits are 2 cups flour, 2.5 teaspoons baking powder, 1/3 cup virgin olive oil, dash of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla, 2/3 cup milk. Mix together. For the Lavender & Rosemary, she just chopped them up with a pinch of organic sugar, then added to the mix (about a 1/2 cup's worth). For the other, she chopped up the mint with one lemon verbena leaf and a pinch of sugar, plus an organic apple, cut into small pieces. 

HollyBeth dropped the drop biscuits onto the cookie sheet and baked them at 375 until, as HollyBeth shares, "the top is gold and the bottom is golden." 

After the biscuits were baked, we went out to HollyBeth's garden gazebo. We ate fresh biscuits, drank tea and listened to all the birds she had chirping about in the yard. She could identify them all. Such a blissful morning...

Thank you HollyBeth. Your generosity and warm heart makes the world a good place to settle into. And if you haven't checked out HollyBeth's organic skin care line, you'd be remiss. It's as scrumptiously good (and good for you) as her biscuits. Happy Spring!! We're so happy that you've arrived...


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Wit & Whistle goodness...

One of my favorite stationery shops is Wit & Whistle, which I've featured before on Sweet Peach. Every time I check out Amanda Wright's shop, I see new things to admire...and share. I especially like her venturing into the world of pretty tea towels.

Her 30" x 30" flour sack tea towels are silk screened with her own hand drawn designs. And the best part is the towels get softer and more absorbent with use. 

New to her shop are these lovely pillow covers. Amanda designs them and her mom sews each and every one. I love that. 

Amanda's talents truly shine in her stationery line. Her Snail Mail notecards are beautifully designed and as sweet as pie...

Amanda offers over 50 cards and over a dozen jotter notebooks. It's the kind of shop where you'll want to buy a bunch of items and then use them as needed throughout the year. 

And seeing how Easter is less than a couple weeks away, I thought this holiday card was apropos. And so cute. 


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Pearce Knives

I like a knife maker who displays their knives on pretty backgrounds. This is the work of Logan Pearce of De Queen, Arizona. He's following in the footsteps of his late grandfather, Perry Pearce, who specialized in making knives and tools out of ordinary objects like wrenches, horseshoes, rebar and railroad spikes. I found Logan via the other day- a great guy's site to add to your bookmarks. 


Heating up metal to high temps in a gas forge or coal fire, Logan forges all of his knives in a traditional manner, crafting each into shape with a hammer. 

The best part is how affordable these knives are, ranging in price from $20-$75. I love a well priced gift that is also one of a kind and beautifully made by hand. 

Logan's most popular knives are made of railroad spikes, which he sells all over the world. He's making his grandpops very proud. See all of Logan's impressive handiwork here.


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The Knitterati: The Nature Bike

If you've been following Sweet Peach, you are well aware of the genius that is The Knitterati. They've yarn bombed trees for the Atlanta Beltline, as well as create the Beltline Beasties. Their latest project was a bit smaller in scope but no less impactful. The team covered 10 bikes that are now on display throughout the East Atlanta Village until the end of the month. Today, I'm focusing on Sandy M. Tyler and Julie Jeffers Rivard's fabulous two wheeled collaboration they call The Nature Bike. 

It took 7 weeks of work (after work) to knit, crochet and felt this bike into being. Julie designed and executed the back wheel, the mushroom seat cover and felted honeybees and lady bugs- as well as the sweet bird perched upon the bike's frame. 

The whole concept of the bike started with the idea of crafting a daisy wheel. Sandy bought a pattern for a daisy cushion cover from the Royal Sisters shop and decided to create, then sew two daisies together to cover the front wheel. Julie then added a felted honey bee. 

One of their favorite features are the handlebars. Sandy, "I kept looking at the handlebars and thinking that they could only be a dragonfly, but I had no idea how I was going to do it. I experimented making patterns for wings and wiring them. Julie offered to felt the tail, which was the golden ticket to completing the dragonfly." 

When I first saw the bike, Sandy admitted their main concern is that its moniker would quickly become 'The Penis Bike.' It's not the easiest task to cover a bike seat and make it look g-rated. But hey, so it goes. I think the mushroom, created by Julie, looks pretty great. Sandy readily embraces all sly commentary.  

The details are what make this bike such a wonderful conversation piece. I really love the moss covered frame, the vivid colors and small features that make you see something new each time you take a gander. Sandy, "We just took the nature theme and ran with it and I think it's magical and very pretty." It is indeed. 


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