Felix Glenn

My friend Courtney of Honeycomb Studio recently told me about one of her favorite online shops, Felix Glenn. I took a quick peek at their site and realized I wanted to learn more...

Husband and wife team, Joanna and Robbie Ballentine of Birmingham, Alabama, craft these beautiful wooden utensils by hand. They named their shop after their grandfathers who were both skilled carpenters back in the day. 

Their intention with the shop was to create an "organic, imperfect and one of a kind product." Joanna, "We let the grain of wood determine the next move." With each utensil they carve, (made of walnut, cherry or olive wood) they produce a unique, functional tool that has a beauty all its own.  


Joanna and Robbie offer over a dozen utensils to complement any kitchen. The nice thing is, these are tools to stand the test of time and much like the passion and skills of their granddads- be passed down, generation to generation. 

Check out the entirety of the lovely Felix Glenn shop here. The bonus find is Joanna's gorgeous blog, irrelephant, which I just discovered and have now bookmarked. And thanks Courtney, I think I'll add this shop to my list of favorites too...


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Nice Laundry

Last year, Ricky Choi & Phil Moldavski of Washington DC started a Kickstarter campaign that was successful beyond their wildest dreams. In search of 30k, they received 119k in support funds to start their stylish men's sock line, Nice Laundry

Old, boring, mismatched. These are words that describe a typical man's sock drawer and the reasons behind Phil and Ricky's decision to quit their day jobs and take a stab at filling a need in menswear.

The nice part about Nice Laundry is two fold. First, they offer six pairs of well made, stylish socks for the price of one pair of luxury socks (6 for $39). Secondly, they want you to send them your old socks so they can recycle them into home insulation and dog beds - or repurposed for various industries. That's nice. 

Then of course, they designed the socks to be anything but your standard black and gray. Each Nice Laundry pair has a little to a lot of color and swag. All the socks are offered in complementary six packs with names like Exec, Ladies Man and Wild Child. 

So, like I tell my brother-in-law, (who is forever proud of his boring socks) men need to throw out the old socks and bring in the new with a bit of color and character. It's so needed. And besides, girls love it.  

Check out Nice Laundry's site here and pick your favorites...


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Spodee Wine

As this is a Southern blog, I try not to delve off the path to feature artists north of the Mason Dixon or west of Texas...but there's always room for southern inspired creations that are packaged perfectly-  like Spodee Wine, made and bottled in Washingtonville, New York. 

As shared on their site, "Spodee was a Depression era hooch that mixed up homemade country wines with garden herbs, spices and moonshine. The resulting brew was then put into whatever containers they happened to have lying around...hence, the milk bottle." 

The clever and creative folks over at Spodee have also created a myriad of recipes to mix with their wine concoction. I decided to try the Ruby Fizz...

Spodee Wine has 18% alcohol content so it packs a punch for sure. My friend Wendy helped me make the fizz cocktail, which we sipped throughout the shoot. Spodee itself has a rather unique taste that is slightly sweet with hints of chocolate. The Ruby Fizz was fun to sip on but I personally prefer my Spodee just straight out of the bottle or split with coke (a Spodee and Sody). Whatever your heart desires. The nice thing is, there's lots of options with lots of ways to mix this ...

To learn more, visit their site, here. And happy weekend, hope you get to enjoy a nice cocktail too...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach   Second photo: Spodee site


Tiny Buffalo Baking Co.

Audrey Gatliff's baked-to-order shop all began during a trip to a local farmer's market where she saw big vats of oats for sale. They were inexpensive and full of culinary possibility. Audrey, "Oats can be breakfast for a whole week, plus they smell wonderful when you bake them." Her subsequent granola mix, which includes raw honey, almonds and pumpkin seeds, was a quick hit among family and friends. So...the question became, What next? 

When I asked Audrey to describe her online based shop, Tiny Buffalo Baking Co., she replied, "It's a baking company that believes in little indulgences." As she studied nutrition in college, she believes sweets can still be savored but in smaller portions - like these mini loafs (6 per order), which she offers in two flavors, Blueberry Crumb and Banana. 

Another little indulgence are her Petite Scones. Audrey admits the Pistachio Vanilla Bean is her favorite. She found inspiration at Starbucks when she tried their small vanilla bean scones that looked cute but tasted too sweet and dry. Audrey, "So I came home and started making a vanilla bean scone, then added pistacchio which made it better." She prefers her scones to be more tender than crumbly. Good butter and keeping everything extra cold before baking helps her achieve the perfect tiny, tasty scone. 

Audrey has tried her hand at candy too with her bite sized Sea Salted Caramels. This recipe took some time to get right as she had to find the exact right temperature to create the perfect chew. A lover of caramels, I think I need to try these. 

It's fun to follow Audrey's Instagram account too which gives all of us admirers a sneak peek at what's happening inside her kitchen each day. It's inspiring but tends to make you very hungry...

To expand her Tiny Buffalo Bake shop, Audrey added some pretty, functional aprons. She took the time to research the right maker and found it through Ashley Marie Meyer of Meyer Textile Company. Ashley handcrafts the rustic, utility style aprons on a small horse farm in Ellendale, Minnesota which felt like the right fit for Audrey- "These aprons have a nice thick canvas and are plain without too much going on."  

Tasty treats are one thing but stellar packaging is just as important in such a competitive field. Lucky for Audrey, the natural, minimal design for Tiny Buffalo comes via her boyfriend and graphic designer, Dave Whitling and the talented Whitney Ott takes all the scrumptious photos. 

This year, Audrey hopes to be a part of more events and get the word out that her shop offers baked-to-order items and custom creations too. (She's based in Atlanta but can ship to your front door) When I asked Audrey how she came up with the name Tiny Buffalo, she shared how tiny refers to the smaller portions and buffalo refers to the natural world. "But mainly," she added, "its just fun to say." 


Photos: Whitney Ott     Content: Sweet Peach



Block Printing with Kari Fisher

Beautiful fabrics tend to stop me in my tracks, particularly ones that translate an artist's unique, creative spirit.

These one of a kind pillows and fabrics have all been crafted by the hand of Kari Fisher, in a style I was not all that familiar with. Until now...

Last Monday on a visit to AmericasMart in Atlanta, I came upon a booth of colorful, eye catching fabrics. I asked the woman there how they were made and she replied, "this is hand block printing." I then asked (hoping the origin would be southern), "from where?" but she said, "India." So...I instagrammed a shot of this fabric I'm now obsessing over to ask who in the South does this? Lucky for me, I got a reply...

Turns out, Kari Fisher lives just a few miles away from me in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. On a recent visit to her home, I learned how Kari was an interior designer for six years before starting her own business in crafting block prints for pillows and custom pieces. 

Block printing has been around for thousands of years with origins in India, China and Japan. The earliest surviving examples come via China, which date back to before the year 220. This art form became popular and lasting as the artist at hand was able to create vibrant, intricate designs without the need for multiple tools or arduous processing. Plus, the results were immediate and impressive. 

A lover of art history, Kari taught herself how to block print and when I asked what she loved about it, she shared that it's "causal, flexible and impefect." As each imprint is done by hand, there will always be variations in coloring, texture and alignment. That's what makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Plus, as Kari will attest, it's an inexpensive business (or hobby) to start as materials needed are minimal and the medium provides incredible flexibilty in playing with pattern, color and fabric.  

What's beautiful too is how Kari can take an ancient art and make it feel modern and accessible. The colors and designs she creates are very fresh and in demand, yet still feel timeless. These are well made textiles that are made to be passed on, generation to generation. 

Kari has bunches of cool wooden blocks that she has designed throughout her workshop. It just made me want to sit down with a block of wood and knife and start carving...

Kari made this incredible elephant pillow for One Kings Lane, which was recently featured in their shop. I'm a sucker for this Draper pattern too which is a geometric Greek key print. Plus, how can you say no to turquoise? 

It was certainly a thrill to take a sneak peek into the workspace of a block print artist and learn more about this amazing art form (that I hope to see more of). Kari doesn't know another artist in the state of Georgia that does what she does and believes there are currently very few hand block artists thoughout the US. 

All of Kari's creations are handmade using 100% linen fabric. As an Interior Designer by trade, Kari custom makes much of her work for designers throughout the state and beyond. So whatever your heart's desire- if you want a specific hand block print made in a particular color and size with this or that fabric and embellishment- she's your girl. Bookmark her site as she'll be expanding her line of wares this year to include napkins, tea towels and fabrics by the yard. And thank you Kari- not only for teaching yourself this lovely, ancient art form, but for answering my Instagram!


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LIT Decor

In the South, mason jars are a bit ubitquitous so it's nice to see when an artist finds a way to reinvent them. Vanessa Cline of Cary, North Carolina has created some really beautiful and unique variations that are worth a look...

Inspired by Moroccan decor details and henna patterns, Vanessa crafts a myriad of candle holders, vessels and lanterns for the home. All of her creations, found in her LIT Decor Etsy shop, are perfect additions for a porch or favorite windowsill and can be hardwired for indoors too. 

Every lantern is made from upcycled jars and every design, done by hand, is one of a kind. They are also hand washable and able to withstand the wind and rain.

I especially like her hand painted vases and the playful, pretty creations listed under the category, New Designs. Vanessa's shop actually has well over 200 items to choose from so it's worth checking out. Can't hurt to add one more mason jar to the collection, right?


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MLK Jr. Day 

I took this pic for Instagram a few months back as the sun was setting against the Atlanta skyline. Ebenezer Baptist Church lies just a couple miles from my home and is a wonderful church to experience. This is where the young MLK Jr. delivered his first sermon in 1948. He returned in 1960, serving as co-pastor along with his father, until his death in 1968. If you're in the Atlanta area today or sometime soon, it's well worth a visit to this historic site as well as the MLK museum and birth home, all within walking distance. Maybe I'm biased but I think everyone needs to visit at least once in their life. Just taking a moment to sit down in the church and listen to an MLK Jr. sermon (which plays on speakers) is a powerful, transformative experience.

Enjoy your holiday....



Produce Candles

When I saw a pic of these Produce Candles on Nan Myers' Instagram last week, I was quick to leave a comment. I knew I had to blog about them. Lucky for me, the creators, based in Charleston, South Carolina were in Atlanta this past weekend for the Gift Mart so I grabbed my camera and headed over to learn more... 

Sara Crosby and Beau Burdette are the hard working team behind this new brand. After Beau helped to build the home fragrance brand, Rewined, he took this knowledge and paired it with his love for locally grown food and organic farming. Produce Candles was founded upon strong ideals and deep passion...and it shows. 

Sara is working close with Beau on the entire project from the everyday production to marketing and branding. Their amazing booth at AmericasMart certainly stood out amongst the fray. I especially loved the white brick facade, vintage bike and mini colander pendants.

All of the Produce Candle scents are inspired by local farms, which Beau and Sarah visited countless times. Sarah, "When dealing with fruits and veggies, it's much easier to fall into an artificial fragrance pattern so we did a lot of back and forth tweaking. We really wanted to be as raw and organic as possible." They also wanted to promote and celebrate that Slow Food mentality of connecting with local growers, buying seasonally and truly experiencing the freshness and beauty of produce. 

They've created their base candles which will be available year round. These include Carrot, Honey, Kale, Melon, Peanut, Radish and Wildflower. Others will be added seasonally- like this spring you'll also find Rhubarb, Snap Pea and Cilantro and in the summer look for Tomato, Corn and Peach (above). 

I have to say, my personal favorite is Radish. I've always wanted to name my dog Radish- I love the name, I love the color, their fresh, crispy taste and of course, the smell. I took one of these candles home and its been burning in my kitchen ever since. I'm a fan, to say the least, and excited to try more. Sara's favorite was Rhubarb, then it was Honey, now it's Cilantro. As she shared, "I have found myself just holding the Cilantro in front of my nose." They're really addictive.

The incredibly talented Stitch Design Co. in Charleston designed all of their labels which are vibrant, charming and dare I say, adorable. They quickly do their job in making you want to pick one up and see what they're all about. 

Another thing to love about this company is how they and Rewined both support and hire employees from The South Carolina Vocational Rehab Center. This center helps Carolinians with disabilities prepare for and maintain employment. Learn more about Produce Candles here and please tell your local shop owners about them. I have a feeling these brilliantly conceived (and packaged) candles are about to strike it big...

**You can pre-order candles now on their site & they'll be ready to ship directly on February 24th. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach      Additional workshop photos: Produce Candles


Asha Patel Designs

On Sweet Peach, I shy away from any type of women's fashion, including jewelry. It's not where I choose to focus and besides, I've never been all that inspired to do so. But when I met Asha Patel of Asha Patel Designs, I found myself in awe of her jewelry. I loved the stones she picked, the pretty simplicity, as well as the symbolism. The pieces also felt very unique. So, it's safe to say, I've been inspired...


Perhaps Asha's pieces feel so unique as her background is equally so. She was born in London to Indian parents and now resides in Marietta, Georgia. Her inspirations are many and her experiences vast, yet through following her passion, she has found a style all her own that blends both eastern and western influences. 

Asha's pieces are rooted in tradition yet have a modern feel. The stones and shapes she chooses all have a meaning- whether it's protection or wealth, peace or courage. This piece above is a hand knotted lapis lazuli mala. As shared on her site, "Lapis lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It encourages taking charge of life and allows self expression without holding back." 


One of my favorite pieces of Asha's is the Saraswati tusk pendant on a wire wrapped green onyx necklace. This is a good necklace to soothe fears and worry, providing positivity in times of stress. Top left you'll find the intertwined labradorite, which is a stone of magic and a crystal of shamans, diviners and healers, while the Moonstone Tusk is known as the lovers stone, providing hope, balance, love, fertility. 

As if her necklaces weren't enough to lust over, her line includes bracelets too. Each leather wrapped bracelet is adorned with stones that have a vitality and meaning all their own. Plus, they look amazing stacked together. 

Asha's work has gained impressive attention and has been featured in magazines like People, Redbook, Seventeen, Jezebel and Allure. See the entirety of her lovely collection, here. And I think you need to bookmark her site as they are pieces to aspire to and pieces that would make an amazing gift. If, the inspiration strikes...


Photos: Asha Patel Designs; Sing Photography     Content: Sweet Peach


Kentucky Kicks Ass

I'm always a fan of creative types who scoff at conformity- which is why Kentucky natives, Whit Hiler, Griffin VanMeter and Kent Carmichael are a trio after my own heart. They saw a need and decided to make a change, ignoring any standard do's and don'ts. Which is, afterall, the only way to forge a new path...

They first began this journey back in 2011 when trying to raise 3.5 million on Kickstarter for a Superbowl ad that would promote and celebrate the state of Kentucky. A valid effort, they came well short of the funding- but they did garner enough media attention nationwide to help them launch phase two of their plan. 

Whit, Griffin and Kent are proud of their Kentucky heritage. Only problem is, their current state tagline is "Unbridled Spirit." When one googled this phrase, a website offering horse riding lessons in Texas was the first search result. So, they decided to start their own rebranding campaign for the state to help "increase tourism, attract new business, foster pride, diminish stereotypes, unify the Commonwealth and distinguish Kentucky from any other place on the planet." 

Kentucky Kicks Ass became their new and improved state tagline (unofficially), and proud Kentuckians statewide were quick to respond with enthusiastic support. 

Like any good rebranding campaign, you gotta have good swag. With help from local artists, the boys quickly amassed an impressive shop of Kentucky apparel as well as art prints that pay homage to their homeland. 

It's the kind of promotional attire you'd wish all states would create- quality materials with an eye for great design, not that crappy stuff you always find at airports. 


The Kick Ass Kentucky campaign rightly includes things and people that make Kentucky great, including George Clooney, Johnny Depp, KFC, horses and Bourbon. 

The state tourism board does not officially support the new slogan of Whit, Griffin and Kent but they do so at their own peril. These three guys have garnered a hell of a lot more attention and fanfare for their home state with their bold, brilliant campaigns than in doing things the expected (boring) way. They've forged a new path and I look forward to seeing where else it leads. Support their continued efforts, here.