Checking in with Suite One Studio...

It always feels good to watch the careers of your favorite artists as they continue to challenge themselves and grow in their craft. Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina is one of those artists. She's an incredible talent in ceramics, so when I saw her new pink and gold plates on her Instagram account, I realized it was something special. I had to share...

Lindsay refers to these as supremely glamorous dessert plates and rightly so. The plates are painted with her handmade pink glaze inspired by watercolor paintings- plus the edge of each hand-formed plate is painted with genuine gold. Can't get more glam (and pretty) than that. 


Lindsay, "The glazes I formulate have a natural, flowing variation and they always have. I decided in the last six months or so to really celebrate this variety as the uniqueness that it is. I've begun letting the glazes naturally do what they will without my interference. The watercolor aspect is important to my business because it speaks to a switch in my overall methodology- rather than work against the variety my handmade glazes bring, why not embrace this quality?" 

And after you drool over the pink and gold plates, you can peruse the rest of her lovely wares. This serving platter with a navy brushstroke is Lindsay's modern interpretation of antique silver serveware. Or try the dessert plates and bowls in white and gold for a simple, lovely look. 

What I love is Lindsay's obvious love affair with texture and watercolor. Each piece is one of a kind and perfect in its imperfections. It makes me want to have one of those big, all-white kitchens with open shelving to display each and every one...

Lindsay's splatter bowls and plates are gaining a big fanbase. I just spotted these in this month's Southern Living great is that? I can say with certainty, I can't wait to see what she dreams up next. See the entirety of Lindsay's beautiful collection, here. 


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Barrett Alley's Indigo Wallets

Indigo is not just for pillows, duvets, scarves and bags. Barrett Alley of Dallas, Texas works with skilled artisans to create a handful of sumptious, indigo wallets

Barrett's popular Devilish wallet is now available in plant-derived indigo, hand cut and sewn from a single alum tawed calfskin. Over time the indigo will slowly rub off, creating a cool fade pattern, similar to a pair of jeans.  

The Destiny 5 pocket flip wallet, like the Devilish wallet, is lined with with an antique Japanese cotton boro textile, dyed with natural indigo. As both these wallets are limited editions, there are just a few left to get your hands on...

These wallets are meticulously made by hand, never by machine. Each one is constructed using a traditional saddle stitch, which is more durable than a machine stitch. As described on their site, "If a hand sewn saddle stitch breaks, the thread is only loosened on one side and the stitch on the other side of the material continues to hold the materials together."

Each Barrett Alley wallet is individually numbered. My personal favorite perk is the antique fabric (sourced globally) that gives each piece a unique feel and character. Sigh,...our collective indigo obsession continues. See the entire Barrett Alley shop, which includes belts, pouches and jewelry, here.


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Halloween with Libbie Summers

If you ever get a chance to spend some time with Libbie Summers, you'll be in a really good mood. Based in Savannah, Georgia, Libbie cooks and bakes the prettiest and tastiest food. With every dish, she exudes joy and fun and I really do just adore her. When I was thinking of what to post for Halloween, I had to send her an email to see what she was up to. Turns out it's a very spooky (and adorable) Skull Cake...

I love making anything that involves construction paper and scissors. This easy recipe can translate into whatever spooky image or saying you'd like to share...

Libbie has a knack for taking everyday items and incorporating them into her baked goods- like bubble tape and gumballs to create a Bubble Tape Mummy Cake. It's another easy recipe that's fun and playful, just like her. She likes to present her mummy cake in a nun's costume but this is an optional component. See, just like that, I'm in another really good mood. Happy Halloween everyone...


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Pink Cheeks Studios

Every family can be made cute and cool in the hands of Nichol Brinkman of Thibodaux, Louisiana. Her soft toy creations, which include wall hangings and mobiles can be custom made for yourself, friends, your favorite couple or family.

As Nichol dresses up these figures however you like, her individual wall hangings with a banner make a great gift. One of these is perfect for a child's bedroom door or to take your average office cubicle up a notch...

The custom family wall hangings and mobiles are some of my favorite works of Nichol. Add personal flair, accessories, dogs, cats, fish...whatever makes your grouping of humans special and fabulous. 

Nichol once took a traditional marionette workshop in Prague taught by a Czech puppet master. She spent weekends at puppetry museums and animation studios- you can see the influence. Although she started in wood, she turned to her passion of sewing to bring her quirky characters to life. 

Nichol starts her creative process by drawing with micropens in Moleskine notebooks. Nichol, "When I think a drawing will transfer nicely to stuffed form, I draw the shape onto cardstock for my basic pattern." She then takes time curating the right fabrics, patterns and textures for each piece, then sews her beings both by hand and machine. 

I think I need a stuffed and stylishly accessorized family mobile soon...who doesn't? Check out Nichol's etsy shop here for all her lively creations and here to follow her fun blog. And don't worry, no matter how dysfunctional your own family is, y'all will look cute and cool in the hands of Nichol...


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Bloody Band-Aid Cookies....for Halloween 

When my friend Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object posted this pic on instagram the other day, I was impressed but not surprised of her creative baking skills. She's the mastermind behind the cutest stamps on the planet- plus the illustrator of Sweet Peach Sweet Spots. These cookies are a really fun Halloween treat... 

Sarah suggests following your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Then take gel food coloring and follow the instructions for achieving the light brown Band-Aid color. (Sarah notes the dough looked more purple before baking but turned out perfect once baked.) Refrigerate dough. 

Next, roll out dough on floured surface. Use your preferred kitchen tools to achieve a rectangular cut for each cookie (Sarah used a pizza cutter and a ruler). Try an angel food cake cutter to add rows of holes for each Band-Aid. Bake cookies, cool. 

Make your favorite icing recipe. Place the icing in a piping bag or plastic bag with a cut hole in corner. Dab white icing into shape of a square in the cookie center, then add red spot either with an icing writer or another piping bag with red dye (after white icing has dried). Let the cookies sit out a bit and harden, making them stackable for your serving plate. So cute...and scary. Thank you Miss Sarah.


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Copper and Torch

Pretty and elegant. That's what comes to mind when I think of the work of Lindsay Troutman. In her online shop, Copper and Torch, you'll find her glass and metal terrarium vases that are particularly pleasing to the eye, whether propped up on a wall or placed upon a bookshelf...

Each delicate geometric shape is made with hand cut glass and lead-free solder, which Lindsay paints a striking black patina. The vases can be hung with either an antique brass or nickel chain, if desired. 

A nature lover like myself, Lindsay handcrafts these minimal and clear containers that allow whatever is placed inside- from fresh flowers and plants to collected seeds, pods and feathers- to steal the limelight. 

Besides her popular vases, Lindsay creates jewelry, frames, coasters, holders and more. Her collection continues to evolve and grow as she finds new ways to help us showcase all of our favorite things. 

Based in Atlanta, Lindsay's work is available in her online shop or in a handful of shops in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina. Pretty and elegant, I could always use more of that...


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Son of a Sailor

I love manly things with a care for style. Like this Charlie Knife by Son of a Sailor in Austin, Texas. It's a small folding knife that comes in six color choices, inspired by signal flags. Handcrafted for rugged, everyday use, each knife has a beech wood handle and stainless steel blade.  

Or there's the swanky cool India Knives. The total length of these is 9" (compared to the Charlie knife at 3 3/4"). It's just one of those perfect guy gifts that you know will get a great response... 

Billy Knopp and Jessica Tata are the talented husband and wife team behind the brand. They have a similar aesthetic and are drawn to wood, leather and brass. They also have a keen eye for color and minimal, geometric design. This Victor Shaving Kit is just so fun and cool, right?  

This pretty pic showcases one of Billy and Jessica's India knives, plus their hand carved walnut cheese board. It includes a genuine leather handle with a brass screw rivet, a nice touch for easy storage. 

The London Valet caught my eye too. Each one is hand carved from a single piece of walnut and is built to prop up your phone, store your change, letters and things. I've just picked a few of my favorites but check out their shop to see more manly (and womanly) things made with a care for style- which includes jewelry, clocks, flash drives and yo-yos. 


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Good Vibe Friday...

Samantha Priddy of Houston, Texas exudes good vibes. In her shop, Sharp Tooth Studio, you'll find short and sweet uplifting messages on mini banners. I'm not sure about you, but I immediately felt better when I saw this tiny Happy Place banner...

Samantha offers over two dozen different mini banners ($27 each) that are made with heavy natural canvas and black embroidery thread. 

Embodying the soulful message of her shop, Samantha donates a portion of each sale to The Haiti Orphan Project and children in the Houston child protective services. 

Samantha also offers pennant flags that can be customized in either black or color felt lettering. It's all just so sweet and adorable- and uplifting. After a rather long week for myself, perusing her shop is a good way to jumpstart a Friday. Check out all of Samantha's good vibe creations, here.


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Board and Bread

There's a lot to like about Emily Brock. She is a third generation woodworker living in Nashville, Tennessee who finds pure joy in her craft. With a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips and an artistic streak in her blood, she creates stunning everyday objects, including this walnut pendant.

In Emily's online shop, Board and Bread, you'll find these lights along with a mix of kitchen tools, including bowls, utensils, cutting boards and pie servers. 

Emily sources local Tennessee hardwoods like black walnut, curly maple and African rosewood. Her work is functional yet beautifully styled with a pretty, feminine touch. These pieces are heirlooms, meant to be used again and again as all of her kitchen tools are crafted to withstand the pressures of high heat and repeated use. 

Emily believes strongly that all the items in our homes can be meaningful. These tools live at the heart of the kitchen where family and friends gather and share... 

Emily, "I meshed my passion for cooking and sharing food with my desire as an artist to create functional, hand crafted items that enable myself and others to escape to the old world. A place where we all slow down and share food and life at a pace that allows for appreciation of the unique curl of grain on a maple spoon, or how the vibrant colors of winter citrus play against the dark tones of a serving board from Oregon Black Walnut." Like I said, there's a lot to like about Emily Brock...


Photos: Chris Daniels; Board and Bread      Content: Sweet Peach


Caprock Vintage

It's been a while since I featured a vintage shop on Sweet Peach but in my opinion, a while is way too long. Through her collected vintage finds, Iylana of Caprock Vintage in Lubbock, Texas tells a story of her life in the wild west of Texas. 

As brass gains in popularity, I love finding small pieces that would look pretty atop a table or credenza. Iyanla features three dozen vintage brass items in her shop. The bottom is a fly trinket box which makes me think of my friend Bryce...he has a similar one that he uses as an ashtray for guests on the porch.

Iyanla recieves much help from her friend and fellow vintage shopper, Nylece. Together they find objects that have history and style. As Iyanla shares, "We love how objects from the past can connect you to the events you read about in history books and the stories you've heard of your ancestors. These are items we search for and hope to bring to you. They're not just objects, they're part of your history." 

I must admit, I have very few holiday decorations in my home as I'm never in Atlanta during that time. But, I always have one or two items placed somewhere. I can't help but be a bit head over heels for this vintage stained glass Christmas tree votive for $8. I may just have to get it. In the meantime, I'll be perusing more of Iylana and Nylece's fabulous finds, here. 


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