Halli Hitchner

For most of us, finding the right art for our home takes a lot of time. It often doesn't come easily nor quickly. But, I'd have to say these lovely floral paintings are a safe bet. They're incredibly sweet, delicate, charming... 

Halli Hitchner of Fleur Papier was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She's always had a strong connection to natural forms, endlessly inspired by the blooms and vines that grow in her own backyard. Perhaps what I love most, however, is how Halli makes all of her own paper. As she shared, "The labor intensive process of creating a piece involves making and drying the pulp for the handmade paper while at the same time, spending time finding inspiration for what I will hand paint next." 

Halli's hope is that you feel, with each piece, that you've traveled back to the 1800's, perhaps meandering inside an old English garden. Her work is special, meant to be cared for and shared. See all of her current creations, here. 


Images:  Rylee Hitchner;      Content: Sweet Peach


Checking in with Element Clay Studio

Ever since I first blogged about Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio four years ago, I've been following her evolution of work with awe and admiration. Although she creates all manner of pretty ceramic pieces in her Asheville studio, it's her wall tiles that leave my mouth agape, dreaming of where I'd hang each one...

The majority of her lovely porcelain wall tiles pertain to the sea - like barnacles, reefs, urchins and sea anemones. But her recent works delve into nature's lovely florals, like rosebuds, camellias and dahlias.  

And then there's Heather's new Curio Collection, made of elegant dishes with yellow or white gold hand painted trim. I personally love these above, each molded from an actual tortoise shell. My awe and admiration continues...


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For one of her holiday gift picks this past December, Libbie Summers (via Salted & Styled) chose the work of Lane Huerta of Lovelane in Savannah, Georgia. From the very first glance at Lane's colorful capes, hats and superhero cuffs for kids, it's easy to see why...

Offered in various bright colors and playful designs, these moto helmets are as adorable as it gets. I think it's my new favorite kid gift cuz I'd want to wear it too.

If you believe your babe is a little superhero, upgrade their wardrobe options at the Lovelane shop. You'll find the perfect collection of goods to let a child's imagination fly...


Images: Lovelane    Content: Sweet Peach



Johnny Porter

My friend Thomas over at Tweeds recently posted an Instagram photo of a new candle line he carries and I was immediately intrigued. Johnny Porter candles, based in Orange County, Virginia, are a collection of manly scents like Honey Maple Bourbon, Pine Camp and Winter Run Spruce. Maybe I'm a bit too easy, but just like that, I'm a fan. 

All of the candles are hand poured into recycled containers and utilize soy wax from American soybean farmers. The nine different scented candles are also well priced at $16. Check em all out, here. 


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The Handmade Book...

These past few weeks, I've been cleaning out closets and cabinets and drawers and have been amazed how many different notebooks I've amassed. I love a good notebook, at home or on the job, where I can jot down ideas and doodle and write to-do lists and goals. So, by my very nature, I'm a big fan of these gorgeous handmade books crafted by Katie Gonzalez of Nashville, Tennessee.

What I love is how Katie studied the art of bookmaking in Cortona, Italy. It's a lovely little town I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago that, like all of Italy, stirs the soul. Katie, "Visiting a medievel bindery, working with luxurious materials and learning to make paper by hand instilled a sense of tradition into my work." 

In her shop, you'll find her latest handmade creations which include sketchbooks, guest books and all manner of beautifully bound keepsakes. These leather photo albums are meant to display small, square sized photos, like those in your Instagram feeds. (Artifact Uprising is a great company for this) These books are also made to order so you can choose your own leather and thread color. 

All of Katie's leather books utilize the Italian longstitch binding which is decorative but also functional, allowing for the pages to lie flat when open for ease of writing. 

And since I threw away many of my old notebooks, I think it's only fitting that I start replenishing with books as pretty as these- books that help emphasize the importance and significance of each doodle or word. Mi piace molto...


Images: Psalm 27 Creative    Content: Sweet Peach


Studio Pano

There are various reasons for liking a picture on Instagram. Last week, I liked this one because I loved the pattern, the colors. Turns out it's via a very talented artist, Kristen Reinhart Davis of Studio Pano in Louisville, Kentucky...

As I'm a lover of tea towels and hand blocked printing, I can't help but be a bit giddy when the two converge. Kristen currently offers a handful of her designs on natural linen fabric in colors like fig, bluegrass and charcoal.

Kristen, "My latest series is all about organic lines and how they interplay. I've gathered many sketches over the past months and am now bringing them out of my sketchbook and into life using block prints, screen prints and hand painting on natural fibers."

I love following artists like Kristen on Instagram because you get to see those sketches in progress and a bit of their process. Kristen, "I never leave home without my sketchbook- you just never know when inspiration might strike." Peruse Kristen's entire shop, here. 


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Garnish & Gather, for Valentine's Day...

I personally tend to avoid restaurants on the weekends as I'm not a big fan of crowds and commotion. Consequently, this also pertains to holidays, like Valentine's Day. So, when Danielle Moore of Atlanta based organic dinner delivery company, Garnish & Gather emailed me last week to share a sneak peak of their easy to prepare dinner kits for the upcoming holiday, I was smitten. I kinda love this idea...

For Valentine's Day, you can choose from three different meals: Heart Shaped Stuffed Pasta with Short Ribs & Smoked Ricotta, Spice Lamp Chops with Beet & Carrot Farro or Hot & Sour Shredded Pork with Bok Choy, Mushrooms and Grits. You can also add appetizers and desserts like Fondue or Lava Cake. The majority of the ingredients are certified organic or certified naturally grown, with the meals taking anywhere from 10-40 minutes to prepare. I'm already starting to feel the love, aren't you?  

As V day is next week, you'll need to place your order for a holiday meal by midnight tonight, Feb 4. It can either be delivered to your door or be available for pick-up. 

For some added fun, Garnish & Gather will be surprising five lucky couples dining at Empire State South in Atlanta on Valentine's Day. You'll have your entire dinner paid for, plus go home with a ready to cook dinner kit created by ESS's Executive Chef, Josh Hopkins. If you're not based in Atlanta, there are many excellent companies that provide a similar service closer to your locale. (google 'meal delivery' for your city) If, like me, you're smitten with this idea (and ATL based), peruse the entire Garnish & Gather kitchen, here.  


Images: Heidi Geldhauser for Garnish & Gather    Content: Sweet Peach 





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Res Ipsa

In November of last year, I walked into Crafted Westside in Atlanta and the first thing I saw was about a few dozen of these original, colorful and eye catching men's loafers. Shanna, the store owner, saw my immediate admiration and said, "Aren't these great?" I just love a good find...

These beauties came to life because of two Georgia lawyers who saw a need for more modern, classic menswear in the office. As they shared, "We concluded that just because you work in a conservative environment doesn't mean you have to dress poorly or surrender your personality." Their wool loafers are inspired by British dress slippers, each pair covered in vintage hand woven Turkish rugs. How cool is that?

Expanding their brand to include women's shoes, neckwear and bags, Josh Moore and Odini Nwakuche are an impressive duo who travel, source, design and oversee their still keep their day jobs. Add some unique flair and fun to any men's outfit, here. 


Images: Res Ipsa;



The Southern C Summit

This April, I'm excited to be heading east again to Charleston, South Carolina for the Southern C 2015 Summit. It's a conference for Southern creatives that includes a bevy of expert panel discussions on branding, marketing, monetizing, social media and more. They fill up the three days with so many interesting people and topics, that it's impossible not to walk away enlightened and inspired...

Whitney Long and Cheri Leavy are the creative minds behind it all. I loved meeting these two last year- they're kind, giving, smart and savvy, which is essential when creating an event such as this. I personally love their focus on the South. As they shared, "The South is full of so much talent, creativity and innovation. We feel it is important to celebrate and connect Southern makers and creatives to build up our shared economy and culture." 

Their list of speakers is impressive, including Robert Leleux, Editor-in-Chief of Domino magazine and East Coast Producer and Editor of Better Homes and Gardens, Eddie Ross. Also present will be Amy Hughes, Susan Hable and Rinne Allen (to discuss book publishing) as well as Y'allsome founder Craig Evans and Proud Mary founder, Harper Poe to help us gain a better understanding of cause marketing and how to integrate it into our existing businesses. The list goes on...

To make it even sweeter, the conference is being held in downtown Charleston. Cheri and Whitney work hard to create an impressive lineup of speakers to share their insights and wisdom, but they also work equally hard to offer breaks througout the day and evening that showcase the best local food and drink. There is ample time to network and socialize, which is incredibly valuable for any Southern creative. If you'd like to partake, it's best to sign up soon as their early bird discount ends January 31 (that would be tomorrow). I hope you sign up and I hope to see y'all there...


Images: The Southern C;     Content: Sweet Peach