The Bourbon & Boots List

If you love to support Southern artists, then you must follow Bourbon & Boots. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Bourbon & Boots is the go-to site to buy Southern made and inspired goods from small business owners. I peruse their site at least once a week to see what's new and interesting below the Mason Dixon. Editor, Melissa Tucker was kind enough to share some of her latest favorite finds. These picks have Southern grit and soul. Enjoy...

STATE QUARTER CUFFLINKS, $22. These conversation starting cufflinks make me kind of wish I could wear a suit. Luckily for the ladies, they make rings too. 

JOHNNY CASH NECKLACE, $42. This necklace goes with everything. The combination of Johnny Cash and the reminder to keep a close watch on your heart- well, that's an irresistible combination. 

SILVER BULLET RING, $59. Made of sterling silver with a 9mm Win Luger bullet head holding a clear Swarovski crystal, this little ring has some attitude. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrier Project. Crafted in Kentucky, what's not to love? 

COPPER SHOT GLASSES, $125. The day these arrived in the office, our eyes lit up. Look how shiny! Oh, and they're surprisingly heavy. We did everything short of cracking open a bottle of whiskey to test them out. What? ...It was noon, y'all. 

FOUR LETTER WORD BRACELET, $25. Racy or sweet, this bracelet is available in the four-letter word of your choosing. Yeah, your mind went a little wild, didn't it? Ours did too. Focus ladies, focus. Some wholesome suggestions: Hope, Love, Y'all.... and some not so sweet. We'll leave that to you, mom might be reading. 

MONOGRAM DOOR HANGER, $30. The old joke is Southerners will monogram anything that sits still long enough and whether you're claiming a dorm room door or a bedroom in your house, this is a lovely way to be defined by your initials. 

BROTHEL TOKEN WISHBONE NECKLACE, $60. My secret is out now. This necklace- made in Milton, Georgia by one half of the Angel Court jewelry operation- is my favorite thing on our site. I can't say I own one yet, or that mom would be entirely proud to see me wearing it, but I think it's perfect in every way.

R RIVETER MILITARY BAGS, from $195. When you spend big money on a high quality handbag, you justify it by considering how long it will last, right? Good things aren't cheap. But this military bag has the added bonus of supporting hard working military spouses in Georgia. Even better.  

MASON JAR LIGHTS, $69. Those white Christmas lights can stay strung up on a Southern porch all year long, that's acceptable. But mason jar lights? Now, THESE have personality.  




A Bradley Odom Holiday...

The always fashionable and fun, Bradley Odom, is the Director of Design Education at West Elm. He's also my friend. So it was a no brainer this year to add him to the Holiday Gift Picks roster. Bradley, who is currently finishing his Interior Design degree at SCAD, tends to lean towards all things luxurious and fabulous so I was curious to see his picks for the holiday season. They, as expected, do not disappoint...

1. SID MASHBURN OVAL BUCKLE, $75. I've coveted this buckle for some time. But of course, when it was time to purchase it, I couldn't just buy the buckle, I needed the alligator belt to go with it. I can't wait to have this buckle engraved with my initials. 

2. BILLY REID VINTAGE POCKET SQUARE, $35. It's all in the details and this vintage pocket square offers the perfect splash of color and pattern to bring life to a solid suit. Plus, it's quite the attention grabber. 

3. MADE IN AMERICA CAST IRON SKILLET, from $150. My mom always made cornbread in a cast iron skillet. I ate every bite mixed with milk. So southern, I know. 

4. FRESH FLOWERS FROM THE CLAY POT. It's simple, every home should have fresh flowers- especially during the holidays. Joe and his team at The Clay Pot in Chattanooga are super nice, extremely talented and will make any arrangement of your desire look picture perfect. 

5. DONATION, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION. Because it's always better to give than to receive, this Christmas I'll be donating $10 for every gift I buy to IJM. It's a fantastic cause to support as IJM continually fights to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.  

6. REVIVAL'S LARGE DEER ANTLER, $1800. Rodney and his team at Revival can do no wrong in my eyes and although this is a gift no one I know is getting for me (nor will I be gifting it to myself), a guy can dream, can't he? I envision this mixed in with a saloon style art wall to add the perfect High/Low mix. 

7. SHOP KEEP HANDMADE QUILT, $550. I love the idea of pairing a traditional craft with a fresh, modern approach like they do so well at Shop Keep. I'll take my one of a kind quilt framed as art. 

8. NICKEL + RHYME STUDIO PAINTING, from $240. I'm loving the use of color and abstract approach in Ashley Hizer's paintings. They are a perfect wow statement and conversation starter. Who wouldn't like this under the tree? 

9. R. NICHOLS HUDSON SPARKLE CANDLE, $45. My vote for best hostess gift this year. Love the graphics! 

10. ZKANO SOCKS, starting at $10. Although most of the year I am not a socks guy, I do love a pop of color in the winter. These Alabama made socks fit the bill perfectly. I'll take one in every color please. 

11. IMOGENE + WILLIE'S APHOTHIA CANDLE, $55. This candle sits inside a nice, clean jar with a bit of brass and oh, it happens to smell great too. As I believe every room should have a touch of black, this I+W candle is an easy, stylish way to do just that. 

12. THE SOUTHERNER'S HANDBOOK, $28. uh, hello. I am from Mississippi. That's about as Southern as it gets so of course I'm a fan of The Southerner's Handbook. 

13. BRADLEY GORDON PAINTING, contact for prices. I love the color, scale and style that denotes a Bradley Gordon piece. Bradley's paintings, which showcase Southern wildlife from his home in Oxford, Mississippi, have been on my wish list for a very long time- much like that lake house I've been dreaming of... Someday the two shall meet. 



Holiday Gift Picks via Andover Trask

Matt Weaver of Andover Trask can do no wrong. At least in my eyes. His classic, meticulous canvas and leather bags are pieces to use and abuse and covet for years to come. I always love to check out his site to see what he's up to next. So when he shared his favorite picks for holiday gifts with Sweet Peach, I was a rapt audience. See all the goodness yourself...

1. DRAM HANGOVER TONIC, $18. Tis the season for holiday parties, which means it's a perfect time for Dram Apothecary's Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic. 

2. THE STANDARD BAG, $175.  ...And a sturdy solution for carrying libations to the aforementioned holiday parties: the Andover Trask Standard Bag.  

3. PEWTER JIGGER, $95. Achieve the perfect pour with this handsome jigger from New York based Kaufmann Mercantile (I think there's a theme going here). 

4. PORCELAIN ANTLER, $43. Honeycomb Studio is where it's at. Their antler series is indescribably beautiful, and now is the time to get in on the action; Southern Living just ran a feature that is alerting the world to this Atlanta treasure.  

5. MUGS, $32. I'll take my Christmas morning coffee in this please: The Best Made Co. enamelware mugs.  

6. OLD TRY PRINT, $40. This Old Try print is emblazoned with the coordinates of the Mason Dixon. Hang it on your wall and then regale visitors with the legend of Cooter Brown (look it up). 

7. PECAN PIE, $32. It's not Christmas without a little pecan pie. And in the South, we add bourbon. Nobody in Atlanta does it like Pie Shop. 

8. GUNNER AND LUX JEWELRY, starting at $50. Gunner and Lux jewelry is handcrafted by Atlanta creative John Petersen. His stunning designs are classic and edgy, and surprisingly affordable. 

9. ST. GEORGE GIN, $33. Julia Child attributed her longevity to red meat and gin. That's reason enough to keep a bottle of St. George Terroir on hand.

10. ANCHOR TIE CLIP, $20. The Block & Hammer anchor tie clip, hand stamped in Atlanta. Very dapper indeed. 

11. TWEEDS ACCESSORIES, starting at $80. Tweeds Shop on Atlanta's Westside is a brilliantly curated collection of fine goods you really can't get anywhere else in the South. A few of my favorites: The Calder Blue Workshirt, $115, Tucker Camo Dopp Kit, $95, Timex with kelly green leather band, $80. 

12. MUSIC, starting at $10. And because I still use the CD player in my car...Music! Right now I'm into The Head and the Heart and Camera Obscura. 


Time to Shop...

Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb Studio quit her day job to become an artist full time. This turned out to be a really good idea as the rest of us can now own one of her gorgeous ceramic pieces that are currently flying off the shelves, gaining fanfare nationwide. Luckily, she found some time during this busy season to share her favorite gift picks for the holidays. Thank you Court...

1. FELIX GLENN MEDIUM SERVING SPOON, $115. Courtney, I've been totally bewitched by the gorgeous handcarved utensils coming out of this new Birmingham, Alabama based company. Although they're perfectly functional, I'd probably be happy to hang this spoon on a wall and just admire its classic design and beautiful grain. 

2. ICE MILK APRONS ROLLING OF CINNAMON APRON, $85. I think this (and almost all of the other aprons offered by this Atlanta, GA based company) are the prettiest things I've ever seen. The perfect blend of practical and nostalgic, these aprons almost make me forget what a horrible baker I am.  

3. LAUREN McGOWIN ABSTRACT PAINTINGS, $550. If we're talking aspirational Christmas gifts, I'm totally smitten with the abstract paintings of this emerging painter in Fairhope, Alabama. In person, her paintings have a very distinctive voice and wonderful textures. Much of her work also incorporates metallic details, so you know I'm hooked. 

4. NATIVE BEAR 2014 COSMOS WALL CALENDAR, $35. When it comes to calendars, I'm still an old fashioned gal who loves an annual calendar for reference. I'm pretty sure I could look at Leela from Native Bear's distinctive style and color palatte on the wall all year long. 

 5. LOYAL STRICKLIN AVIATOR MUG, $29. Do you need a masor jar cup with a leather cuff from Alabama based, Loyal Stricklin? Probably not. Should you have one? Absolutely. 

6. LEDBURY CLASSIC BUTTON DOWNS, starting at $115. My gift interests skew feminine, but of course I have lots of men in my life that need gifts too. You can't go wrong with any of the button downs offered by Richmond, Virginia-based, Ledbury, who offer shirts with a classically tailored fit and unmistakable Southern style. 

7. FORM FUNCTION FORM BUTTON STUD EASY READER, $82. I love that this watch, made in a Florida studio, would be an equally amazing gift for the guys or gals on your list. Classic design with high quality materials can never go wrong. 

8. JACK RUDY SMALL BATCH GRENADINE, $16.  We all know about Jack Rudy's Tonic, but did you know they have a grenadine too? With all the classic cocktail lovers in my life, this is sure to be a hit. 



Holiday Gift Picks from the South Pole...

Nan Myers is one of my favorite curators of all that is scrumptious and good here in the South. Her store, Firefly in Thomasville, Georgia is worth a visit, especially over the holidays. Her gorgeous shop is chock full of unique and beautifully crafted gifts for men, women and all the kiddies. It's a bit of everything, which is why I'm so happy that she agreed to share some of her favorite holiday picks with all of us.

Nan, "It's starting to look like a winter wonderland at Firefly. I have strung cotton from the fields with fishing line, draped Spanish moss on our Christmas trees as I try to create The South Pole in our cozy store."

1. SMOKE & PICKLES COOKBOOK, $29.95. Smoke & Pickles has been popular among the men folk in my store and I can see why. Chef Edward Lee has a food story that could only happen in America, but even more appealing to us Southerners because he landed in Kentucky at the famed restaurant 610 Magnolia. Born in Brooklyn, NY to Korean immigrants, his patchwork cuisine like collards kimchi has Korean roots with a lot of southern soul. Plus, he's a natural born storyteller which adds another layer of flavor to his debut cookbook. 

2. PINECONE BAKING TINS, $10.95.  I love the pinecone baking tins. These come with a suggested gingerbread recipe but I am dying to try a madeleine recipe that I have squirreled away in my recipe box. 

3. STATE CUTTING BOARD, $52. This makes entertaining easy and will be a conversation starter too. We offer Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Made out of bamboo and in the USA. 

4. GEORGIA OLIVE OIL, from $4.50. Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes me really happy and I hope Santa remembers to put one of these bad boys in my stocking! I was skeptical when I heard they were producing olives in Lakeland, Georgia but after a taste, it was clear as moonlight through the pines that they were onto something good. From the field to their own mill in less than 48 hours, their oil is collected from only the first pressing of the fruit. 

5. BLUNDSTONE BOOTS, $120. What do you give a shopkeeper that has access to all of the above? Some kicking new boots for 2014 of course. I am loving these safety orange pair of Blundstones. 

6. CEDAR SOAP, $8. A perfect stocking stuffer for the men. I love the packaging of course, but the soap has a really nice, complex cedar scent as well. 


7. LOCAL RATTLESNAKE CUFFS, $48. I am not a fan of poisonous snakes, but I will certainly wear a dead one. These rattlesnake cuffs slither out of our front door and get compliments wherever they go. 

8. BLACK-EYED PEAS EARRINGS, $38. These sterling silver earrings promise to bring good luck all year round! These little South Georgia cuties are made locally by my creative friend Tracy who has the neatest little studio tucked in the woods. 



Holiday Gift Picks for the Entertainer...

Our special feature of Holiday Gift Picks continues today with guest artisan, Leah Duncan. Leah is one of my favorite southern designers, crafting the most delicious pillows, scarves, tea towels and prints so I was thrilled when she said yes to my request. Leah, "For the gift guide, I was drawn to a lot of tableware and linens so I wanted to focus on gifts for the home entertainer. I hope you like it!" 

1. MASON SHAKER $29. Leah, Because everyone needs a mason shaker. 

2. CANOE LEATHER COASTERS $64. These beautifully crafted leather coasters by Canoe will make a unique statement and are the perfect combination of classic and rustic to work with anyone's home decor.

3. A NEW TURN IN THE SOUTH $22.99. A modern spin on southern food, this book by Canadian turned southerner, Hugh Acheson is a perfect gift for the entertainer who loves to cook. 

4. MARFA BRAND SOAP $30 for box. These Marfa brand soaps are amazing! They will add a perfect touch to anyone's guest bathroom. 

5. LEBORED TEA LIGHT HOLDERS, $36. These wooden tea light holders from Lebored are rustic, simple and geometric, all perfect for the modern entertainer. 

6. RIFLE PAPER PLACE CARDS $7.50. Rifle Paper Co. is always amazing and these place cards are no exception. 

7. LETTERPRESS RECIPE CARDS $15. These vegetable recipe cards by Studio SloMo are classic and her craftsmanship is some of the best I've seen. Perfect for any home cook! 

8. UNCORKED GLASS, $44 for 4. These southern made glasses by Uncorked Glass Company are great to mix and match with other dinnerware. Plus, they are the perfect color of cobalt. 

9. TEXTILES BY CONSTANCE $36. These beautiful linen napkins by Constance Holt are so classic, they will spruce up any occasion. 

10. HAAND CERAMICS CLOUDWARE BOWLS, starting at $35. The small size of these bowls make them versatile for any table setting. They're also so beautiful that they could be just for display, as is all of the work at Haand. 




Wallet and Man Bag Selects


Save the Date: Root City Market, Dec 14

I'm excited to announce a collaboration I've formed with Jen Soong of Root City Market. Her fab handmade and local quarterly event just got a tad bigger with the addition of some vendors featured before on Sweet Peach. This includes Loyal Stricklin, Oakleaf & Acorn, Billiam Jeans, and Shannon Goines to name a few. 

Come visit us from 10a-2p, Saturday December 14 at 112 Krog Street in the Stove Works Facility in Atlanta. It's free to all and will include food trucks, music and more. Plus, it's a perfect time to get some holiday shopping done as the 25 plus vendors offer incredible gift options that you'd never find at your typical shop. These items are made with care with a story to tell. Come meet the makers and get some shopping done! 



Time to shop...

This holiday season, I've reached out to a few of my favorite Southern artists to share their gift ideas with all of us. You'll see these special guest Gift Picks featured throughout December on Sweet Peach and first up is Old Try from Charlotte, North Carolina, who craft incredible letterpress prints and tees. Together, the fabulously talented Marianna and Micah Whitson have picked their top 8 gift ideas for the holiday, all from Southern makers. Enjoy...

1. MAKR Key Bottle Opener $11.50. Micah, I guarantee you, I use this bottle opener more than I use my car key, which either says how much I drink or a little about how much I drive. At either rate, the boys in Florida have given me something damn practical that doesn't take up any more room than it has to. 

2. MOLLY JOGGER, Scout Red Knit Cap $19.50. Rich Stagner is building quite the brand over in the Ozarks. He's an Eddie Bauer alum who is doing remarkable things with a heritage brand that has, well, legit heritage. I've been a fan of every new release they've put out since I've been following them. This wooly cap would look good from Little Rock to Mt. Magazine. 

3. ALABAMA BISCUIT CO. Biscuit Mix $10. A good buddy from college started Alabama Biscuit and before he even got the doors open, Paula Deen picked them as a top 10 biscuit in America. If you can't get down to Cahaba Heights in Birmingham, then get this mix and see what all the hype over their spelt grain biscuits is all about.

4. ANDOVER TRASK Standard Bag $175. Matt Weaver didn't know that if he made a bag in Atlanta that was practical and beautiful and in Ole Miss colors that I'd drool over it and hope one of my bags will break so I can justify another one. Or did he? 

5. KENTUCKY FOR KENTUCKY Kentucky Pennant Raglan $30. From the fine fellows who brought you the Kentucky Kicks Ass Initiative comes a handsome baseball tee because of course a baseball tee from the state of the Louisville slugger based off an old vintage pennant is a homerun. Made in the USA and printed in the Ville. 

6. OLD TRY Old Top $35. Sure, we've got a bunch of prints that are great, but you can't leave the house with a print and it's getting too cold to leave with one of our tee shirts. Which is why we spent a year sourcing a classic navy ball cap that is made in America and works perfectly year round. To that, we'll doff our caps. 

7. BUFFALO JACKSON Jackson Vest $89.95. What's a stuffed buffalo doing in Matthews, NC? Pretty much alerting folks that Xan Hood is making clothes that are a tribute to the west and to the rugged spirit in us all. This puffy vest is the right amount of soft in a rough and tumble world. 

8. SYDNEY HALE Bourbon & Brown Sugar $28. Megan Cook + Co. make these candles in Virginia. They're wonderfully complex and make the whole house smell amazing. I pretty much light one anytime I'm working on new prints. Added bonus? 10% of proceeds go to animal rescue efforts. 



Happy Thanksgiving...

I'm actually working today, but will be thinking throughout the day of all that I'm thankful for, which is a lot. I'm particularly thankful for the chance to join some longtime friends later tonight for dinner and for being able to do this blog each day. Its been a necessary vehicle for my creative spirit and my sanity. Thank you all for checking in each day or whenever you can. It is appreciated. 

This Thanksgiving, I am also thankful for this James Franco and Seth Rogan shot for shot parody of Kanye West's latest video with Kim Kardashian. It's too good not to share. Enjoy & Happy Turkey Day everybody...