Happy Labor Day...

Colorful village, by Annasee


Sweet Peach on Instagram

While on a recent trip out west, my nieces gave me some much needed encouragement to set up an Instagram account. I had been avoiding it, as it was just one more thing to create and manage. But they persisted and I gave in. Now I can't stop taking pics or perusing the incredible images posted from around the world. It's just such a fun way to communicate as I'm always thinking in pictures anyway...

So thank you Kristen and Cassie, I wouldn't have done it without you! To follow Sweet Peach on Instagram, just click on the images above or on our new follow sweet peach on instagram icon to the right. And let's follow each other...



My Etsy Favorites

Over the last couple of years, I've marked my favorites on Etsy- just as a reminder to myself of items I may want to buy someday or share with others. They are from artists throughout the US and abroad. As I add favorites almost daily, I realized I may as well share them with all of you. Just click on the pics above or on our new follow sweet peach on etsy icon to the right. Enjoy perusing....and happy holiday weekend! 



Himalayan Trading Post

A couple days ago, I finally made it over to Himalayan Trading Post in Decatur, Georgia. They make incredible candles in some beautiful, reusable vessels and containers. I've known about the owner, Julia Leaphart for the past year and have been looking forward to meeting her in person....

As her candles are now sold in over 1200 stores nationwide, you may have seen them before. All the reusable containers come via India, where Julia grew up. (She's half English/half Indian) Now residing here in Georgia, she began the line as a way of reconnecting to her roots. 

It all began back in 2004 when Julia bought some wax and a book on candlemaking. She poured the wax in traditional wooden containers from India, like this one above, and sold them at a local Atlanta antique market. The candles sold out almost immediately. No one was doing what she just did. Most candles, up until then, weren't made in anything other than a glass container. She had found her niche. 

From making candles in her kitchen to an ever growing factory in Decatur, Julia is encouraged by all the support and enthusiasm surrounding her unique candles. She now works with half a dozen small manufacturers in India to constantly create new and interesting containers- like her version of an old spice pot or antique powder puff. 

All of the candles are hand poured in small batches. She just recently increased the fragrance oil to wax ratio to 9%, which increases the aromatic experience. I didn't realize that the fragrance oil is the most expensive part of the equation, but I also hadn't really though about it before...

Julia also has the fun job of coming up with new incredible aromas. My personal favorites are the Bourbon Vanilla, Campfire and the Mistletoe -which smells just like Christmas. For the autumn, Julia recommends Cinnamon Tree, Mountain Forest or her best seller, Ginger Patchouli. The great thing is, there is no bad decision. This is my new favorite hostess, love, love. See more of her scrumptious candles, here. 


Photos: Himalayan Trading Post, Sweet Peach       Content: Sweet Peach


B. Inspired: The Love Table 

On my last visit with Bryce, I found him one morning in his workshop alley with a bunch of wood and some tools. No surprise there. He was working on a new table to be sold at his Hermosa Beach shop, Curious. The table, as he shared, would be "distressed and loved." 

Bryce showed me his version of how to distress a table. You can use anything and everything, as he demonstrated with a chisel, large holed drill bit and galvanized steel pipe from his workshop. He made little marks, indents, bruises...

When Bryce makes furniture, he has this habit of carving out one word using a hammer and screwdriver. Sometimes he tells the person who buys it, sometimes he keeps it a secret, so they can discover it on their own. For this table he chose the word Love. And perhaps my favorite lesson Bryce has taught me is that you don't ever have to be perfect. If you don't make beautfiully carved letters, who cares? It's the intention behind it that counts and besides, the imperfections are the good stuff.  

Next, he added a coat of Briwax in dark brown.   

After waiting a bit, Bryce then distressed the table even further by scraping off some of the Briwax. And the love came shining through.... Thanks for the inspiration Bryce!


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


The Dallas Neighborhood Map

Yesterday, my friend Bradley sent me a link to a Dallas based artist he thought I may like. His name is David Anthony Harman and along with having a great eye for design, he makes maps. Of course I like him. 

David is a Dallas, Texas native and loves his home city through and through. And since love and passion go hand in hand, David decided to take his lifelong knowledge of the city and create a map of all the neighborhoods  (over 160) that are 'intown' or located within the squiggly square known as Loop 12.

The Dallas Neighborhood Map took David 6 months of intensive research to complete. Important collaborations with locals, friends and institutions, such as Preservation Dallas, helped him bring this vibrant and varied city to life- on paper. No easy task...

David, "I made this map for all those folks out there who love this city as much as I do." Learn more about David's screen-printed, Dallas Neighborhood Map, offered in six different color combos, here. 


Photos:      Content: Sweet Peach


Calm and Subdued...

I'm in a calm and subdued mood today so I'll let the pictures do the talking...


Photos: Decor8; Vogue; Apartment Therapy, Perjansson;;; Design Sponge;        Content: Sweet Peach


The Great American Flask

The Jacob Bromwell company of Chattanooga, Tennessee has a storied past. Established in 1819, the company crafted tin cups, popcorn poppers and frying pans for those adventurous souls traveling west. Almost 200 years later, it's still going strong. This copper flask is hand soldered from pure copper, based on the original design way back when. It's as authentic as it gets, which perhaps explains its reputation as The Great American Flask.

As they share on their site, "Our historically correct design is as old as bourbon itself, and acccurate right down to the American Birch stopper." The classic, manly flask has a lifetime guarantee. As it's resistant to corrosion and rust, it can be polished to maintain its beauty and shine or left to age gracefully... 

Winter Session, based in Denver, Colorado has crafted a handsome, hand-stitched cover for the Bromwell copper flask. Utilizing high quality Horween leather and Irish waxed linen thread, it's offered in Chestnut Dublin or Burgundy Dublin. The Jacob Browmell flask is a gift with a good story to tell. My favorite kind...


Photos: Jacob Bromwell, Winter Session      Content: Sweet Peach



Ice Cream Cupcake

Last week I took some time off to visit my old stomping ground of Hermosa Beach, California. I was there with two of my nieces, Cassie and Kristen. Since Cassie is an ice cream fanatic, she wouldn't leave without trying the Ice Cream Cupcake offered at Frosted Cupcakery. And how can I blame her? Cassie chose the royal white with vanilla buttercream, filled with strawberry ice cream. 

This delicious concoction is almost twice the size of a normal cupcake and will pretty much make any niece or nephew smile from ear to ear.... it's good. 

While Cass happily finished off the cupcake, I snapped a few shots of her in Bryce's adorable kitchen. I'm in love with this wallpaper which reminds me of my own house growing up... (Bryce found it at Vintage Modern in Charlotte) 

Although Frosted Cupcakery is located on the west coast, there are many bakers creating their own versions here in the South. And if they're not- perhaps you could put in a special request to the baker. Afterall, ice cream and cake were meant to be together. Forever and ever. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


David Boyd, Jr.

As I start to take my home more seriously, I'm starting to take my art more seriously. I want more pieces that take me somewhere within my brain and heart... art that I feel viscerally connected to. David Boyd, Jr. is a painter from Newnan, Georgia and I really like his work.

Growing up in rural Georgia, David is inspired by nature and items that inhabit an old school cool. Whether it's vintage cars and tractors or mid century signs, he likes to paint objects or landscapes with a worn and weathered feel. Plus, he fears the pull of time and the loss of things he holds dear. David, "As a nod to my childhood memories as well as the passing of time, I want to preserve Southern American life in its current state of decay." 

David is a man after my own heart as the painting to the left is inspired by his stay at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, which has been on my wish list of places to visit since I started this blog. The painting to the right was inspired on a ranch road just west of Marfa. The road goes all the way to the Mexican border and as David shared, "It is one of the top five drives I have ever taken. The scenery is unadulterated and wild!" 

Such incredible work- and the above pieces are just a small sample of the hundreds of paintings David has created over the years. So I think I need to start saving my money to purchase a painting... The problem becomes, which one? 


Paintings: David Boyd, Jr.      Content: Sweet Peach