History Posters

I love a good Kickstarter project, like this one from Johnathan Yeman who combined his love for graphic design and historical figures into a series of thought-provoking, black and white prints. 

Johnathan, "The idea for the series of posters sprung out of two desires. One, to explore a long standing passion of mine and two, to connect my work with a larger audience." This photo, and subsequent print above, is from the Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in March, 1965. 

Johnathan has created 18 prints in all and hopes to raise money through Kickstarter to cover the costs of printing as well as to purchase the finest papers and archival inks for the project. To note, the photos above inspired the prints adjacent. 

Johnathan has picked voices that were poignant, important and deserving of a spotlight. These include Abraham Lincoln, Fanny Lou Hamer, John Muir, Ida B Wells and more. Some you've heard of, many you have not. Johnathan, "All thoughout history, incredible voices, great and small have shaped the world around us and have inspired individuals to become difference makers in their own communities. However, too often these voices go under-remembered and un-heard. My hope is to change that."

I love the modern and clean look of these prints and the meanings they share. Johnathan extensively researched each one and he includes the source of each quote on the print- in hopes that others will be inspired to continue reading the words of these important historical voices. To support his efforts, check out Johnathan's Kickstarter page and make a pledge. His intention is to share and inspire, to remember and respect....I have to say, I like that in an artist. 





I admit, I have a chocolate addiction. But I blame it on all these startup companies making superior, super tasty, small batch chocolate with stellar packaging. And fyi, any candy bar made with dark chocolate, candied ginger and popping sugar is instantly put in front of a cash register along with my debit card. I can't fight it.  

John Eric Battles grew up in a small Alabama town but after moving to Charleston and working in restaurants, he decided to try his hand at making chocolate. His truffles were featured on the dessert menu at EVO Pizzeria and then, with more and more positive feedback, he was motivated to start his own company in 2008, aptly named Sweeteeth. 

By far, John's biggest seller is his Sea is for Caramel bar. I had the chance to grab one of these at Star Provisions in Atlanta and I swear, this candy bar stops you in your tracks. It's just the tastiest combo of 65% dark chocolate, a bit of sea salt and gobs of incredible caramel. From someone who fought with my siblings for the caramel chocolates inside Russell Stover boxes growing up- it's safe to say this is a chocolate lover's experience like no other. 

Other scrumptious flavors include peanut butter and chipotle, port wine caramel, dried apples with candied pecans and cinnamon, and a white chocolate bar with ginger snaps. 

The great thing is, once you become addicted to their caramel, you can have a whole jar of it. John offers a Salted Caramel Sauce and a Port Wine Caramel Sauce. Just stick a spoon in it and call it a night. (click here to commence your addiction...) 


Photos: Sweeteeth;  Peter Miller Photography       Content: Sweet Peach



Grooming, via Prospector Co.

Every now and then, I like to check in with the guys at Prospector Co. in Savannah to see what they're up to. They recently introduced new shaving products to their fantastic line of men's skincare, including these pure bristle brushes. My dad has always relied on one of these and I just love it for its classic design and practicality. These shaving brushes are made with boar hair for a firmer, more rigid sensation to the shave. The bristles will soften with age...

They're offered in three different handsome handles; a plastic black, acacia and birchwood. 

And if you own a shaving brush, you'll need the right holder. You'll find two offered at the Prospector Shop- the hardwood razor and brush stand for $18 or the chrome brush and razor stand for $32. 

A good razor is important. The guys at Prospector Co. were discerning in picking the right line to carry in their shop, searching for one that was superior in both design and engineering. They found it in the German company, Merkur. These are high performing razors (recently voted Razor of the Year), with a chrome plated design that work well for the novice to the seasoned pro. 

I love a leather pouch with accessories- this one is for the Merkur travel razor that breaks down nicely into three parts. 

There's something about a straight razor I can't help but love. It's old school and, has a hint of danger. This one is made from a non stainless-steel carbon steel blade with gold etching. Its handsome handle is made from maple wood and is smooth to the touch- enhancing the quality of the blade. See the entire shop of grooming goods, here.


Photos: Prospector Co.     Content: Sweet Peach


Doubletake Recycled Luxury

I've never blogged about women's fashion on Sweet Peach before but this hidden gem of a shop in Atlanta just makes me want to share. It's too good...

Doubletake Recycled Luxury is located in the Old Fourth Ward section of Atlanta, inside Studioplex. Owner, Daniel Troppy is passionate about vintage clothing, specifically pieces with a name and a cool factor. He carries clothes from incredible designers like Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Jill Sander, DVF and more... and at great prices. So I enlisted a few friends of mine to show off some of the goods.

A fan of vintage, my friend Sarah was all smiles from the moment she walked inside Doubletake. She tried on almost a dozen dresses but she seemed to always pop in red. It's a great color on her and this dress fits flawlessly. It's a 60's wool dress (with silk lining) from designer, James Galanos. James started his line in Los Angeles in 1951 and quickly became known for his elegant suits and dresses for day. Nancy Reagan was a loyal fan, and now, so is Sarah. 

I really loved this secretary dress on Sarah. It's by Nina Ricci, circa the 1970's. As Daniel said, "This dress has movement and flows with you. It's very sexy." Nina was born in Italy but moved to France in her early teens where she began her career as an apprentice dressmaker. She is known for her refined, romantic and always feminine dresses. They fit incredibly well, perhaps because Nina worked with fabrics directly on the mannequin.

This is one of my favorites. My friend Lyn is modeling a 1960's Oscar de la Renta Italian peasant dress. Oscar is known for his romantic and extravagent work but also his attention to detail. The more I studied this dress, the more I loved it. Notice the play of pattern, the pirate sleeves and the lovely, unexpected elegance of it all...

This is an early 2000's Jil Sander. As many of you know, Jil is known for her minimalist designs as well as an attention to precision and structure, rather than embellishments. Although this dress has a boxy frame, it's very feminine with the side slit and deep neckline. Daniel paired this dress with a collectible Norman Norell sequined clutch.

I can't help but call my friend Kendall a cutie pie, as that's what she is. She looks lovely in this 80's Guy Laroche dress with a sheer waistband, silk belt and wave patterned fabric. 

Guy Laroche opened his own couture house in Paris in 1949 and became known as a masterful cutter and tailor. Daniel decided to pair this dress with colorful Gucci shoes from the 70's as well as a red bracelet to tie it all together. 

This next dress is an 80's Emanuel Ungaro. I loved the details of this dress which included draping, a bow, zippered sleeves and a tapered bottom. I particularly loved the latter feature. It's not easy to run in this one, that's for sure, but as Daniel said, ''It's designed to take small steps- it's definitely a dress to take your time in..." 

Ungaro was born to Italian parents and as his father was a tailor, he learned from the best. He became known for using soft, fluid fabrics and layered garments. The Gucci shoes worked perfectly for this dress too...

I like these pics as it shows a bit of fun you'll have when you visit Doubletake. After Sarah slipped into this 70's Halston acetate and metal caftan dress, Daniel took it up a notch by adding this chunky red necklace...then a black patent leather belt to show how different a dress can be when you start to play with accessories.

Daniel opened this treasure trove of vintage luxury in 2010. I suggest giving him a visit if you want to play luxurious dress up for a day. It's really fun as he has a knack for figuring out what your style is and what would flatter your figure- whether you know it or not. As Daniel often says, "Just try it on!" Inside you'll also find shoes, bags, hats, belts, scarves and gobs of jewelry. And don't be surprised if old tunes of Barry White or Dionne Warwick are playing on the record player when you step inside. It's vintage, baby...the good stuff. 


Photos & Content: Sweet Peach



Guest Post: Matt Weaver

As a creative living and working in Atlanta, I've discovered that this town, and the South in general, is bursting with so many super-talented designers, makers, artists, musicians, and writers. We meet through work and social events of course, but more and more often we find ourselves connecting through Instagram. The photo sharing service is a hotbed for this creative class, and it is allowing us to connect with clients and form a community that would not have been possible ten years ago. I wanted to share a few of my favorite Southern Instagrammers with you. Check them out and then share your favorites in the comments section!

Connect with Sweet Peach (@sweetpeachblog) and Andover Trask (@andovertrask) on Instagram! 


Touch of Gold

Brass and copper are in trend, so it follows suit that gold is too. We're seeing it everywhere- from stationery and gifts to all manner of home decor items. I'm liking the resurgence of this color that signifies success, abundance, prosperity and sophistication. You don't need too much, just a touch...

Brighter shades of gold shine and glisten and elicit a cheery feeling, while the dull, muted tones of gold are deep, intense and a bit somber. Either way, both are attention getters.

The color gold adds richness and warmth to a room. Blues and purples complement gold well and as it has a strong presence, surround your gold decor with lots of neutral, earthy tones too.  

I think adding a touch of gold to your decor is a really good way to start off 2014 as it increases personal power and symbolizes health, success, illumination, love, wisdom and the enjoyment of life. All good things to manifest...


Photos: Decorology; myparadissi; oh joy; Design Sponge; Candadian House and Home;; Country Living    Content: Sweet Peach


Paper & Clay Studio

I've had the privilege of passing through Memphis, Tennessee a couple of times. The first was when I was driving to Los Angeles from Atlanta, and the second was with work, filming a tv show there for a couple days. It's a city with this wonderful retro feel that I really love- it just feels good whenever I'm there. That may be why I was quick to smile when I saw that these lovely mid-century inspired ceramics are hand made in the heart of Memphis...

Potter, Brit McDaniel is the creator of this lovely line of kitchen friendly creations. Brit, "The concept for my studio was formed from the desire to create handmade utilitarian ceramics with a modern aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and American mid-century design, each piece is hand thrown and glazed with careful attention to detail." 

Her color choices are especially appealing as each item feels soothing and inviting. I'm not sure how she does that...

To see more of Brit's work, check out her studio, Paper & Clay, here. And you can bet next time I'm passing through Memphis, I'm going to stop and say hey to Brit- in hopes to better know a potter...and better know a town. 


 Photos: Paper & Clay     Content: Sweet Peach



Fulton & Roark

Solid cologne has been around for ages but they tend to be scents for the ladies...until now. Kevin Keller and Allen Shafer of Fulton & Roark in Winston-Salem, North Carolina have created the ultimate guy's provision, as it's well designed with high quality ingredients. Plus, it's practical and fulfills a need.  

They currently have three scents available: Shackleford, which is a sophisticated blend of sandalwood and warm amber; Hatteras, a fresh and green scent with light spice; and Tybee, a brisk white musk accented with rosewood and cedar. 

The best part is the sleek and slim containter that fits easily right into your jeans or coat pocket.

I found these at Tweeds in Atlanta but click here to see where it's carried in your state. Or check out their shop to buy online. It'll be fun to keep an eye on these guys as they're already concocting their next manly creation with a Fulton & Roark Shaving Cream. Yes, please...


Photos: Fulton & Roark/ Metaleap Creative/ Sweet Peach     Content: Sweet Peach


Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

For two days now, I've been craving chocolate chip cookies. I normally don't eat them as I'm allergic to eggs but sometimes I give in and deal with the consequences...but, then I found this recipe on Katherine Dinger's site, Katherine is based in Dallas and is an experimental vegetarian chef. She loves things to taste delicious but also errs on the healthy side of things. She recently concocted this delicious pairing of oatmeal, dark chocolate and vanilla soaked cherries - in a cookie. This makes me happy...

I think these cookies are a perfect treat for Oscar night on Sunday. Make 'em for yourself or pack 'em up in a brown box and bring along to a friend's house. They'll be devoured in no time. Find the scrumptious recipe here, and enjoy the weekend everyone! 


Photos: Katherine Dinger      Content: Sweet Peach



Capps Carriage House

A beach house has been on my wish list for years but now I need to add another item to that list - a carriage house. Specifically one designed by Jim Poteet of Poteet Archtitects in San Antonio, Texas. 

This beautifully restored 1890's home is located on the property of a Victorian manor in the King William Historical District of San Antonio. What I love is all the bright whites and natural light that streams in...and a lavender bathroom with a complementary sink is pretty darn fantastic. The original hardwoods, painted black, contrast well and bring a lot of vitality to the space. It's inviting and charming and I must say, the perfect place to be a guest...

These tin ceiling tiles were present when they started the renovation. They were not original to the house but Jim bought the same pattern to finish the entire ceiling, painting it all a glossy white. The ceiling as well as the wainscoting and beadboard got the same uplift with white paint. Jim, "We wanted them white to emphasize the texture and the play of light, particularly in the small spaces." 

The white backdrop to the house allows for all the lovely pops of color found throughout the house. This attractive floor was once Saltillo tile, which the owners and Jim did not wish to keep. A solution was found in applying gray epoxy over the tile which made it smooth and reflective, helping the light carry throughout the space. Beautimous...


Photos: Poteet Architects     Content: Sweet Peach