The Rabun Gap Tree House

I was happy to discover the other day that my friends Chester and Steven are allowing others to rent this stunning mountain home on Airbnb...and true to their form, it's quite lovely. This is a one bedroom, one bath modern house nestled deep in the woods of North Georgia. The home was designed by Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam Architects. I can't wait to spend a night or two here...See all 32 pics, here. 



Ashley Woodson Bailey Wallpaper

Be still my heart. This wallpaper makes me take a moment of silence to just be grateful for all that is right with the world. In a creative and savvy move, Georgia based artist, Ashley Woodson Bailey has taken her gorgeous floral photography to a whole new level and I couldn't be happier about it...

Yesterday, Ashley launched her online wallpaper shop with six dark and sensuous floral options. In the right space, this wallpaper can make such a powerful impact. 

It's all just so good. Learn more about Ashley's inaugural wallpaper collection, here. 


Images:     Content: Sweet Peach 



Long Made Co.

The right lighting is vital to adding the right mood and aesthetic to a home. When I came across the work of Long Made Co. out of Houston, Texas the other day, I had to bookmark it to share on Sweet Peach...

Long Made Co. was founded by James and Carissa Long in January 2012, and the pair have quickly amassed an impressive collection of solid brass or steel wall lamps and pendants in their online shop.

The very first lighting fixture James and Carissa designed and sold was this one, the classic scissor lamp. After rave reviews, they had the confidence to expand their line with more styles and looks...all moody and cool. 


Images: Long Made Co.    Content: Sweet Peach



The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

In one of my favorite Bond movies, Skyfall, Daniel Craig traverses the streets of Shanghai adorning a perfectly fitted Billy Reid navy peacoat. Since that film's release, the classicly cool peacoat has been renamed the Bond Peacoat and has garnered quite the following...

This Billy Reid peacoat is rooted in tradition but distinguished by peak lapels, natural buffalo horn buttons and a leather accented under collar. I particularly like the extra hand warmer pockets.

The Bond Peacoat is available in limited numbers each year in four different colors; Navy, Charcoal, Heather Green or Black. As autumn soon approaches, it saddens me as all I can think about is how winter isn't far away (I abhor the cold). Yet, gorgeous outerwear likes this makes it a lot more bearable. Check out the entire menswear collection at Billy Reid, here.


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So Worth Loving...

I could use a hug today so I was happy to be on line this morning and stumble upon this Atlanta based group whose goal is to remind all of us we're So Worth Loving...

An excerpt from their manifesto, "I am worthy of love. I am not defined by my past. I am prepared because of it. While my own voice and others may tell me different, I will lean into the safe people that affirm this way of thinking. When I encourage others to love themselves, I am encouraging them to treat themselves with kindness, patience, respect and all that embodies love." I think I need to get one tee for me and one for every niece and sister. A wearable hug...


Images: So Worth Loving     Content: Sweet Peach



Alyson Fox

A multi talented artist is easy to spot. Alyson Fox of Austin, Texas, spends her time crafting things from paper, fabric, found items, lipstick, ceramics and a plethora of other materials. But that's just what she does with part of her day. With degrees in photography, sculpture and installation art, she never tires of creating, transforming...

Her prints are what caught my eye this week.... a mix of drawings and collage, I love the variation in her pieces which all share some level of playfulness and joy. Delve deeper into Alyson's impressive body of work, here.


Images: Alyson Fox     Content: Sweet Peach 



Ceramic Jewelry, A Sensible Habit

Brandy Schuman always surprises me. She shouldn't, but she does because every shop I go into around Atlanta lately, I seem to run into something made by her. She started with selling her playful rubber stamps and gift tags...another day I saw her cute and colorful, art pieces and greeting cards. Then, just the other day, I saw my friend Sarah wearing this fabulous ceramic necklace. When I asked her who made it, I should have known the answer...Brandy. 

Her necklaces are big and playful and, as made by hand, are also one of a kind. Each is crafted with stoneware clay, painted then glazed. An adjustable leather cord allows you to adjust to the length you desire... 

Of course, as is her style, Brandy can't just make ceramic necklaces, she also crafts pretty ring dishes and holders...spoons too. And why not? Life is more fun when you can mix it up... Just makes me wonder, what artistic creation of hers will I be happily surprised by next. Peruse her entire shop, here.


Images: A Sensible Habit       Content: Sweet Peach



Johnson Benjamin


It's September and the temperatures are starting to drop, there's a breeze back in the air and autumn is moments away. To help prep for the change of season, a new bag is in order. I can't help but have my eye on a couple canvas beauties by Johnson Benjamin in Corinth, Mississippi.

Johnson Benjamin is a small batch production company, with each bag crafted by hand using cotton canvas duck, brass hardware and heavy cotton webbing. There are a plethora of pockets, a canvas lining and adjustable straps. Each one is designed to be a kick around bag, made to be used and abused, joining you on a new adventure...perfect for fall, don't you think? 


Images: Johnson Benjamin    Content: Sweet Peach 




I love a good map, especially one that shares the best spots for tasty, southern barbecue. Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright of Charlotte, North Carolina came up with this fab idea. The Great NC BBQ Map is an impressive undertaking as the well-designed guide features over 400 restaurants, shacks and eateries, and to date, is the most comprehensive BBQ map in the state. 

Amanda and Paul started up their company, EDIA, in the summer of 2014. The name EDIA is an acronym for Every Day Is an Adventure. Their goal is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and create adventure at every turn. 

The map shares important info for any lover of southern BBQ, including whether each locale offers whole hog BBQ or just part of the pig. You'll also learn how the BBQ is prepared and which sauces to expect. And to make your road trip adventure throughout North Carolina even more fun, they created a game pack of puzzles to keep you entertained as you traverse the state, finding your own adventure...seeking out the extraordinary in the ordinary. Perfect plan for the holiday weekend.



Urns & Finials

Catherine Jones goes with the flow. With no formal training, she follows her intuition and lets her art emerge at will, without force or fury. With time, her pieces have evolved into impressive works of art. I particularly love her urns and finials...

Growing up in Albany, Georgia, Catherine now calls Birmingham, Alabama her home. Endlessly influenced by life in the South, Catherine shares, "The South exudes a winning combination of laid back elegance...I am constantly flirting with the fine line of bold simplicity. That contradiction intrigues me to no end and I strive to find the perfect balance between the two." 


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