Sweet Peach Guide: WALLPAPER

If I can encourage just one behavior for 2013, it would be to wallpaper one room in your home. I've done three walls in mine and I have to restrain myself from doing more. As my friends always ask me for links, I realized I should also share them with all of you. The above is Astrophobia, by Filthy Home. I've compiled a list of shops   currently on my radar. Although far from complete, it's a good place to start... 

Graham & Brown, Memento; Miss Print, Saplings, Joy D. Cho for Hygge & West, Petal Pusher; Miss Print, Dandelion Mobile; Graham & Brown, Soprano; Kimberly Lewis, Striped. 


Mr. Perswall, Artist Milano; Osborne & Little, Maharani; Nama Rococo, Little Butterfly Loop; Graham & Brown, Romance; Miss Print, Cotton Tree.


Walnut Wallpaper, Laburnum;  Graham & Brown, Spirit; Hemingway Design, Vintage; 5qm, Tapete 919, 817, 894; Anna French, Bouquet. 


Scandinavian Surface, Moose Memory; Paper Mills, Little Havana; Rachel J Powell, Woodstock; Miss Print, Little Trees; Osborne & Little, Dufy Leaf; Walnut Wallpaper, Zig Zag; Roddy & Ginger, Logpile. 


It's amazing how many great textures are now available as wallpapers. If you've always wanted that brick wall, spackled concrete or worn patina, well now you got it. From top left ; Mr. Perswall, Wallpainting; Concrete Wall, #4; Mr. Perswall, New York Memories; Twenty2, Sisal Grasscloth in toasty straw and deep brown; Mr. Perswall, Concrete; Graham & Brown, Squares *You can paint inside these squares; Osborne & Little, Canestra; Graham & Brown, Fallon


Designer's Guild, Saraille; Mr. Perswall, Secret Cities; Madison and Grow, Maggie in Red Boat House; Bholu, Nimboo; Mr. Perswall, Writer's Thinking in Ink; Mr. Perswall, Brooklyn;  Osborne & Little, Best in Show; Ferm Living, Feather. Jimmy Cricket, Porcelain; Filthy Home, Dick Picnic.

 Mr. Perswall, Osborne & Little, Graham & Brown, Ferm Living, Filthy Home, Designer's Guild, Kimberly Lewis, Miss Print, Twenty2, Walnut Wallpaper, 5qm, Hemingway Design, Hygge & West, Rachel J Powell, Paper Mills, Bholu, Madison and Grow, Anna French, Roddy & Ginger, Jimmy Cricket, Nama Rococo.



B. Inspired: What oh What Shall I Repurpose? 

The one thing I really miss about being Bryce's neighbor is the many trips we would take to go find stuff. When I was visiting him over the holidays in Hermosa Beach, we got to take one of those trips. This time, it was to a beach house about to be torn down. The owner told Bryce to go in and take whatever he wanted. So, what oh what shall he repurpose? 

One of his first finds was just this basic drawer. He realized quickly that it could make a great shelf. Funny enough, when we checked out the back bathroom, we found these glass slats in the window and wondered if they'd fit the drawer. In typical Bryce fashion, they fit perfectly...

The drawer was in good shape so while I conditioned it with Feed-N-Wax, Bryce cut a piece of scrap wood he had on hand to hold the shelf up. (These were loosely secured so you can take the shelf out if desired) 

And voila, it was that easy.

Not only is this a low cost option for a shelf, it has a charming tale to tell. I think you need to have at least one item in each room that tells a story. Thanks for the inspiration Bryce. Hope you're inspired too...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


Raw Cotton

My new obsession is raw cotton stalks. Native to many regions of the South, the large stalks look amazing in a vase atop a table or mantle. Plus, without an expiration date, they will last and last...

Cotton grows throughout the world but here in the US, you can find them growing in the Cotton Belt, which includes Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Florida. Cotton requires long periods of warm weather, water and fertile soil for optimum growth. 

The stalks look great cut for mason jars or placed directly on your table setting, as Beth Lord did when she recently created a winter solstice table. 

For a gathered bouquet, try adding some raw cotton for a light and pretty texture. They have a unique Southern charm, don't they? Try your local farmer's markets or florists to buy your own cotton stalks. Or the Etsy shop, Pattie's Passion from Florida sells individual stalks for $9 each. I found mine at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.


Photos:;;; Etsy shop: Tall Cotton n Peas;;;    Content: Sweet Peach


Rooms to Inspire You for the New Year

The best part about January is the feeling of starting over, to put the past behind and move forward with new projects and goals. I want to change a few rooms in my house and these pics I've collected over the last couple of months have offered me lots of inspiration. I hope they do the same for you...

In my next home, I dream of lots of natural light. If I were to be so lucky, I'd have a couch with colorful pillows just like this one...

The older I get, the more I like pink. It looks amazing against white or brown and makes such a fun, feminine statement.  

Ah, white wooden floors. Another item on my inspiration board... I dream, I dream, so someday, it will be. 


Photos: Desire to Inspire, Apartment Therapy,, Decor8,, Decorology,   Content: Sweet Peach


Cardinal Cotton + Old Try

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were restful and rejuvenating. I was quite content to spend it near the beach and take a nice break from it all. To start things back up for 2013, I thought I'd begin with two wonderful companies that care deeply about the great American South, Cardinal Cotton and Old Try. 

Cardinal Cotton was created by brothers John and Dave Peele. Their cotton t-shirts are super cozy with that broken-in feel and effortless style. All images are drawn by hand and printed in North Carolina, where they both were born and raised.

Old Try was created by Southerners, Micah and Marianna Whitson. You may know them from their amazing letterpress prints, but what they also do are t-shirts. The designs are made from inked up letterpress type that is hand set and scanned. Please do peruse, there's a t-shirt for every Southerner...

Including this graphically cool Alabama tee, which would be a good shirt to wear today to support Alabama in tonight's BCS Championship game against Notre Dame. 

Micah and Marianna connect people to places. They help us remember and celebrate locales from the South that we love. I'm grateful for their efforts, as well as to John and David for their deep appreciation of North Carolina. Through their eyes, through their efforts, we can better appreciate the South too. (Go 'Bama! ...) 


Photos: Cardinal Cotton & Old Try    Content: Sweet Peach


R & R...


Merry Christmas! 

This Christmas, I'm at my good friend Bryce's home in Hermosa Beach, California, where we used to be neighbors. I love his orange wall that he just finished...

He was inspired by a trip we took a couple years ago to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Made of a couple hundred slats of wood, the wall is perfect for hanging anything you desire. 

Bryce cut, sanded and placed these slats over a white wall and window that desperately needed a facelift. The natural light can still filter in during the day and by choosing the orange paint, it gives the room a bold look that completely transforms and uplifts the space.

It's a festive Christmas this year at the beach. I'll try and add a few pics throughout the day. Enjoy your holiday. Much love to all...



Cocktails that taste like Christmas...

Mixologist, Jason Kemp from The Family Dog in Atlanta was nice enough to concoct some tasty holiday drinks for Sweet Peach. The amazing thing was how much they tasted like Christmas. That can be attributed to the Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur, an all natural liqueur traditional to the Alps. It gets its pine floral aroma and mildly sweet flavor from freshly picked fruit off the Swiss Pine tree. A bottle of Zirbenz is a great holiday gift because it's unexpected and so so good... 


Jason's second creation was a celebratory one, made with Chambord, sparkling wine, Zirbenz and ginger liqueur...

Champagne in a can is just fun. Jason chose this Francis Ford Coppola variation which makes this next holiday cocktail quite tasty, bubbly and festive. Plus, it's an excellent hostess gift. ($20 for a 4/pack) Thanks Jason! 


The Christmas Table 

As the annual Christmas dinner is a celebratory occasion shared with our immediate and extended families, Beth from the indie-pendent wanted to share some of her ideas for a festive table that's nostalgic, playful and kid friendly. 

Christmas is an excellent time to decorate with your favorite hand-me-downs. Beth added these wonderful animal ornaments handmade by her great aunt. As she shared, "I think it's important to bring back ornaments and have the memories from childhood." (I smile at this thought, as my mom recently informed me and my siblings that she gave all of her vintage ornaments to the cleaning lady. Sigh...)

The napkins were cut from a piece of vintage fabric Beth had in her workshop and the tablecloth is a painter's drop cloth you can buy for cheap at Home Depot. The white plates and mugs are handmade by Tourne and the gorgeously textured plates are handcrafted by Brigitte Bouquet. Play with the different colored dishware you have as noncomfority makes things interesting...

The centerpiece is made of her grandmother's vintage ornaments, using just a dinner plate and glass dome. The bottlebrush trees work great here too, adding color, height and that feeling of Christmas.

Beth decided to decorate the ends of the table with a garland of cranberries. This is quick and easy to do and is a great way to include the kids in the decorating process. 

Now this is a dinner table that starts with a big smile. I hope this offers a little inspiration for your holiday get togethers...thank you Beth! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


The Winter Solstice Table 

Tomorrow, on December 21, the sun shines directly over the tropic of Capricorn, making it the shortest and the longest night of the year. Winter solstice is an opportunity to honor this time of rest before the rebirth of spring and the return of light. It's the perfect time to reflect and set intentions for the New Year. If you're in the mood to celebrate new beginnings and to be a bit creative, I'd love to inspire you to set your own winter solstice table tomorrow...

My friend, Beth Lord of the indie-pendent came up with this idea and shared her own version which included a mix of what she had on hand and outside the front door. This is a fun table to put together and one that kids can play an active role in. Everyone go outside- find pretty pods, stems, pine cones, pieces of wood for the centerpiece. Let your imagination run wild. 

Beth used glass globes she had for the centerpieces, which she then filled with raw cotton, dried eucalyptus, bottlebrush trees, fake snow and pine cones. I love the added touch and texture of the Spanish moss along the center of the table. She used a simple painter's dropcloth for the tablecloth and burlap runners to add texture. A grapevine wreath hangs from the ceiling. Beth and I secured little mason jars atop the wreath, filled with white beans and tea lights. 

I love how Beth used raw cotton stalks as decorative pieces next to the silverware. You could also use acorns from your backyard, pieces of driftwood or shells from a nearby beach...whatever is in your outdoor world can be brought in to celebrate this unique day of the year. 

Candles make a nighttime dinner table cozy and warm, and on this night, they also remind us of the return of light in the coming spring. It's a nice idea to set intentions or goals for the New Year here, which could become a fun, yearly ritual. Be creative and let the lights shine on...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach