Jennifer Lesley

I still have a thing for indigo. These lovely tea towels by Jennifer Lesley of Atlanta are my new favorites. These hand dyed towels come in four different shibori designs.... Love. 



Bulletproof your coffee...

I have yet to try bulletproofing my coffee but I'm intrigued. This trend has taken off on the west coast and NY and involves combining coffee with two tablespoons of grass fed butter. Tech entrepreneur, Dave Asprey came up with the idea while hiking in Tibet (he found a similar creation there, made with yak butter). Supposedly, the combination of coffee with butter high in Omega 3's and vitamins, is good for you and your brain. Those who partake report a suppression of hunger and a renewed mental clarity. Gotta try... 


image: Maya Visnyei



Lake Austin Spa Resort

I know everyone is back from the winter holiday but I can't help but want another vacation. This time, one that includes a spa and places to chill and pretty things to look at...

The Lake Austin Spa Resort, located in Austin, Texas was voted #21 in Conde Nast's Traveler 2014 Readers Choice Awards. This pool barn (one of three pools on the property) has me weak at the knees. Stuck in winter, I dream of summer again...


Images: Conde Nast; Lonny


The Finger Puppet...

I can't help but love a well designed wooden finger puppet, can you? I first saw these figures in fab fabrics at an ICE Atlanta event last year and knew I had to learn more... 

Atlanta artist, Kel Cadet-Lyons is the artist behind each handmade puppet flaunting an authentic Liberty of London fabric. Kel finds inspiration in patterns and colors and vintage travel ads. Just love em... Check out her entire collection, which also includes jewelry and wallets, here. 



Hello 2015...

It's 2015...a new year that i'm ready to embrace. As I've produced this blog day in and day out for over 3 years, I've decided to make a change in how I approach Sweet Peach. With a plan to expand my Sweet Spots papers and to travel more, I need to free up some extra time in my, I'm going to simplify the posts a bit. This does not mean a lack in quality. If anything, I'll push harder to create better content each day but I'll post less pics, write a tad less- just enough to entice and inspire.

I think I need it for my sanity, my clarity, my creative spirit. It's important to create space to allow more in. A sincere thank you for those who follow Sweet Peach. I hope to keep you all as followers and gain some new ones this year. I find so much joy in discovering and sharing all things related to southern artistry and design. It feeds my soul. So welcome 2015, let's see what you got...

New posts begin tomorrow!

image 1: Brittany Wood. Painting in pic by Teil Duncan of Charleston, SC    Image 2: Petit Home


Hot Toddy for the Holidays...

It's cold and it's the holiday season, therefore hot toddies are in order. When trying to decide on a recipe to share on Sweet Peach, I headed over to my neighborhood pub, H. Harper Station to see which was their go-to favorite. Sommelier, Krista Mason whipped up this warm and tasty toddy using housemade tea and syrup. Delicious and worth the extra effort... Thank you Krista! 

If you're in the mood for a hot buttered rum toddy, may I suggest making one with Banner Butter. Their Cinnamon, Cardamom and Ginger cultured butter is ridiculously good via a spoon, let alone combined with rum, sugar and allspice. I highly suggest you settle in on a cold winter's night with one (or two) in hand...


Photos: Sweet Peach. Banner Butter pic: Whitney Ott     Content: Sweet Peach


When in doubt, buy a bag...

I know I'm a bit partial to bags, but- I do think a gorgeous, well made bag is one of the best gifts to give this holiday season. My absolute favorite bag is one that also just won a Garden & Gun Made in the South Award. It's this scrumptiously dreamy, oversized, super soft black leather bag by SE Sherrick and Imogene + Willie in Nashville, $600. I'm not sure I've ever loved something so much...

There never is one great bag, however. There are many. These include, from left to right: Peter Nappi Ennio Tote, $420. J Stark Franklin Bag, $450; Very Fine South + Ashley Woodson Bailey Pink Zip Clutch, $350;  Emil Erwin Jane Clutch, $295; Bexar Goods New Porter Satchel, $680; Andover Trask Madison Tote, $225; Ceri Hoover Platinum Pintuck Clutch, $195; Moore & Giles Urban Satchel, $775. 

The Makr Post Bag, $180 and Makr Fold Weekender, $165. Happy bag shopping...



Culinary Peach Picks: Hugh Acheson 

As my attention turns to Athens, Georgia these next few months as I get ready to produce the next Sweet Spots paper, I can't help but think of local resident, Hugh Acheson. I first met Hugh at his beautiful Athens home the first year I started the Sweet Peach blog. He's gracious, welcoming and kind and can make a kitchen smell divine in no time. That visit embodied all that I love about the South- so I'm smiling ear to ear as he shares his culinary gift picks with Sweet Peach today. Thanks Hugh! 

Kalita Wave 185 and Kalita Serving Vessel, from $38. Awesome, fast brewing, Japanese pour over device. Perfect for one person. 

Georgia Olive Oil, from $32. Incredible south Georgia olive oil that is beautifully fruity and local- at least in my part of the world.

Heritage Cookbook, $24. Sean Brock's book is redefining Southern food. 

Kunz Spoons, from $5. Available at JB Prince, these cooking spoons are just right for basting, turning and tasting. 

Prune Cookbook, $27. The amazing, fun and interesting cookbook of Gabrielle Hamilton.

Coffee Subscription, $135. Heart is a great company. I get their fresh coffee delivered to my house every two weeks. 

Many Fold Cheese. This south of Atlanta dairy operation is producing award-winning, beautiful cheese. 

Ortiz Ventresca, from $15. Best canned tuna ever. A little steep in price for canned tuna, but boy is it worth it. 

Creature Comforts Beer. This new downtown Athens brewery is run by amazing people who produce stunning beer. 

Ice Milk Aprons, from $55. Truly lovely aprons and kitchen linens that embody the 'cooking from scratch' mentality. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom   Hugh Pic: Andrew Thomas Lee 



Culinary Peach Picks: Annette Joseph

When I began this blog three years ago, I didn't realize how much work it would be- how besides writing and curating, I'd at times also be a food and prop stylist. I needed (and still need) a professional like Annette Joseph by my side. For over 20 years, Annette has perfected the art of styling, whether it's tabletop, home decor, cooking or entertaining. Each summer, she leaves the South to hone her culinary skills in a picturesque Italian villa...sigh. Italy is my true love and I was reminded of this every day this past summer as I perused her deliciously good Instagram pics. I'm thrilled that Annette decided to share her top culinary picks for the holiday season with Sweet Peach. Each and every one is perfetto! (especially the last one...) 

Blue Bottle Coffee, $19. This is the real deal- probably one of the best brews this side of the ocean. This Roman Espresso does not disappoint. 

John Derian Mug, $135. I'll take one of these exquisite mugs to enjoy my morning ritual. Please and thank you. 

Brass & Walnut Pour Over Coffee Stand, $189. It's obvious that i'm a coffee snob. Truth- this brass coffee pour stand is divine! 

Nespresso Machine, $99. This item has a regular appearance on my gift giving list. Everyone that loves coffee should have one. I personally own four machines. 

Tagine Style Glass Cloche, $50. I bought one of these cloches in Napa a few years ago. It's a great addition to any cheese platter. 

Flavored Olive Oil Set, $86. From Oliviers and Company, these are the best flavored olive oils. When I summer in Italy, I drive over the border to France just to buy them at the shop in Menton- plus the shop keeper is gorgeous, so that doesn't hurt. Lemon is my personal favorite but try a few flavors. It's a perfect gift. 

Nutribullet, $160. I am totally obsessed with The Nutribullet. I use mine every day. It's great for Juice January, which is something I do every year. 

Rosmarino Ligurian Pesto, $12. The Italian region I live in during the summer has the most heavenly pesto...

Paella Pan, $22. I am smitten with Paella, plus everyone needs a Paella pan. 

Teak Measuring Spoons, $30. Beauty and utility all in one from one of my favorite shops in Savannah. 

Copper Measuring Cups, $28. I love copper touches right now. I am thinking seriously about exposed copper pipes all over our villa in Italy when we renovate. Until those are installed, these copper measuring cups will do.

Artisan Sea Salt, $22. I love the new trend in flavored salt. Obviously, the Espresso is one of my favorites. 

Clipping Scissors, $16. One can always use a good set of clipping scissors, or two or three...

Ticking Cafe Apron, $53. I collect aprons and this one works for both men and women. 

Italy Food and Prop Styling Workshop, $2275. Join me for a once in a lifetime creative, photographic retreat on the Italian Riviera in June of 2015. 

 Top Illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom  



Peach Picks: Ashley Woodson Bailey 

Ashley Woodson Bailey is having a good year. These past months, her incredible original artwork has caught a wave of devout, drooling fans across the globe. We all suffer from the same thing. We see, we gasp and then we pick a favorite. Living here in the South, I'm currently loving her Southern Magnolia image. And then, at the same time, I'm debating which gorgeous floral clutch to buy in her new bag collection created in collaboration with Very Fine South. So, receiving her holiday gift picks for Sweet Peach is something special and as expected, drool worthy. Enjoy...

Puzzle Heel, $299. These shoes. Oh my. All Gorman shoes are beyond comfy and so stylish. 

Tsalagi Clutch, $125. I've had my eye on this amazing Tsalagi clutch. Laura makes it in the yummiest black leather and I would love to carry it during fun nights out with my husband. 

Vertical Rectangle Vase, $45. I would love to hang this sweet little Copper and Torch vase in my house and fill it with gorgeous flowers. 

Diamond Anchor Necklace, email for pricing. A custom diamond and gold cross from Ivy Diamond Cole would be so dreamy. 

Hudson Dinnerware, $90. Keith makes these in black now and oh my gosh, I am not sure I want anything more. 

This class in Australia, $150. Plus, 2 round trip tickets on Qantas to Sydney so I can take this class and my husband can experience what I just did for himself. 

Citizen Atelier Gift Card, $500. I so want a gift card to Citizen Atelier so I can pick out some art for the house. Alessandra curates the site so well, it would be hard to pick just one piece. 

Katherine Sandoz Art Piece. I am a collector of all beauty made by Katherine Sandoz and this one might be my favorite yet. 

Light Drawings, email for prices. I would love one of Rinne Allen's light drawings to hang in my daughter, Byrd's room. They are breathtaking. 

Frida Vase, $295. I also want this amazing vase by Love Star, an Aussie brand, for my love of flowers and my love of Frida! 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom.  Ashley photo: Katie Oblinger