Kristin Mayfield Meredith

Since blogging about Twine and Twig, I've had a thing for bigger and bolder jewelry pieces that embody a natural aesthetic. So, I was a bit head over heels when I spied the lovely work of Atlanta based artist, Kristin Mayfield Meredith, on Instagram. 

Kristen finds beads and accessories that are both new and vintage, sourced locally or as far east as Africa. Her wooden beads are crafted by a wood turner in Vermont. Such lovely pieces, I can't wait to seek them out here in Atlanta but for the rest of y'all, you can check out all of her current work in the online shop...


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Checking in with Andover Trask...

I always like to check in with Matt Weaver of Andover Trask in Atlanta to see what he's up to. His collection of handsome totes are meticulously made and can only enhance the everyday look of the modern man. 

Matt continues to expand his collection of high quality totes and bags. Each one is made of durable American canvas and leather handles with thought given to both interior and exterior pockets. Like any good manly accessory, the totes embody a classic, timeless design, meant to be used and a bit abused and shown in plain view. Because compliments ensue...


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Pretty Prints

I love a pretty print. Which means I love everything Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. in Winter Park, Florida, creates. These floral prints are some of my favorites as the dark background and her choice of colors are picture perfect. 

Anna's lovely original gouache paintings are now available in cost effective art prints, as these sell for either $24 or $60. A good deal any day of the week but especially on a Friday...enjoy the weekend y'all.


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Wooden Feast Boards

The character of wood never ceases to amaze and intrigue me, which is why I was instantly smitten with these Wooden Feast Boards I spied on Instagram the other day. Made by Woodkith of Atlanta, Georgia, these boards will showcase your best culinary offerings, but truth be told, they look just as good all by their lonesome...  

All of the wood is sourced locally here in the South and each board, made of either black walnut or maple, is handcrafted in Georgia. Learn more about the Woodkith Wooden Feast Boards, here. 


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American Native  

For some reason, I don't own an apron but I'm a tad obsessed with them. They seem fun and stylish and I want one, I'm just not sure what I'd use it for? Perhaps that idea will come after purchase...I'd like to start with one of these please, made by American Native in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Each American Native apron is made with durable Cone Mills 12 oz selvedge denim that will help protect against your next art project or afternoon wood shop session. The aprons all have a wide leather pocket with copper rivets, available in either natural, butterscotch or brown. 

American Native was founded by two brothers, Bobby and Clayton Chamberlain who take great pride in crafting quality goods right here in the USA. See their entire shop, which includes leather bags, belts and wallets, here. 


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Orange is the Sun

Not ready to let go of summer, I love these bracelets handcrafted by Jennifer Wagner of Houston, Texas. The best part is you get to help Jennifer in the design- choosing your favorite mix of colors, vintage closure buttons and the exact size to fit your wrist. They're fun and playful, as summer should be. Design your own, here. 



Leather Goods by Prospector Co...

A few years ago, I blogged about Kyle Hinton's company, Prospector Co., based in Savannah, Georgia. At that point in time, Kyle had a small but stellar collection of grooming goods that exuded high quality and minimal design. So it's nice to see him expand his retail sensibility to now include leather goods for the modern man... 

His carry collection is ever expanding but currently includes eyeglass cases, all purpose pouches and various sized wallets, all made with top grade leather that will age well with time and use. 

Prospector Co. is an amazing enough shop online, yet I can't wait to one day step inside the brick and mortar in Savannah. Based on what Kyle has accomplished so far - expanding his grooming line to now include home goods, clothing and accessories for both men and women, my admiration knows no bounds...


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Little Lux

Ever since I first wrote about Gunner & Lux, a jewelry line started by John Petersen, I've been keeping an eye on what he's designing. At the time of my first blog entry early last year, his then four-year-old daughter, Riley, had started making her own necklaces for herself and friends. They were a mix of vintage jewels and letters. Now, following along on their Instagram feed this past year, I've noticed Riley's side gig become a full time passion. Her very own jewelry line called, Little Lux is now in over 75 shops across the country, including Barneys NYC. Big things are on the horizon for these two gems...

My favorite aspect of Little Lux is how I feel these two actually created their very own trend. Each necklace showcases one thing- whether it's an animal, a person or a thing. The object of attention is oversized yet not overly so. The featured item is allowed to shine, keeping each necklace minimal in design yet with the perfect added touch of color, flair and kid appropriate fun. I just love it...

Although John is there to lend a helping hand and handle the logistics, it's Miss Riley who is at the helm of her own brand. As John shared, "Riley is always coming up with new ideas that we are experimenting with and trying out. She gets lots of ideas from books she reads, antique stores we go to and the many camps she went to over the summer. Some of her ideas work and some don't, but the creative part of sketching and picking colors is where she really gets excited." 

You can see Riley hard at work in the pics above...and it must be amazing for her to be at the forefront of building a very credible and viable business at the spry ol' age of six. I love that her popular Charlie the Cheetah necklace was featured on a recent issue of Babiekins Magazine (modeled here by Marley Battle) As she designs, cuts rope, ties knots, packages, delivers and may I add, writes a Thank You note for every order, she's well on her way to becoming a strong, in trend, in demand, force in the business. How cool is that? Find your favorite Little Lux statement piece, here.


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Checking in with Ashley Woodson Bailey...

I continue my avid love affair with Atlanta based artist, Ashley Woodson Bailey. I aspire to have one of her beautiful large size floral prints hung over my bed will happen. I believe it be. 

In her last series, I was attached to her Magnolia print. In Ashley's most recent work, I am privvy to Michelle- a photograph of a white garden rose that Ashley dedicated to her late friend, Michelle Carey Charba.  

I am still awestruck that all of her work is captured and edited with her iPhone. She amazes and inspires me...Keep up with Ashley's ever expanding floral portfolio, here.


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It's no secret I'm a sucker for a good leather when I saw this shop mentioned in a Garden and Gun tweet yesterday, I had to delve a bit deeper to see what they were all about. 

Turns out, Matine is a line of leather accessories handmade by Carolyn Misterek in Washington D.C. Carolyn has crafted about two dozen pieces to choose from and each one has a minimal, timeless feel with a good pricepoint. 

The Prima Tote is my favorite. I love how it can be a tote one minute and a chic clutch the next. That's my fit exactly. Check out Carolyn's entire leather shop to find your personal favorite, here.


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