Billy Reid, warm and cozy

If you walk into a Billy Reid store this month for some holiday shopping, you'll most certainly catch a manly, enticing scent in the air. That's thanks to their first candle collaboration with Lafco. As a bit of a fanatic, I can safely say this candle, a mix of cedar, fern and amber scents, is my new favorite. 

On my last visit, I was also happy to see Billy reveal his first pocket square designs. For some reason, pocket squares are my weakness- I smile wide whenever they're in my sight. Such delicious, manly fun... 

For this premiere collection, you'll find 18 designs. The pocket squares are made in Italy and are 100% wool. Perhaps I'm a bit biased in my obsession, but I think every guy needs a stylish pocket square. It's a great gift for the holiday...

As the cold begins to descend on the South, a warm and cozy scarf is another must. Find over a dozen designs to choose from- all scrumptiously soft and beautiful. Happy shopping...


Photos: Billy Reid; Lafco      Content: Sweet Peach


Peach Picks: Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver has good style. Impeccable style, actually. So I was thrilled that he decided to share his holiday picks with Sweet Peach for a second year in a row. At Andover Trask, Matt is known for his timeless, classic bag designs and I can't help but gush over each and every one. My new favorite, Knox, is featured here. I want, I want, I want... just like everything else on his list. Enjoy!

1. Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon, from $24.   2. Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix, $15.    
3. Radio Roasters Coffee, from $12   4. Classic Copper Cups, $90.   5. A Great Bottle Opener, from $10.   6. Catherine Jones Artwork, from $100.   7. Apothecary Bottles from Honeycomb Studio, from $13.99   8. Preserving Place Sweet Onion Confit, $15.   9. Peppermint Bark from Olive & Sinclair, $16.99   10. Pamplemousee and Bois Candle from Townhouse (425 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 32, Atlanta  
11. Knox Bag from Andover Trask, $195. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach/ Matt Weaver 


DIY Holiday Gift: Organic Body Butter

I tend to be a DIY gifter for the holidays. Not all my gifts, but some...because it's fun and original. My friend, Tiffany, who lives up in Asheville, made me some organic body butter earlier this year and it's honestly my favorite gift. I love it. So we got together last month to make some more for the blog. This recipe makes enough for 3-4 mason jars or over a half dozen half and quarter jars. Perfect for the holidays...

To start, you'll need 3 cups organic raw shea butter (solid) 1 1/2 cups organic coconut oil (solid) and 1 1/2 cups organic almond oil (liquid). 

Then lastly, your favorite essential oils. Choose ones depending on your needs. Like lavender to calm and soothe, bergamot for a mood lifter, eucalyptus for an immune boost and then there are all those combinations you can create. It's a bit endless, just make sure the oils you choose are skin friendly.

First, melt the shea butter and coconut oil in the top of a double broiler. Remove from heat and let cool for 30 minutes. Next, stir in almond oil and your favorite essential oils. (start with about 20-30 drops and increase as needed)

Tiffany and I favored Tranquility by Aura Cacia. It's a combination of lavender, balsam fir needle, patchouli, palmarosa, geranium and Roman chamomile. It smells divine and is designed to relax the body and quiet the mind. 

After you add the essential oil, place the entire oil mixture in freezer or outside to chill. Wait until the oil starts to partially solidify, then whip until it's a butter-like consistency. Be sure not to overmix- just keep checking for that right consistency, as seen here in bottom right. 

Lastly pour into clean jars, label and decorate as you desire. Easy peasy. It's important to care about what you put on your skin and when you make this concoction by hand, with simple, high quality ingredients, you can't help but feel like you've done a really good thing. It's the perfect gift to give...


Photos: Sweet Peach; Aura Cacia     Content: Sweet Peach


Peach Picks: Libbie Summers 

From the moment I met Libbie Summers at last year's Southern C conference in Charleston, I was an instant fan. I just love her infectious energy and adorable, lively style. Her gorgeous food blog, Salted & Styled, which she created with Chia Chong, was voted best food blog of 2013 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. I have (and love) her cookbook, Sweet and Vicious. If you haven't checked out her playful, pretty culinary videos, it's well worth a few minutes of your day. It'll make your day actually- much like Libbie saying yes to sharing her favorite gift picks with Sweet Peach. Somebody pinch me. Enjoy...

1. WOOL FELT PENNANTS, $26. I love these adorable pennants from artist, Jessica Duthu. They are perfect for a kid's room, or if you're like me, you just have one hanging from your lamp on your desk so you'll always know when to ROAR!

2. LEOCI'S RASPBERRY JALAPENO JAM, $12. If I'm giving you a packaged food suggestion, you have to know it's better than great! This Raspberry Jalapeno Jam from the award-winning chef, Roberto Leoci is just that great. I always have a jar in my refrigerator...always. You should too. 

3. BIRD DOG ZIPPER TOTE, $158. I'm OBSESSED with this Bird Dog Tote from Hayden Reis! Not just because I have a bird dog with an attitude, but also because the bag is so durable, chic and has a shit ton of pockets inside to keep me organized. 

4. KATHERINE SANDOZ PAINTING, from $500. Artwork is an intimidating thing to purchase for someone, UNLESS it's a piece by artist, Katherine Sandoz. I've never met a person who doesn't swoon when they're staring at a piece of Katherine's work. I'm blessed to have a piece of hers in my home that I get to smile at every day. How can you put a price on that kind of joy? 

5. BROOKE ATWOOD LEATHER CAMERA STRAP, $145. Really, who doesn't think they are a photographer now? This kick-ass leather studded camera strap from the talented Brooke Atwood is exactly what every fashion blogger needs!!

6. ASHLEY WOODSON BAILEY/ VERY FINE SOUTH CLUTH, $350. 'Every flower has a story.' That's artist/designer Ashley Woodson Bailey's line. I just love that Ashley's flowers will make the look I choose to wear even more fantastic with one of these clutches in my hand! 

7. TAPER CANDLES, $37.50. Hot Pink taper candles for my dining room table? YES PLEASE!!!!

8. LOVELANE'S SHEAR-LING BOMBER HAT, $40. I pretty much love everything that artist, Lane Huerta touches. I've even used her children's capes and hats to hang on the doors at a NYC party for some heavy hitting journalists to get the conversation going. These shear-ling bomber hats are beyond! Trust me when I tell you that a small headed adult can even wear them! 

9. SWEET AND VICIOUS FRINGE CUFF, $52. I am BEYOND excited about these butter soft metallic pink leather Sweet and Vicious Fringe Cuffs! Perfect with a chambray shirt or a sweet cream cashmere sweater. For the coolest chick on your list! 

10. CERAKKO FARM FRESH CANDLE, $22. I'm weird about candle scents. I don't want to smell apple pie unless an actual apple pie is in the oven, or magnolias blooming unless magnolias are actually blooming in my yard. This Farm Fresh candle from Cerakko Farm is simple- fresh and clean with a little gritty undertone. When I smell it burning, it reminds me of my grandmother Lula Mae's farm in Missouri...minus the pig smell. 

11. EMILY McCARTHY GIFTS TAGS, from $8.50. Coastal living designer and influencer, Emily McCarthy is a breath of fresh air! I love her modern takes on Southern traditions with big pops of color and prints. Her gift tags are a great gift to anyone before the holidays or after. She will personalize them with a hand done monogram too! 

12. MEREDITH ANNE SUTTON 12 GAUGE BUCKLE, $200. A handcrafted 12 Gauge buckle from metal artist, Meredith Sutton will win you extra brownie points from the men in your me, I've experienced it. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach/ Libbie Summers


Himalayan for the Holidays...

Julia Leaphart is a visionary. She was one of the first to sell candles in unorthodox, reusable containers. Half English and half Indian, Julia has traveled much of her life and is always drawn back to India to find original materials. This year, she relied on local Indian artisans to etch pretty designs on galvanized iron pots.

I'm particularly attracted to her hand painted tins which take inspiration from henna designs. Both the tins and pots come in small and large sizes offered in over a dozen scrumptious scents- like Campfire, Patchouli Ginger, Jasmine and Amber. 

Julia has slowly grown her HImalayan Trading candle company, based in Decatur, GA, to a nationwide force. She continually updates her containers and scents so you never quite know what to expect. Just expect to love them...

My personal favorite this holiday season is the Mistletoe candle - offered in a variety of containers as it's widely popular this time of year. It's a wonderful fragrant candle, making your whole house smell like Christmas. (good hostess gift too) 

I'm always impressed by the unique vessels and scents available online and also- if you're in or near Atlanta, the factory and shop. Julia has a small store open to the public with a wide range of candles to choose from, both new and old. Plus, most are discounted...I'll be stopping by there today actually. 

And if you're in this part of town this coming Friday and Saturday, (Dec 5/6) check out Julia's Holiday Open House from 10am-5pm each day. Perfect spot for checking gifts off your list...


Photos: Himalayan Trading Co.     Content: Sweet Peach


Helm Boots

Quality craftsmanship is always appealing- and readily apparent inside the Helm retail shop on the east side of Austin, Texas. 

At the core of Helm is their specialty creation... boots. All their boots are made in the USA with high quality materials like soft, durable leather and are designed with clean, classic lines. Each pair includes a signature white midsole and are built to be used and abused, for the working man...

Joshua Bingaman is the man behind the brand. An adventurous soul, Joshua cares deeply about creating quality shoes that stand the test of time - shoes that will get us from one place to the next with reliability and swagger, during our own personal adventures around town or across the globe. 

The Helm retail shop looks like an incredible place to visit. Opened in 2013, the shop includes their current selection of boots and a plethora of accesssories for both sexes that are carefully curated, of high quality and made in the USA. Quality, attractive craftsmanship appears to be the mantra. Gotta like that...


Photos: Helm Boots; Michael A Muller;  Content: Sweet Peach


Peach Picks: Rob Wilson 

I've been a fan of Rob Wilson ever since I first saw his clever illustrations. As a devout fan, I thought I'd be brave and ask him to create an illustration for this year's Peach Picks for the Holiday. Lucky for all of us, Rob was more than happy to oblige. Besides his wonderful artwork to kick off our holiday season, Rob is the first to share his favorite gift picks with Sweet Peach, all of which are from artists based in Dallas and Brooklyn- the two cities he travels between the most. And they're all just so good...

1. FROM THE ROAD Dolpa Pillow, $345. New York designer Susan Easton's love of travel and design spurred her to create a business working with artisans around the globe. This pillow, made from woven yak blankets, is certainly a conversation piece.  

2. GARZA MARFA Round Stool, from $750. This quarter sawn oak and brightly painted steel base stool from west Texas stands tall.  

3. DIRT'S EL PATO TIN with succulents, $42. My favorite flower and plant shop in Dallas makes these perfect, compact succulent gardens. They're like Marfa in a can.  

4. THE NASHER STORE DPW Plattter by Boris Bally, $440. This bright graphic platter made of traffic signs would make anyone stop and take notice.  

5. VARIOUS PROJECTS Key tag, $15. Various Projects make hundreds of fantastic tags, each one engraved with a snarky word or phrase that will definitely help you remember where you put your keys.  

6. MOLESKINE, John Alcorn: Evolution by Design, $64. Inspiring and influential, a new book about the legendary graphic designer John Alcorn is a visual delight.  

7. STAG, Sleepy Jones, Jasper Stripe boxer shorts, $44. I'm happy that a new Stag outpost has opened around the corner from me in Dallas. Their striped boxers will surely beat getting a box of candy canes.  

8. LILCO Geometric tea towel set, $30. Designer Lily Smith + Kirkley's hand-screened geometric linen tea towels are perfect gifts for hostesses and hipsters alike. 

9. KATE WEISER CHOCOLATE, Build-Your-Own box, $15-70. Kate Weiser chocolates, made in Dallas, are almost too beautiful to eat. But with so many delicious flavors, you won't be able to stop with one bite. Create a gift box with candies like Lavender Apricot, Ninja Turtle and Mango Habanero and then make one for yourself. 

10. TEN OVER SIX Fort Standard Bottle Opener, $60. If I found one of these insanely cool bottle openers in my stocking, I'd hope to find a few bottles to go along with it. 

11. WARE OF THE DOG Cashmere colorblock sweater, from $90. I wish my dog Maisie would wear one of these smartly designed sweaters- honestly, I wish I could wear one. Instead, she's opted for one of the neon orange and pink collars that are also part of this cool collection from Brooklyn. 

12. F IS FOR FRANK Handmade pewter woodgrain belt buckle, $81. Dallas-based jewelry designers, Shoshannah Frank and Casey Melton create meticulously crafted pieces that reflect their love of nature and their wit.

13. RENEE RHYNER SHOP Ebay Yellow Chair framed print by Brian Cronin, from $250. Brian Cronin is an internationally recognized illustrator and I've always been a huge fan of his work. This print is one of a new series of chairs on sidewalks, notable for its bold color and melancholy shadows.

14. PAT KIM rocket, $210. A walnut, hand painted rocket by Pat Kim may not be exactly something you need, but it's definitely something that will boost your spirits. 

Thank you Rob- your Peach Picks mimic your impeccable, fabulous taste. I'm thrilled at this chance to share your favorites. Hope y'all are inspired as I am. And Happy Black Friday! 


 Photos: Respective artists; Allison V Smith     Content: Sweet Peach



Sweet Things Giveaway!!

To celebrate the release of our 2nd Sweet Peach Sweet Spots, Emily Mann of Eclectica Kiddo curated a collection of fabulous goodies for a Holiday Giveaway! This giveaway (beautifully illustrated by Emily) includes: 1. Himalayan Trading terracotta candle;  2. Elephant art print by Justine Rubin (donated by Eclectica Kiddo);  3. Fig and Flower Gift Certificate for $25;  4. Ocean Rock Design whale pillow made from vintage quilts  5. Tree in a Can candle and Kraft paper Pinecone Placemats from Firefly;  6. Spodee Wine in original red and original white;  7. Blabla Sandwich the Cat mini doll  8. Five pack of assorted butter from Banner Butter. 


Checking in with Jack Rudy...


It's fun to check in on some of my favorite artists to see what they're up to. Turns out Brooks Reitz of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is up to a lot. Besides partnering in a couple of restaurants in Charleston, he's expanded his line of cool, quality bar ingredients. I love everything about bourbon and cocktail cherries, I can't wait to try these...

Elderberries grow wild in Brooks' native Kentucky so it was an easy decision to add this popular Elderflower Tonic to his lineup. This mixes beautifully with tequila, bourbon, rum and gin. Brooks also worked with Cocktail Punk in Boulder, Colorado to concoct a highly versatile aromatic bitters with layers of citrus and winter spices. 

And then there's the Bartender's Roll. Brooks worked with two talented barmen to assess their needs - Paul Calvert of Paper Plane and Eric Foster of Cask & Larder. As Brooks shared, "We pulled their wants and needs together into one bag, something that offered flexible storage for a number of tools, small and large and provided a stress free catch all for a traveling, working bartender." 

And then of course, the talented folks at Makr in Winter Park, Florida did the rest in crafting a smart, well constructed roll-up. Any of these Jack Rudy products make excellent holiday gifts. See the entire shop, here.


Photos: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.     Content: Sweet Peach


Eternal Sunshine

It's Friday and time for a cocktail. I'm currently in Mexico City with friends and have sunshine on my mind so I thought I'd share this tasty drink I shot earlier in the year, named Eternal Sunshine. Made with Cathead Vodka, it was expertly crafted by Aron Faubel of Sweet Auburn BBQ. This drink will make a nice addition to any happy hour today. Plus, it'll warm you up. Enjoy...