Rhianna Wurman

Texas native and Illustrator, Rhianna Wurman has an eye for pretty things. Her drawings tend to make onlookers smile and can fill a need in most any home. Residing now in Asheville, North Carolina, Rhianna finds inspiration from her southern roots as well as her English grandmother. 

Rhianna's illustrations, many of which are about the garden, the kitchen and a positive mindset come in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10's that are digitally printed on heavy weight matte archival paper. And each print is signed- that's the beauty of supporting small, local artists.

I need this print today, it's been a not so fun week so far. Deep breaths...good things are coming. See all of Rhianna's work here. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


The Dixie Daisy

If you're traveling in or around Austin anytime soon, may I suggest a side trip to Wimberley, Texas...

This incredible retro Airstream, nicknamed the Dixie Daisy accommodates two and is available for rent via Airbnb for just $110 a night. 

Owners, Jennifer and Gregory have created an incredible getaway space that is comfy and relaxing, with all you could ever need. This includes a new queen mattress, a real toilet, lounging areas, an indoor and outdoor shower, plus a fully stocked kitchen with fresh eggs in the fridge. (when the chickens are laying...)

It's the small touches which make the space so great, including the vintage fabrics and retro accessories...

And perhaps the biggest selling point for me is how the Dixie Daisy is set up for a true nature lover's getaway. The Airstream is situated on 12 acres along the banks of Smith Creek. It's meant to explore, to experience the quiet, to find some balance when life gets a little off kilter...   

I love the outdoor deck, grill, shower, hot tub, hammock, the string lights and chiminea. Everything is picture perfect. Except I'm not there. But you can be sure it's on my short list! Marfa, and now Wimberley, here I come...


Photos: Airbnb/The Dixie Daisy       Content: Sweet Peach



After dealing with an unforseen medical diagnosis and brain tumor, Brannon McCaleb left his job in the music industry and made some big changes in his life. He found inspiration in the time he spent as a kid with his grandpa, who lived near the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. As Brannon shared, "His barn was my playground." He wanted to rekindle his passion for barns, for carpentry & the simpler things in life. That's when his home furnishing company, ReBarn, based in Knoxville, was born. 

Using old barn wood, Brannon handcrafts headboards, tables and various items for the home. I particularly like his side tables that quickly add a heap of character, history and texture to a space...

Brannon's headboards can be custom made to your width, height and coloring specifications. This one comes via a 1900's horse farm and has quickly become a shop favorite. I understand their popularity as all of his headboards have an amazing look and feel, plus, they're well priced, starting at just $375. 

It's not easy to transition from one part of life that you know and feel secure in to something completely different, even opposite. But if you're brave and have a little patience- much like Brannon, good things can come. Check out all of Brannon's incredible handiwork here. 


Photos: ReBarn; Leah Bullard Photography    Content: Sweet Peach


Causey's BBQ Sauce

John Causey knows his barbecue. Growing up in south Georgia, he tasted some of the best sauces and concoctions around. As Chief Cook for the Vienna Volunteer Fire Dept from 1984-1995, John was able to create and perfect his own vinegar based BBQ sauce and compete in competitions around the state. 

Inspired by good feedback, John opened a BBQ joint in 2007 called "Good To Go." His sauce became so well known and sought after, he decided to bottle it. His popular creations include the tangy original BBQ and a Sweet and Smoky version. Then of course are the spicy BBQ Rubs which are incredible to sprinkle on pork or chicken... 

Learn more about Causey BBQ here. Or try Bourbon and Boots where they sell a 3 piece gift set for $28 and a 5 piece set for $38. Great deal, and easy gift for any meat-loving manly men out there... 


Photos: Causey's BBQ      Content: Sweet Peach


Slingshot Coffee

During my recent event, the Sweet Peach Revival, the very first item to fly off the shelves was the Slingshot Coffee. Packaged to perfection, this cold brewed coffee is handcrafted in small batches in Raleigh, North Carolina. And it's good...

If you have yet to notice, cold brewed coffee has become quite the trend. Slingshot makes theirs with just two ingredients- organic cofee beans roasted by Counter Culture Coffee in Durham and filtered Raleigh tap water. It is strained into a concentrate and with a little ice, you have a cup of coffee that is less acidic and richer than your typical cup. Refreshing and light may be a good (and unexpected) description. So if you like coffee, it's definitely worth a try. 

The cold brew concentrate is a 1-1 ratio of coffee to water. As they state, "You can make it cold by mixing with cold water, you can make it hot by mixing with boiling water, or mix it 1-1 with milk just shy of a boil or milk from the icebox for a hot or cold latte-like drink." 

The best part is the product's versatility. On the Slingshot site, they list some incredible recipes for adding vodka, tequila, club soda, simple syrups, whiskey, bourbon, bitters...even peanut butter and bananas for a tasty smoothie. It's a good cup 'o joe and so much more. Cheers to that...


Photos: Slingshot Coffee Co.      Content: Sweet Peach



The DIY Home...

I recently came across this lovely North Carolina lake house featured in Country Living and wanted to share, as the home offers lots of inspiration for touch ups and add ons that won't break the bank. 

Owner Emily Knotts had a small budget to redo the home. For the kitchen, she added a coat of fresh paint and removed the upper cabinet doors. This instant open shelving created a nice dimension and interest to the space. 

I've come to really love the natural color drop cloths sold at Home Depot (@$10 each). I recently used them as backdrops for a set I was shooting on but they also work great as curtains, tablecloths and as used here, upholstery. For the pendant, owner Emily Knotts used a $4 socket and $20 garden lantern to make this impressive piece. Lighting is one aspect of the home that really doesn't have to cost a lot- just takes a bit of ingenuity as you can craft a light out of just about anything...

Emily decoupaged this lampshade (via Target) with pages from her dictionary. For her incredible barn style look, she combined salvaged doors she found at a yard sale with casters and industrial piping to create an inexpensive sliding track entryway. 

Many of the incredible pieces in the home, Emily found at Cline's in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, which Bryce and I visited a little while back. Wherever you live, it's a great idea to seek out that amazing salvage yard or antique shop close by and let that be your home base for ideas and great finds. Learn more about Emily's impressive DIY home over at Country Living, here. 


Photos: Lucas Allen/ Country Living      Content: Sweet Peach



The W & P Cocktail Kit

A while back, I blogged about a rather brilliant kickstarter project which produced the world's first Mason Shaker. Creators Eric Plum and Josh Williams began by asking for $5k and quickly acquired $74k, wildly exceeding expectation. So perhaps it's no surprise they've continued to build on the success of the Mason Shaker by expanding their line of wares...

A wooden muddler, silver jigger and stylish set of cocktail napkins are some of the newest additions to Eric and Josh's W & P line, and all these, combined with a canvas and leather bag (plus four glass tumblers), are now available in their popular Cocktail Kit. This amazing collection can be found here or at one of my favorite southern sites, Bourbon and Boots. 

A powerful duo to follow, Eric and Josh just keep on creating happiness for our happy hour. Keep up with their latest endeavors here...


Photos: W & P site      Content: Sweet Peach


Guest Blog: Garnish & Gather 

Guest Blogger: Beth Lord of the indie-pendent

Hi! I'm Beth Lord of the indie-pendent. Pam kindly asked me to be a guest blogger here on Sweet Peach Blog and I couldn't be more excited! If you are already familiar with the indie-pendent, then you know that we are all about the handmade, the home and celebrating one's "indie"pendence. Our retail collection represents the finest artists and crafters throughout the USA.

We host some pretty amazing handcrafted events, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers (if I may say so myself), and we hold some awesome workshops where kids and adults learn all sorts of skills and crafts that they can incorporate into their spaces and into their lives. I love sharing the unique products and creative ideas I uncover or that are graciously shared with me by others, but most of all, I love the stories behind it all and the amazing people I meet in the process.

Today I want to share with you a new concept in mealtime provisions here in Atlanta...Garnish and Gather. In the fall of 2012, Emily Golub & Brenda Gage founded the company, "aimed at connecting more folks with wholesome, locally grown foods, teaching creative cooking techniques, and giving people their time bage- G&G makes dinner simple again." 

The G&G chefs prepare ready-to-cook meals that are packaged to serve 2-4 people in the comfort of your own home. The majority of ingredients are locally sourced, certified organic or certified naturally grown. Subscriptions range from 1-3 meals per week and you can cancel any time, so there is no risk in trying. (Examples of meals include Chicken Cacciatore with tomatoes, peppers and artisinal pasta or Rosemary Pork Burger topped with gouda and a cucumber, turnip summer slaw) 

When Emily introduced me to the concept while inquiring about Belly General Store becoming one of the pick up locations in Atlanta, I could hardly wait to get my hands on one. (Belly is now the new home to the indie-pendent) Lask week I had the opportunity to try my very first meal and I have to say, it exceeded my every expectation. And did I mention the packaging?... so cute. How often does unpacking your groceries bring a smile to your face? 

I am so glad Garnish and Gather selected Belly as one of their pick up locations...for me, it's kind of like having free delivery! 


Photos: Garnish and Gather      Content: Sweet Peach


Satchel Page

Daniel Ralsky is a traveler. He's visited 25 countries so far and revels in the ability to explore various cultures and landscapes. And as any traveler would tell you, the right bag is invaluable on journeys far and wide. Seeing a need in the market, Daniel recently created a handsome bag line named Satchel Page that mixes function and a worn-in, rugged style, reminiscent of the 1940's. 

Daniel, "I set out to create something different; a line of durable, functional and stylish bags that expressed my passion for travel and the freedom that comes with it." What is especially nice to learn is that all the materials are sourced here in the USA, with all the leather coming from Texas. 

I particularly love this bag, inspired by Daniel's grandfather's map case from WWll. It looks and feels as if it was passed down from generations passed, but this modern day version has an interior compartment for an iPad and pocket for your phone. 

Daniel resides in Austin, Texas and offers five manly bags in his leather collection. All are handmade with vegetable tanned leather, hand stitched seams and expert detailing. These are bags to be worn, used, passed on and used again. The patina will become more layered and nuanced with time, much like a traveler, wandering the globe, seeking memories to last a lifetime. 


Photos: Satchel Page     Content: Sweet Peach


Rob Wilson 

Over the winter holiday, you may remember a Texas artist I featured named Rob Wilson. His incredible images are graphic and bold with a dose of good humor and forever memorable. He's one of my favorite artists and the best part is, his library of goods just keeps getting better and better...

The Shop at Renee Rhyner & Co., based in Dallas, Texas, carries many of Rob's illustrations that are in large, fine art canvas form. He also offers his original images in notecards which run the gamut from wedding and birthday to pets, love, babies, Texas icons and 'fun.' 

Rob's work is instantly recognizable and as far as I can tell, instantly likeable. He's got a knack for great design that draws you in and leaves you lingering for a moment or two- It makes me wonder what his home looks like?? 

For more about Rob, check out his site here, or find his large format prints at the Renee Rhyner shop here. Happy weekend...


Illustrations: Rob Wilson        Content: Sweet Peach