Gunmetal Gray

When I scan through Instagram, I take time to like pics here and there but I love that moment when a picture stops me in my tracks and urges me investigate a bit further- like I did yesterday when Handmade Studio TN posted a pic of their new ceramic dishware in gunmetal gray. Oh my...another set of dishes I didn't realize I needed in my life. Sigh...

Morgan Williamson is one of my favorite Southern artists. I love following her work and her continued inspiration to craft innovative, pretty wares. The gunmetal dish pieces are all individually shaped by hand and glazed with a smooth satin finish. 

Just click here to see all of Morgan's ceramic pieces for the table and the home, which include bowls, boards, mugs and pots... and my personal favorite, the Chamberlin Platter. 


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Checking in with Honeycomb Studio...

I'm having lunch with Courtney from Honeycomb Studio today so it gave me the urge to check in with her online shop. And I'm so happy I did...

It's hard to pick a favorite but it's important to note, whichever home decor item of Courtney's you pick, it will have a modern flair and a lovely, timeless quality. It's like the perfect go-to gift too, as I can't think of one girlfriend of mine who would not love one of these pretty porcelain pieces in their home.  

This textured bowl with a gold rim is a personal favorite. Rough and patterned on the outside, smooth on the inside with the prettiest accent. I'll be checking out Court's new studio today so look out for a pic or two on Instagram. In the meantime, peruse and admire her current collections, here.


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The Sara Lee Parker Pouch

Ever since I first blogged about Sara Lee Parker's adorable napkins and tea towels, I've been an avid fan. So I loved receiving an email from her last week showcasing a new item in her repertoire... pouches. 

Sara resides in Athens, Georgia with her husband Simon, where together they screen print her fabric designs. These cute pouches, all individually lined in complementary fabric, are made from their off-cuts so every one has its own unique look. 

The prices are good too. This small chicken pouch is $15, the larger fabric pouches featured above are $28. Check out Sara's site to see her expanding textile collection, which includes table runners, cards, prints, aprons and buckets. 


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The Good Union

As the need for locally made products increases, so too is the desire to capture the spirit of an older America. At The Good Union, based in Carrollton, Texas, each product is inspired by the blue collar American worker and recaptures the desire and care for quality materials and craftsmanship.  

I can't help but love their hand-letterpress tees that are all individually hand stamped using 1940's vintage wood type blocks. Each one may vary slightly from the next in terms of coloring and 

As The Good Union crew continues to expand their wares, I'm happy to see these next two items in their collection. The Woodsy hand soap has a clean ourdoorsy smell with a hint of musky wood. I want to try... Then the Industrial Stone Necklace is made from authentic Petoskey stone. See all their fine, American made, manly items here. 


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Leccare Lollipops

It's Friday and I want a lollipop...but only one as tasty and adorable as this one. It's the Birthday Cake lollipop and it tastes like birthday cake with a pinch of cinnamon. But if that doesn't appease, Kimberly Hadlock of Athens, Georgia offers 32 other flavors like Cherry Basil, Salted Caramel, Pear Ginger or Raspberry Lemon Cream.   Yes, please. 

I love how inviting and layered each and every pop looks. Her pretty heart shaped pop (also available in a diamond shape) is Rose & Honey, made of rose water, Georgia mountain honey and fresh ground rose petals. 

I think my heart belongs here though...with fluffy marshmallows and lavender. The pops are well priced (12 of this flavor for $14) and all pops can be made larger, have custom labels or be made for large events such as birthdays or weddings. As Kimberly gains fans, she also continues to expand her selection to over 200 pops that are either sweet, fruity, spicy or savory. As two of my nieces head to college this fall, I think these will be inside their first care package. Pick your favorites, here. 


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The Suite One Studio Ring Dish

I tend to bookmark a lot of home decor images and artist profiles from around the South and I have to say, the most common item I bookmark is ceramics. There is so much incredible work in this field these days, I can never get enough of it... the work of one of my favorite Southern artists, Lindsay Emery of Greensboro, North Carolina. Besides her gorgeous dishware, cheeseboards and platters, which I've blogged about before, I'm in love with her little ring dishes, all rimmed in gold.  

Lindsay lets creativity reign as she shapes each dish by hand and adds swirls and splatters of watercolor, making each piece a one-of-a-kind. At just $30 a piece, it's a lovely little ring dish to gift yourself or a friend...just because. 


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Miranda Bennett

If I could be more carefree with cash, I think I'd have a closet full of textiles. I place the blame on artists like Miranda Bennett of Austin, Texas...

Miranda's fabrics are created in small batches and are all naturally dyed. The textiles are meant to be functional, worn day or night. 

Miranda also dabbles in fashion, as she should. Her lovely pieces are simple and classic, with a care for Grecian draping and luxe fabrications. See her entire collection of apparel and textiles, here. 


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An Alabama Dwelling

Ever since I blogged about the old schoolhouse in Atlanta, that was converted into a handful of jaw dropping lofts, I've been a bit fascinated with big brick buildings. This one in Auburn, Alabama, owned by architect David Hill and his wife Elizabeth, was built in 1920 and after a series of renovations, is as cool as it gets...

What's great is David and Elizabeth love to thrift shop. They stay away from antique shops and instead prefer second hand, junk shops and dumpster diving. The end tables found throughout the house are a mix of old card catalogues...

My favorite thing I read about this home, recently featured in Dwell, is Elizabeth's rule for the family. Anyone can buy a chair, anytime, but it just has to be under $10. Its made for some fun hunting and stellar finds. Love that...

As David shared, "There is something so good about living in the South: the culture, the innovation, the values, the thrift." See more pics of their Alabama dwelling, here.


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Guys and Gadgets

Guys love their gadgetry but, as can often be the case, they don't always put much thought into their protective covers- at least not stylistically. Thankfully, Noah Marion of Austin, Texas has stepped in to add classic, masculine design to the tech world. Since 2006, he's been crafting slim, functional leather holders for lots of manly goods and gadgetry.

Noah relies on and prefers working with untreated, undyed natural vegetable tanned leather. Each piece is meant to patina to a darker brown as time passes on by...

Every time I check Noah's site, I see a new piece added to his collection. He's an artist to watch and bookmark. And if you're lucky to be in Austin anytime soon, I'd head on over to his brick and mortar shop for a visit. 


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Kristen Ashley Artist Shop

When Rinne Allen and Kristen Bach took me around Athens earlier this year to scout possible Sweet Spots, one of my favorites was a new business that had recently opened called, The Kristen Ashley Artist Shop. 

For any lover of a blank page and a tin of markers, you'll understand this instant love affair I had the moment I stepped inside. The space is bright and colorful with lots of spots to peruse and shop or even take a seat and work on your own creative project. 

They've begun a series of art exhibitions in the space and this one is called Artists for Animals. Local artists have donated their animal inspired art and people can buy the originals or prints, with all proceeds going to animal related charities. This exhibit is on display until August 8th. How sweet is that? 

Located downtown on the top floor of what used to be an apartment, the shop is a compilation of open, inviting rooms used for selling art, supplies or as a workshop and rental space. I got a little distracted by all this pretty ribbon. To be expected...

One of my favorite offerings at this shop, that I would use all the time if I lived in Athens, is the Photo Room rental. You know how hard it is to make a pure white background for your product? I shoot as close as I can and then always fix the picture in photoshop. At Kristen's spot, she has graciously set up a photo box with the white walls, lights, umbrellas and tripod already in place. Best part- it's only $10 an hour. 

You'll notice some signature lettering when you walk inside the shop. These items are made by hand by Kristen herself. Her sweet notebooks, cards and collections of stationery make a great gift for a friend or yourself. They are all sweetly made and colorful and just make you happy... If you're heading to Athens soon, be sure to peek in and take a gander. All the details, here.


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