The Airport Code

City pride takes various forms, but lately I've noticed love via airport code. These tees, via Pilot & Capt., have great design and superior comfort. Made of a special poly-blend, they feel lived in the moment you put 'em on...

And CJ Adams and Ben Lancaster of Alabama based shop, Aviate, produce bold hats with airport codes. Both the hats and tees are created with the well traveled, adventurous ones in mind who can't help but feel a bit of city pride...


Images: Pilot and Capt., Aviate      Content: Sweet Peach



Playing Cards by Karla Pruitt

I was lucky enough to hear from one of my favorite artist's recently, Karla Pruitt of Athens, Georgia. The last time I featured Karla on Sweet Peach, we shared her gorgeous wallpaper and art prints. So I was smiling ear to ear when I saw her latest creative endeavor...playing cards. 

Karla designed her first card set from a few of her prior patterns for a beach trip but after receiving much fanfare, she realized the retail potential. Karla, "The biggest challenge was finding the time to draw out all the numbers and characters. It's almost like creating 52 little pieces of artwork." 

I love it when an artist finds their niche in the market place. I've never had a set of beautifully designed playing cards and I can't wait to order some. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Karla raised enough money to design two different packs that incorporate original hand painted patterns and illustrations. 

These Windsor Playing Cards showcase the loveliest floral pattern while featuring a regal queen, king, jack and some mischievous corgi joikers. 

Her second option is just as eye catching and fun. The Islet Playing Cards are comprised of queen flamingos, seagull jokers and king alligators. The remainder of cards show off more of Karla's illustrative skills as the back of the deck is covered in banana leaf prints and colorful geometric designs that happily remind me of my favorite vacation spot- anywhere tropical. 

I just can't love them enough. Karla's cards are so beautifully done and what an inspiration it is to have an idea, fund it on Kickstarter and then produce them for all the world to see. To add a pretty card pack to your purse or coffee table, just click here. And thank you so much for sharing with Sweet Peach Karla! It just makes me wonder... what's next? 


Images: Karla Pruitt    Content: Sweet Peach


LG Dunston

In 2010, Florida artist, LG Dunston, discovered the traditional Japanese printmaking technique of gyotaku. (gyo: fish + taku: rubbing) The technique was first used in the mid 1800's by fishermen who coated their catches with Sumi ink then pressed the fish against rice paper to accurately document their size. It's a meticulous process but when done with patience and extreme care, it's also an exquisite art form...

As LG shared, "I am drawn to the raw, unconventional beauty that exists within an animal after it has taken its last breath." She carefully examines each sea creature to be sure to capture any distinct markings, brilliant colors, fin structure (or missing fins that document any battles fought at sea), as well as any unique facial features. 

Each finished piece tells a unique and layered story about that creature's life in the sea. It's a fascinating process and one I'd love to see in person someday... Check out LG's impressive body of work, here.


Images:  LG Dunston; Oysters and Pearls blog     Content: Sweet Peach 




With an affinity for mid century design, I have nothing but love for the Modbox. It started as a Kickstarter project by Raleigh, North Carolina resident, Greg Kelly. He quickly and impressively raised over $75,000 and his vision for a well designed mailbox reminiscent of the 50's and 60's came to be...

After Greg purchased and renovated a mid century abode, he realized there was a real need in the market for retro style mailboxes. He researched old catalogs and publications to construct a template for his version that not only represented the era well but was pleasing to the eye. 

The Kickstarter campaign allowed Greg to produce an impressive collection, each one painted in an Eichler exterior accent color. The Modboxes are made in Knightdale, NC from 20 gauge cole rolled steel, powder coated inside and out. Super stylish and built to last. 


Images: Modbox USA     Content: Sweet Peach


Spartan Shop

This tote tells a tale. It's classic, cool and beautifully designed. It's actually the perfect representation of all the gorgeous goods you'll find inside Spartan Shop of Austin, Texas.   

Owner, Currie Person wanted Spartan to be a space to share the things she loves. Lucky for us, that meant stocking her shelves with stunning ceramics made by talented artisans like Kati Von Lehman and Mirena Kim.

And then, there's the weak spot. I'm head over heels for each and every one of these beauties. What I love too is I haven't seen any of these bags before. A meticulously curated shop is my favorite kind...

When you're in the mood to buy something unique and pretty for your home, head to Spartan in Austin, or just peruse their online shop, here. There are hundreds of great finds including clothing, jewelry, books, bath products and items for the kids. All with a good tale to tell...


Images: Spartan Shop       Content: Sweet Peach 



Passport Please...

It's a tad hard to write today as it means my trip to Bali has come to an end. I returned over the weekend and can't help but crave a return to that blue gray ocean and waking up to the sweet scents of, all the Balinese people I met along my path who shared such extraordinary kindness and joy of spirit. I am grateful for all of it, as well as the chance to stamp my passport again...which got me thinking of a good Manly Monday post for today...

Amina Munster of Teague, Texas launched a leather company in 2006 and she has been perfecting her craft ever since. The characteristic sunburst leather stain is one she has become known for and the process took eight years to get just right...

I love the worn look of this stain and the great thing is Amina offers custom passport covers with either monograms, logos, personal drawings or short sayings so the cover can really speak to the individuality of its owner. As a passport is something to covet and take good care of, it's only right to treat it to a handsome, handmade leather case. See all the options, here. 


Images: Exsect    Content: Sweet Peach 



Spring Break...

I have a two week break before I start my next tv gig, so I'm heading east, far east for some much needed r & r. I was compiling a few blog posts but I think this time, it'll be best for me to leave my laptop at home and disengage for a bit...

I'll be in Bali for the first time so if anyone has any suggestions on places to go, things to see, restaurants or shops to try, please leave a comment here. I have a few hotels booked but I'm leaving quite a few days open to just see where each day takes me. Although I won't be blogging, I can't give up Instagram, so you can follow my Indonesian finds and daily wanderings here. I'll also be doing a giveaway or two of some Bali finds with Instagram followers. I shall return the first of June for an all new Manly Monday. See you then, enjoy the rest of Spring y'all...



The sweetest birdhouse...

In Star, Mississippi, you'll find some crafty craftsman making the sweetest birdhouses. When I saw this one, the Bluebird Bunkhouse, I knew I needed it for my backyard to attract one of my favorite songbirds. As bluebirds have suffered a decline in the US, small efforts like this can make a real difference.

My friend Bob helped me place my blue bunkhouse securely in the yard and he kindly brought over some wood shavings to start a nest. Then I waited... It took about a month but then, just like that, a nest was born. It appears to belong to a catbird which makes just as lovely a song...It's okay, I get it. Finders keepers. Welcome to your new home catbird. 

As if the Bluebird Bunkhouse wasn't sweet enough, there are dozens and dozens of fabulously designed birdhouses for all kinds of wrens, chickadees and songbirds in the Heartwood shop. They all came to be because of two Mississippi brothers, Larry and Jerry Glass. Their innovative eye for aviary home design has quickly caught the eye of many and now, stylish birdhouses have taken residence in thousands of backyards across the nation.

My other two favorites include this Lady Bug Loft and the S.S. Birdsong- so perfect for a beach house. And if that's not enough, check out Larry and Jerry's bird feeders, butterfly houses, bat houses and even beekeeping equipment. It's all right here.


Images: Sweet Peach blog and



Yield Design Co.

Good design just takes a second to spot. Like when you click on a link to Yield Design Co. based in St. Augustine, Florida, it's just an instant before you realize this is a shop to stop and meander in...

The shop contains a few dozen of beautifully designed pieces for the home and person. I can't help but eye the leather and steel cup set as I've had quite a few instances as of late where these would of really come in handy...

These affordable, rugged and chic bags are made of water resistant duck canvas. I love their sleek, minimal style, which is a signature for all Yield Design products, including the handsome canvas and leather apron, above. 

Yield Design Co. began in 2012 by Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming. Their union is obviously a destined one because what they've been able to design, manufacture and accomplish in less than three years is quite extraordinary. As they share on their site, "We bear a responsibilty to create timeless pieces that last. Buy for keeps or please do not buy at all." Count me in for buying for keeps...


Images: Yield Design Co.   Content: Sweet Peach 




I'm a fan of any retail on wheels, particularly one as sweet as this. According to its founder, Ayla Gurganus, Soulflowers is "a floral cart striving to pedal petals with purpose- the purpose being to cultivate community while adding a bit of sunshine to someone's day."

Ayla's purpose began with an old tricycle, gifted to her by a close friend. It needed some TLC  but she fixed it up with a new paint job and accessories, then designed the pure white, modern cart that her husband subsequently built. 

Based in Atlanta, Ayla is springing up throughout the city with her pre made bouquets both large and small in tow. Her current arrangements range from fresh cut ranunculus and peonies to a wildflower mix. I absolutely love this flower cart and will be an enthusiastic customer first chance I get. To find out where Ayla is pedaling petals to next, just follow her on Instagram, here. 


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