The Idyll/Wilde Apron...

Nadene Mairesse and Brandy June Flowers are southern gals with a lot of soul. With a love for textiles and design, the pair were thrilled at an opportunity to create aprons for a local restaurant called Odette in Florence, Alabama. Inspired by the process (and feedback), the friends decided to produce and sell an entire line of aprons. Brandy June handles all sales and merchandising while Nadene is the design guru and creative force behind the brand.  

Nadene has created six options in her online shop, Idyll/Wilde, including the Little Helper for the young, aspiring chefs, and the Gingham Butcher Apron for those that seek a bit of culinary style. 

I'm a fan of the bistro apron, made of flecked gray organic cotton and recycled hemp. Northwest Alabama has miles and miles of cotton fields so it always just feels right when designers are inspired by local materials. Plus, the burgeoning food and design scene has really expanded with Natalie Chanin, Billy Reid and others.

All of Nadene's handmade garments, which include women's and children's clothes, are made from start to finish in her small workshop in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I hope to have a chance to visit one day as I'd love to check out that part of Alabama- just so much creativity happening in that northwest corner of the state. Must be the water or the soil or something southern, stirring and feeding the soul... See the entire Idyll/Wilde shop, here. 


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The Bobo Warehouse Sale

If I encourage you to do one thing this week, let it be a visit to BoBo Intriguing Objects' first ever warehouse sale in Atlanta. Doors open this Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, from 10am-6pm. 

Mark Sage has been in the business of buying vintage and designing antique reproductions for a couple decades now. And his massive 100k square foot, full-of-this-and-that-warehouse, proves it. He's the guy with the dream job, as he travels each month internationally to seek out the unique and unusual in remote villages of Argentina, Poland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Vietnam, India and more. 

As one of the major suppliers to Restoration Hardware, Mark has over 18 fixers around the world that keep an eye out for original pieces to buy or be inspired from. With a close working relationship with dozens of factories internationally, Mark also has an infrastructure and network unlike any other. Up until this Friday, his doors have never been open to the public, only to dealers and designers. So trust me when I say, this is a real treat. 

You'll find thousands of antiques here as well as antique reproductions designed by Mark. Many are one of a kind prototypes he had made but never sold. As his marketing guru, Aysan Balkhanian says, "You can find just about anything in here." 

Lighting is an important part of the BoBo line and you'll see hundreds of original fixtures dangling from the ceilings. 90% of their lighting is made in Poland and materials are usually raw- like driftwood, wine barrels, metal and unfinished wood.  

I particularly liked the hundreds of vintage Belgian school chairs stacked in the back part of the warehouse...

This was my first BoBo purchase- a few stacks of Vietnamese rice bowls dating back to 1886. They were recovered from a sunken ship - how cool is that? Each one has a different shape and coloring. Some lie flat, others are a bit rolly polly. And at just $3 a piece, such a steal...

You can also choose from dozens of deer horns sourced from the Czech Republic...

Aysan, "Mark is the person who finds items where people say, 'Where did you even get that?' He has an eye." 

It's true. You can find anything in here, even Mel Gibson. There will be significant markdowns with prices ranging from a few bucks to over $10,000. Even if you don't buy a thing, it's so much fun just to peruse Mark's diverse and valuable collections, both new and old, sourced or inspired from all over the globe. His dream job turns into our dream afternoon...Here's the flyer, now go check it out! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach



Canopy Studio

I love today's post, as it's a perfect example of how you can add pretty artwork to your home on a budget. These geometric patterns by Kat Webster of Canopy Studio in New Orleans are modern, colorful and super stylish. 

At just $16 a piece, these pieces look great hung by a clip or framed with metal or wood, whatever your desire....

With a masters degree in architecture from Tulane University, Kat has an innate and attuned sense of balance, color and design. Plus, she's in trend. Find all her fabulous geometric prints, here.



The Franklin Bag

Love. That's the only word I can think of when I look at this bag. You can just tell what this gorgeous Horween leather feels like, the smoothness and sturdiness of it. Then, there's the hand stitching and rivets...

Erik Holmberg of J Stark in Charleston, South Carolina is the self taught craftsman behind the Franklin bag. With sheer determination, he's honed his skills and created an online shop that now includes wallets, pocket squares, watch straps, bags and iPad sleeves. 

But it's the Franklin Bag that has stolen my heart. It's beautifully made with such an original feel and design. Love. 


Photos: Erik Holmberg     Content: Sweet Peach



Heartwood Forge

I admire a handcrafted item, skillfully made, that will stand the test of time. These handsome knives, made by Will Manning of Jefferson, Georgia are designed for daily use, to be cared for and passed along to the next generation. 

Will learned the art of woodworking from his dad and found a passion for metal just after high school. He studied his craft at Florida State and SCAD, later working with blacksmiths who would teach him even more. After meeting his girlfriend, he realized his love for being in the kitchen. Together they drew some sketches for a kitchen knife and thought they may be on to something here...

I highly recommend that you watch his video that shows Will's process of making a knife, which is incredibly informative when you have no idea how it's done. It's quickly evident how much labor, focus, experience and patience is needed. 

Will hand stamps each blade with his initials. After all the creating, heating, hammering, refining, I believe he should.  

Recyling is important to Will. He uses only reclaimed lumber from saw mills in the Southern Appalachian region. The edges and angles are refined according to the needs of each knife (or knife owner). 

I love oyster shucking so I naturally love any oyster knife that makes the process easier. Made of carbon steel, this super tough tool is crafted to open even the most stubborn of oysters. Each knife, no matter your preference, is an investment for your kitchen...See the entirety of Will's shop, Heartwood Forge, and learn how you can order your own custom knife, here.


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The Sweet Peach Chambray Shirt

I feel flattered, grateful. That's the best way to describe my reaction to a recent phone call I received from Thomas Wages of TWEEDS, who created a new shirt for women with the Sweet Peach blog in mind. 

Thomas decided to use a peach colored fabric he really liked and create another version of his popular The Guy Shirt for women, which he released this summer. This shirt, named The Sweet Peach Chambray, is 100% cotton, made in the USA with a tailored fit and elbow patches. It's a very limited run of shirts available in store only. 

Shanna Kenyon of nearby Crafted Westside (one of my favorite new shops) was gracious enough to model the shirt for us and she quickly fell head over heels for it. It's stylish, cozy and just an all around fabulous shirt, if I do say so myself. 

The Sweet Peach Chambray joins the other Guy Shirts for women which TWEEDS recently launched to much fanfare and adulation (this photo via Southern Living). These gorgeous ginghams- in blue, navy, pink or red are available in store and online. Thank you Thomas, I'm flattered, grateful. I like it when you're inspired...


Photos: Sweet Peach; Final photo: Robbie Canponeto for Southern Living     Content: Sweet Peach


Far Fetched

Far Fetched is a good name for a shop that sources its goods from around the world. Based in Clifton, Texas, this brick and mortar (and online shop) caters to those who crave a bit of unexpected style...

Melissa Johnson is the owner of Far Fetched and she has an impeccable eye for uncommon yet tasteful home goods. Each beautifully designed piece seems to evoke a question or comment- they're conversation starters in the best way possible. 

In Melissa's shop, you'll find furniture, jewelry, home goods, men and baby gifts. I particularly love all the textiles sourced from Peru, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. 

This weekender canvas and leather bag is an attractive, functional bag to own, while the canvas storage baskets have a cool, original look that are perfect for pretty storage. Melissa also offers a monthly goodie box for $22 which I suspect is really good... No matter where you are in the world, see the entire Far Fetched shop, here.


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A Herringbone Floor...

Adding to my long list of desires for a future, unknown home, is creating at least one room with herringbone floors. My love runs deep... 

Herringbone is often confused with chevron. In a chevron pattern, the wood blocks meet point to point in an unbroken zigzag. With herringbone patterns, the wood blocks finish perpendicular to each other, creating a broken zigzag. Both are incredibly charming, just need to pick a favorite. 

If you're extremely lucky, you'll find a room with herringbone flooring but more than likely, you'll need to create them yourself. I like this DIY video from This Old House but be forewarned, this is not for the builder with an attention disorder and a disgust for math. This is a tedious process that takes motivation and patience to finish. There isn't room for mistakes on these floors but if you do try it on your own, you'll have a bad ass floor to cherish and admire and show off. Guaranteed. 


Photos:;; Remodelista;; The Tory Blog;;     Content: Sweet Peach


Royal Highnies

Every year, I always seem to find a few products that quickly become my favorite holiday gifts. You may remember Midnight Moon Moonshine, The Mason Shaker, HollyBeth's Organics skincare, Otis James ties, Emily G's Jams, Loyal Stricklin mugs. Now it's a new love...Royal Highnies.

LeighAnn Yates and Allison Moore of Flinstone, Georgia are the savvy women behind this luxurious brand. After making boxers for a few friends out of a super soft fabric they both fell in love with, their small idea suddenly became a big idea...and the boxers were in high demand. 

So next, Allison and LeighAnn decided on a fun, catchy name, Royal Highnies (the perfect home for the family jewels) and sold their boxers in a men's store in Texas. Just a handful of years later, they're in over 340 retail locations across the country. 

Hence, their luxury line has expanded to include bathrobes, tops, bottoms, gowns, tank tops for both men and women, plus some Tiny Highnies for the boys. 

Although I do have a few people in mind to receive these as Christmas gifts, I may first buy these silky lounge pants for myself. After feeling the fabric firsthand (at Tweeds in Atlanta) I just can't stop thinking about them. I want to lounge in them, sleep in them, blog in them, do as much as I possibly can in them...

Their infamous fabric is 400 count pima cotton (with virtually no shrinkage). It's loungewear that just makes you feel really good. That's always a good thing and personally, I think y'all deserve a pair. Find your Royal Highnies, here. 


Photos: Royal Highnies      Content: Sweet Peach


Muscle Shoals

I drove up to my parents home in Greenville, South Carolina for the weekend and in my downtime, decided to watch a documentary I had heard a lot about on my last job. Muscle Shoals is about this small town in northwest Alabama that churned out some amazing music beginning in the 1960's, that propelled the careers of Etta James, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so many more. It's beautfully produced and incredible to see what this group of country guys were able to pull off together in this tiny town of just 8000. Plus, it's a good way to enjoy a little downtime yourself this holiday. See the trailer, here.  


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