Peach Picks: Sarah Neuburger

Oh Sarah. She is easily one of my favorite people in my life. Sarah is an illustrator, designer and owner of The Small Object. She illustrates my Sweet Peach Sweet Spots papers and Sweet Peach videos. Sarah is not just a true talent, she's also incredibly kind, generous, funny and adorable and I love to say that she is also my friend. It was a no brainer to ask her to share some of her holiday favorites. And her list does not disappoint...but of course. Thank you Sarah! 

Take Your Time Loving Me Print, $40. I try to hang pieces around the house that remind me of what's important in life. This print ranks right up there. You can't rush a good thing and taking time to love is time well spent. 

Bean and Bailey Pattern Cup, $25. One of my favorite mugs is one that my wife and I bought at the Decatur Arts Festival several years ago. I covet this cup from Anderson Bailey and Jessie Bean of Bean and Bailey in Chattanooga. This is mark making at its finest and dreamiest to me. Yes, please! 

Fontanette Boots by Bed Stu, $260. I tried these boots on locally at Sq/Ft in Decatur and that was that. They are still on my brain and would be the definite splurge of the season. The oxblood color I adore and the side zipper is like someone opening the door for me every time I come home with my arms full of groceries. Such a simple, thoughtful convenience but oh so appreciated. 

Waxed Canvas Polka Dot and Yellow Tote Bag, $160. I feel like I've been looking for the perfect tote bag for ages and this one fits the bill! Amy Nieto runs Little Bright Studio and I originally met her when she was organizing the Mutation Craft Fair in Savannah, GA - before she left the South for Portland. 

Clue Town Books: Atlanta BeltLine, $15. Jay Carlson makes ready-to-solve scavenger hunts for various neighborhoods around Atlanta. The BeltLine is one of the newest and I am so excited to do it! Jay and I shared a vendor booth at the Decatur Book Festival a couple of years back and I can definitely say these clever books are a hit with kids and adults alike. 

The Amazing Wise Tattoo Bundle, $45. Last year, I took a ten day meditation course and the one non-essential item that went with me was Suzanne's 'breathe' tattoo on my wrist. It stayed on during the duration of the course and was a wonderful, gentle reminder. Today, I continue to wear it with the fondest of memories. 

Prisma Earrings, $45. At the Indie Craft Experience last month, I bought the ring to this set and wear it weekly- which says a lot, given I opted for a tattooed wedding ring vs. having to wear the real thing. The ring is so stellar, now I'm wishing for these earrings. 

Cat Face Lapel Pin, $38. I am a cat person. We have three at home and talk about them way too much. (We just had a conversation if one of our cats should be the only image on our holiday card this year.) Given that the cats haven't taken to walking on a leash with much enthusiasm, when they are left at home, I can sport this pin to find my fellow cat lovers. 

Squiggle Studs, $46. These earrings by Annika Kaplan rank high on my list. She was trained at Savannah College of Art and Design so it's a well deserved shout out to Savannah (our home before Atlanta). Annika's earrings are the perfect balance of playful and simple. 

A Donation to PAWS Atlanta. Our first and only dog, Milton was adopted from PAWS this January and our life has been made all the richer. So many of my very dear friends work or have worked at PAWS- plus various friends have come into my life because of this wonderful organization. I am so grateful for this community. This year, Milton requests a gift in his honor. Done, my friend. 

DIY Constellation Quilt, $38. Who doesn't love the constellations? This sew your own quilt is on my to-do list for 2015 and seems perfectly manageable. You can bet it will be sewn with glow in the dark embroidery thread! I could of only dreamed of such choices as a kid. I love taking this size quilt into the car on road trips...


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom



Peach Picks: Danielle Romero

One of my favorite finds when I first started the Sweet Peach blog was the NY to Nashville shop, created by Danielle Romero. Her continuous hunt for vintage and reclaimed fabrics in Tennessee has led to the coolest manly pocket squares. I loved sharing her shop on the blog and she was part of why I started Manly Monday. So - Danielle has a special place in my heart, whether she realizes it or not. I'm thrilled she said yes to sharing her holiday gift ideas. Like her pocket squares, Danielle's picks are of high quality with a classic, timeless style. Thank you Danielle! 

Daniel Boone Buffalo Plaid Pocket Square, $27. My husband used to keep a rag in his pocket for wiping engine oil off his hands or dabbing sweat from his brow when he was woodworking. I made him this flannel pocket square to replace the shop rag because it looks a lot cooler in his back pocket when not called upon to clean up a mess. 

Goo Goo Clusters, $4.29. These chocolates are a Nashville original and a MUST in our stockings every Christmas. 

Sugarlands Distilling Sweet Tea Moonshine, $25. Bottled in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this handsome mason jar boasts a 40 proof southern sweet tea moonshine, blended just the way your grandpa used to make it. 

Handcrafted Waxed Canvas Lunch Tote, $65. I love the brown bag aesthetic with the durability of waxed canvas + leather! Made in Nebraska, so you know it's sturdy. 

Titanium Cutlery Set, $22. Keep these in your car or at your desk for a much better alternative to eating lunch with a plastic fork. 

Huberd's Shoe Oil, $12. This oil is perfect for keeping those boots in working order. Plus, the tin can boasts a fantastic design. 

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle, $28. Perfect for bringing coffee to work or carrying along on a camping trip, I vote for the classic red bottle. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Danielle Pic: Tyler Sharpe  



Peach Picks: Bradley Odom

When I have a design quandary in my home, I seek advice from friends, but I tend to listen most to Bradley Odom. Bradley just graduated SCAD, plus he's the Director of Design Education at West Elm. None of that means I would automatically listen to his advice, except when I propose these decor problems, I always like his answers. He makes me see things from a whole new perspective that is at all times creative, technical and solution oriented. So I'm overjoyed that he shared his Holiday Gift Picks with Sweet Peach once again. (click here for 2013) These wonderful picks mimic his great eye and care for smart, beautiful (often luxurious) design. Thank you Bradley! 

Deco Letter Ornaments, $4 each. Holiday decor at West Elm gets better and better every year. My personal favorite for 2014 is a Deco Letter Ornament. Use a few to add sparkle and style to your tree or try tying them to each person's napkin at your next holiday party. 

Shotwell Candy Co. Caramels, from $9.75. These "Old Fashioned" buttery soft caramels are infused with aromatic bitters, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and orange extract. Whenever I have the pleasure to try one, I need a moment to savor and appreciate because each and every one is slap your mama good. 

R. Nichols Grand Sparkle Candle, $90. I recently brought this candle as a hostess gift to my friends' house in San Francisco. They loved it. The container is just as lovely as the scent, which smells just like a Christmas tree. I defy anyone in its presence to not feel merry and bright... 

Mountain Fresh Grocery Herbes de Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $9.95. This is another no-fail hostess gift. I spend many long weekends in Highlands, North Carolina and each time, I buy a new olive oil flavor from Mountain Fresh Grocery to try. This one is by far my favorite. 

Artifact Uprising Print & Wood Cleat, $59. I love the idea of displaying an important photo in a new and unique way. Goodbye photo frame, hello wood cleat. 

Hudson|Grace Gold Gnome, $195. Red Gnome, $95. My friend, Monelle has the chicest home decor shop in San Francisco. As soon as I spotted these adorable yet sophisticated gnomes on her shelves, I knew they'd make for incredible holiday decor. Plus, they're an original, unsuspecting gift.  

Res Ipsa Wool Loafers, $225. A pair of these gorgeous loafers is a perfect gift for the discerning, fashion forward guy in your life. I've placed them on my wish list this holiday season as they're crafted from vintage hand woven Turkish rugs and finished with a durable leather sole and rubber heel. Perfect with a pair of jeans! 

Sid Mashburn Filson Deerskin Gloves, $88. A friend of mine gave me this pair of gloves several years ago and I'm here to tell you, they will change your life. Made of 100% deerskin, these sumptuous gloves feel amazing, plus they work well dressed up or down. Your choice- just don't leave 'em at home on a cold winter's night.  

Coyuchi Men's Plaid PJ Pants, $58. I'm a sucker for a pair of good PJ bottoms this time of year. I see this attractive plaid pair accompanying me on all my overnight travels this holiday season- including cozying up to the fire on New Year's Eve.

Otis James Navy Herringbone Cashmere Scarf, $225. Herringbone. Cashmere, Navy. Otis James. Need I say more? 



Sweet Peach Picks  


Peach Picks: Nan Myers

There's something about the deep South that is a bit more distinctive, wild, beautiful. And Nan Myers, owner of one of my favorite shops, Firefly (of Thomasville, GA), has her pulse on it all. Her holiday Peach Picks this year are particularly good. All are centered on high quality products that are also stylish and wholly southern. I'm in love with each and every one...Thank you Nan! 

Nan: I love the IDEA of entertaining, but for the most part it is not very realistic during the holidays. However, I will embrace it next weekend when I have 10 adults and 8 kiddos coming over for Sunday brunch. I will be using these cloth napkins (from $12 a bundle), some festive owl placemats, $29,  and all of my R. Wood pottery, from $22. I will also cheat a little with heating up some yummy Callie's Biscuits, $40. 

Animal Coat, from $140. Artist, Marty Goodall, a stay at home mother at the time, was frustrated when her two year old son refused to wear the hoods on his coats. Searching for a creative solution, she designed and made the original Ferocious Felt Lion coat to inspire him to put his hood up in the cold. Friends commented, orders were placed and Little Goodall was born. Yes, she does make adult jackets and yes, I got a Fox one for myself.

Message Booklet, $12. Sideshow Press/StitchDesign Group is a daring little letterpress factory and design studio based in Charleston, SC, with an extensive line of clever gift items ranging from all things letterpress to horseshoe cocktail picks. These little pads of 25 calling cards come in a range of sayings. Love You More and A Little Happy are my absolute favorites. 

JJ's Knife Kit, $9.95. Gene Jameson first made his son JJ a wooden pocket knife back in 2008. He quickly realized not only the appeal of a wooden pocket itself, but the process of crafting it. Shortly thereafter, JJ's Knife Kits were born. As a mother of two stinky boys, I can't wait to put these in their stockings. 

L Pax Mary Janes, $42. One of my sweet assistants asked me one day if I would be interested in seeing some shoes that her friend Lauren was making. "Sure" was my response. Well, minutes later Lauren and her baby strolled right in and her first 'real' order was placed and a children's brand was born. If interested, please call the store, as we have a large inventory with multiple choices. Firefly 229.226.6363

Blackberry Patch Syrups, $6.99. These syrups are locally made here in Thomasville, and have only three ingredients- berries, lemon juice and cane sugar. It is truly a simple pleasure, and my cool sister-in-law, Haile Mccollum of Fontaine Maury redid their packaging, so it is visually wonderful too!  

Short Stack Cookbook, $14 each. I am pretty excited about this little series of cookbooks. Each book tackles one ingredient by one expert chef. Yesterday, I attempted poaching my first egg and I was successful. Ian Knauer, author of the first edition, Eggs, gave me the 'pep' talk that I needed. Sweet Potatoes is my next read.

Hand forged Oyster Knife/bottle opener, $40. I love oysters. I love to eat oysters. I love raw oysters. I love steamed oysters. I love fried oysters. Needless to say, I will be roasting oysters this Christmas come hell or high water. To inspire my husband to enjoy this process, I bought him this oyster knife from Carolina Shuckers.

Crap Taxidermy book. $11. I just completed a wedding this fall where the dance tent was covered up in roadkill taxidermy, lovingly collected and scraped by the Bride's mother for over two decades. No, I am not kidding and it was absolutely wonderful. This book just makes me laugh and is accurately named, as it is full of serious 'crap' taxidermy. 

Ceri Hoover bag, from $134. I missed the girl gene that is attracted to fancy designer bags. I just don't get it. So when I find myself attracted to a bag, it's for a very good reason and these bags are Bad Ass. Pardon my French but Ceri Hoover of Nashville is just that and these bags appeal completely to my sensibility. 

Mark Lexton Jewelry, from $55. Mark "Lex" Matthews is a master goldsmith. How many folks can say that? His collections are called Oysters, Fox Mask, Equestrian and Low Country, which automatically draws one in. However, it is the craftsmanship and timeless, classic beauty that hooks you.

John Cleaveland Painting, from $800. Art is deeply personal. It either speaks to you or not. John Cleaveland's oil paintings have always spoken to me and I am happy to be representing his work at Firefly. 

Local Restaurant. I think one of the best gifts is treating someone you love to a local or regional restaurant. Two Georgia restaurants that are on my current radar are the Seabear Oyster Bar in Athens and The Florence in Savannah. I am a huge fan of the wickedly talented (and nicest guy ever), Peter Dale of Seabear. And I can't wait to meet Patrick Stubbers of The Florence, who has an impressive food background, including the infamous Supper Club, The Fourcoursemen. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom    Photos: Respective artists     Content: Sweet Peach


Grandmother's Baking Bowls...

When I think of the holidays, I can't help but think of the kitchen and like many of us, our grandmothers. I just spotted this amazing Grandmother's Baking Bowl set over at the Garden and Gun site and wanted to share. They're a smart and beautiful collaboration between Ashley Leckey Schoenith of IceMilk Aprons in Atlanta and Jeanette Zeis of Portland, Oregon (formerly Atlanta). 

These were inspired by the stacks of mismatched bowls grandmother's seem to always have in the cupboard. Made of vintage white porcelain clay with the added lovely touch of a red imprint laurel design, this set is one to be used, kept, cared for and passed on to the next lucky family member. What a great gift- plus Jeanette is happy to personalize the bowls as each is made to oder. Learn more, here.


Photos: Margaret Houston; IceMilk Aprons    Content: Sweet Peach


Peach Picks: Jeanée Ledoux

Jeanée Ledoux has a great eye. She curates her online shop, Finely Crafted, to perfection. She's inspired by color, mid-century design, clean lines, original points of view- plus, an artist herself, she has collaborated with a handful of her favorite artists around the globe to create stunning, unique home decor pieces. So of course I asked Jeanée to share her gift picks with Sweet Peach. And as expected, they did not disappoint. Thank you so much for the fab gift list Jeanée. Enjoy...

Mexican chocolate sugar by Beautiful Briny Sea, $16. This sugar blend brings chocolatey heat to braised meats as well as French toast. Now that's an intriguing condiment! 

Gem salt bowls by Bean & Bailey Ceramics, $10 each. These versatile pocelain bowls can gather wee things on a stovetop, bedside table or desk. I adore the pale storm and sherbet glazes mixed up in Chattanooga. 

Bag of homemade caramels by Tiny Buffalo, from $8.25. Sugar and butter and salt. Enough said! 

Walnut flash drive by Son of a Sailor, $36. I seem to have about 537 graphic designers on my list, so I'm on the lookout for stylish gadgetry. 

State letterpress print by Paper Parasol Press, $26. I'm head over heels for the mid-century inspired illustration style of Cindy Tomczyk. She's made a letterpress homage to 39 states, so that covers nearly everyone on your gift list, eh? 

Range ring in gold by Is Was & Will Be, $34 each. I love the delicate simplicity of my friend, Telle Lefler's brass rings, hammered into one of a kind mountain silhouettes. 

Minimalist porcelain Christmas Trees by Honeycomb Studio, $191. Give modern porcelain decor to a loved one who decks out the mantel or credenza instead of a tree. (Like me! Will someone please give me this cluster?!)

Horizon card set of 5 by Native Bear, from $6. Native Bear epitomizes a tribal, modern style that's timeless, not trendy. Speaking of timeless, these block printed notes are useful year round. I can never keep enough cards in my desk. 

Fabric calendar by Jennifer Lesley, $18. I was super impressed by rookie pattern designer, Jennifer Lesley at the holiday Indie Craft Experience. I bought two of these wall hangings without particular friends in mind because they're good staples for the 'present closet.'

Watercolor iPhone case by Britt Bass, $10. This fledgling Atlanta artist is rocketing toward fame, so invest in her original abstract paintings now, and buy her patterned gifts for friends! 

Traveler mug in natural by Go Forth Goods, $25. A few men in my life will find Nathan Ross Martin's leather mugs under the tree. They're beautifully made and practical, plus I admire that he gives 10% of his profits to charity. 

Succulent poster by Finely Crafted and Leah Duncan, $45. I must be a Christmas cactus in another life because I deeply relate to succulents. For other planty people, my friend Leah Duncan and I collaborated on this print series that's a playful take on old botanical drawings. 


Top illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom  Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach



Billy Reid, warm and cozy

If you walk into a Billy Reid store this month for some holiday shopping, you'll most certainly catch a manly, enticing scent in the air. That's thanks to their first candle collaboration with Lafco. As a bit of a fanatic, I can safely say this candle, a mix of cedar, fern and amber scents, is my new favorite. 

On my last visit, I was also happy to see Billy reveal his first pocket square designs. For some reason, pocket squares are my weakness- I smile wide whenever they're in my sight. Such delicious, manly fun... 

For this premiere collection, you'll find 18 designs. The pocket squares are made in Italy and are 100% wool. Perhaps I'm a bit biased in my obsession, but I think every guy needs a stylish pocket square. It's a great gift for the holiday...

As the cold begins to descend on the South, a warm and cozy scarf is another must. Find over a dozen designs to choose from- all scrumptiously soft and beautiful. Happy shopping...


Photos: Billy Reid; Lafco      Content: Sweet Peach


Peach Picks: Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver has good style. Impeccable style, actually. So I was thrilled that he decided to share his holiday picks with Sweet Peach for a second year in a row. At Andover Trask, Matt is known for his timeless, classic bag designs and I can't help but gush over each and every one. My new favorite, Knox, is featured here. I want, I want, I want... just like everything else on his list. Enjoy!

1. Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon, from $24.   2. Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix, $15.    
3. Radio Roasters Coffee, from $12   4. Classic Copper Cups, $90.   5. A Great Bottle Opener, from $10.   6. Catherine Jones Artwork, from $100.   7. Apothecary Bottles from Honeycomb Studio, from $13.99   8. Preserving Place Sweet Onion Confit, $15.   9. Peppermint Bark from Olive & Sinclair, $16.99   10. Pamplemousee and Bois Candle from Townhouse (425 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 32, Atlanta  
11. Knox Bag from Andover Trask, $195. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach/ Matt Weaver 


DIY Holiday Gift: Organic Body Butter

I tend to be a DIY gifter for the holidays. Not all my gifts, but some...because it's fun and original. My friend, Tiffany, who lives up in Asheville, made me some organic body butter earlier this year and it's honestly my favorite gift. I love it. So we got together last month to make some more for the blog. This recipe makes enough for 3-4 mason jars or over a half dozen half and quarter jars. Perfect for the holidays...

To start, you'll need 3 cups organic raw shea butter (solid) 1 1/2 cups organic coconut oil (solid) and 1 1/2 cups organic almond oil (liquid). 

Then lastly, your favorite essential oils. Choose ones depending on your needs. Like lavender to calm and soothe, bergamot for a mood lifter, eucalyptus for an immune boost and then there are all those combinations you can create. It's a bit endless, just make sure the oils you choose are skin friendly.

First, melt the shea butter and coconut oil in the top of a double broiler. Remove from heat and let cool for 30 minutes. Next, stir in almond oil and your favorite essential oils. (start with about 20-30 drops and increase as needed)

Tiffany and I favored Tranquility by Aura Cacia. It's a combination of lavender, balsam fir needle, patchouli, palmarosa, geranium and Roman chamomile. It smells divine and is designed to relax the body and quiet the mind. 

After you add the essential oil, place the entire oil mixture in freezer or outside to chill. Wait until the oil starts to partially solidify, then whip until it's a butter-like consistency. Be sure not to overmix- just keep checking for that right consistency, as seen here in bottom right. 

Lastly pour into clean jars, label and decorate as you desire. Easy peasy. It's important to care about what you put on your skin and when you make this concoction by hand, with simple, high quality ingredients, you can't help but feel like you've done a really good thing. It's the perfect gift to give...


Photos: Sweet Peach; Aura Cacia     Content: Sweet Peach

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