Adopt Me

Meet Margot. She's a sweet little pup in need of a home. Through my friend Monica, (who last fostered Petunia) I found Margot. She hails from Augusta, Georgia and came to Ruffus Rescue in Atlanta after she had a litter of pups. She needs a home, so I decided to take her picture- but first I put her in the first ever Sweet Peach hat (made by the fabulously talented Bernadette of Sweethoots in Maryland) If you adopt Margot, Bernadette is donating the hat great is that?  

Monica and her husband Chris have been fostering Margot for a few weeks now. As Monica shared with me, "Margot will bring a ray of sunshine into your heart. She is so full of joy and love and she believes that everyone (whether human, canine or feline) is her very best friend. If you look in her direction, her whole body wiggles." 

Margot is about a year old and is now spayed and ready for her own home. When I met her for the photo shoot, she really was so sweet, loving and easy going. As Monica said, "This is truly a happy dog, she even smiles when she sleeps." 

Contact Harriett at Ruffus Rescue to see how you can adopt Margot- and if not her, there are so many adorable pups to choose from. Like Suzi, Monty, Annabelle, Simon, Rosie and Billy. And that's just at one rescue organization- there are thousands of them in every state. As the holiday season approaches, I'm hoping more animals can find a permanent place to call home. A big hug and thank you to Monica, Chris, Harriett and Bernadette...and to whoever adopts Miss Margot. She's a keeper. 



The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Sometimes you stumble upon a product that reads 'brilliant' the moment you lay eyes on it. Such is the case of the Carry On Cocktail Kit. As someone who travels a lot, I'm a fan, a big fan. 

Eric Prum and Josh Williams from W & P Design (the Mason Shaker boys) collaborated with the folks over at Punch to help all of us have better drink options high in the sky. And when you think about it, what took so long? As airlines stay way behind the curve, it's creators like Josh, Eric and the guys at Punch who help shake things up and fill a void. It's refreshing to say the least. 

The Carry on Cocktail Kit includes six items to help you craft two old fashioned cocktails at 30,000 feet. Just order a mini bourbon, then use the bar spoon and muddler to mix in the sugar and bitters. Next, relax. Watch a movie or the clouds pass on by. Or just close your eyes and smile...cuz flying just got a whole lot better. 

Eric emailed me yesterday to let me know they're crafting new carry on recipes as we speak. With four flights coming up in my near future, this is very good news. I'd like to place an order for a Bufala Negra please...


Photos: W & P Design      Content: Sweet Peach


Half Light Honey

The imperfections are always the best part. Ceramic artist, Samantha Carter of Brasstown, North Carolina agrees. Her pottery is functional, well designed and uniquely her own. As Samantha shares, "The asymmetrical compositions and organic shapes are small reminders of the hand that made the work." 

Samantha began working with clay at Florida State University. She soon found a love for functional ceramics and played with styles before she found her signature one. She is known for her black and white handcrafted design of table and hanging planters but she continues to expand her wares to include bowls, plates and jewelry. 

Samantha, "I make pottery that is useful with aesthetics and design always in mind. As a lover of drawing first and foremost, I try to incorporate the hand drawn line into most of my work via the technique of sgraffito, in which painted clay is carved into while still wet, revealing the natural clay color beneath." 

Samantha loves the contrast of working in black and white and I personally love her various versions of it, each so different from the next. Peruse her online shop, Half Light Honey to see her continue to play with texture, color, shape and design. All the while, never forgetting to embrace the imperfections...  


Photos: Half Light Honey       Content: Sweet Peach



DIY Flower Boutonniére or Corsage

When deciding what holiday DIY to share in my next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper, I stopped in to Adaptation Floral Design to see what Liz Gudmundsson was crafting. She showed me one of her floral boutonniéres she was assembling and I was smitten. It's perfect. Here's an easy step by step for a sweet and sophisticated floral boutonniére or corsage...




Pocket Square Subscription

A stylish pocket square always make me smile wide- especially a mix of vintage, modern and reclaimed ones handcrafted by the talented, Danielle Romero of New York to Nashville.

Danielle scours the small towns and back roads of Tennessee to find unique fabrics that catch her eye. Besides the individual pocket squares available in her shop, I really love her 3 month or 6 month subscription offering. It makes the perfect gift... 

Each month, you (or a lucky loved one) will receive one uniquely handcrafted pocket square delivered to the front door. These are all limited run, small batch fabrics that will help any man stand out in a crowd. Sometimes Danielle only has enough fabric to make a few, which is part of what makes her creations so special. I'm such a fan... See her entire shop, which includes bandanas, scarves, suspenders and more, here. 


Photos: NY to Nashville   Content: Sweet Peach


The Alchemist

In search of the perfect holiday cocktail, I recently headed over to my favorite neighborhood bar, H. Harper Station. Upon hearing my request for a festive cocktail that embodied warmth and joy, owner Jerry Slater mixed up The Alchemist. His impressive creation is a treasure trove of fantastic, nostalgic flavors. Every sip offers a bit of allspice, nutmeg, apple, cinnamon and overall herbacious goodness. This is a cocktail with depth and character that'll warm you up and have you asking for another. And another... Cheers! 




Luxury in Lake Martin...

I have an early call at work this morning so I wanted to quickly share a house I bookmarked the other day. It makes me think of my friend, Bradley Odom, who dreams of a sophisticated, manly lake house some day. This one, in Lake Martin, Alabama, is one I think he'd approve of...

This lake home, built by McAlphine Booth and Ferrier, and interior design by Susan Ferrier, is a bit of a jaw dropper. The layout and decor draws you in and takes hold. I love the moody deep blue tones, the artwork, cypress paneling and overall mix of organic shapes and textures. As this is a modern home, Susan chose newer decor pieces with clean, straight lines. 

In the bathroom- wood, metal and porcelain reign supreme. Susan, "Using varying elements in an interior challenges you to take a leap from one of the elements to the next and in that dynamic arc or middle ground, you experience a completely individual and personal way to see a space." 

Susan carried the moody tones of the living room into the bedroom but in lighter shades to welcome and soothe. Ah, moody sophistication, I could use more of that...


Photos: McAlpine Booth and Ferrier     Content: Sweet Peach



Alanah Textiles

I have one drawer in my kitchen reserved for tea towels but alas, it's full and getting hard to close. I blame artists like Kristen Chandler for this common kitchen based ailment. Her beautiful textiles leave me wanting more. Is that so wrong? 

As my love of indigo runs deep, I'm wide eyed over these hand-dyed shibori tea towels that can also double as square placemats. These are perfect paired with white plates...

It's fun to see Kristen play with different dying techniques, like hand marbling these tea towels and pocket squares. I love how Kristen finds most of her natural dyes by walking out her back door to fetch ragweed and pokeberries. She likes to experiment with natural dyes, creating interesting patterns without a heavy hand. 

Kristen lives just outside of Athens, Georgia, where she continues to play in her craft and expand her collection. I just found her and I look forward to following her here on Sweet Peach. I'll just have to grow up, do the right thing and clear out a second kitchen drawer...


Photos: Alanah Textiles site     Content: Sweet Peach


Checking in with Suite One Studio...

It always feels good to watch the careers of your favorite artists as they continue to challenge themselves and grow in their craft. Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina is one of those artists. She's an incredible talent in ceramics, so when I saw her new pink and gold plates on her Instagram account, I realized it was something special. I had to share...

Lindsay refers to these as supremely glamorous dessert plates and rightly so. The plates are painted with her handmade pink glaze inspired by watercolor paintings- plus the edge of each hand-formed plate is painted with genuine gold. Can't get more glam (and pretty) than that. 


Lindsay, "The glazes I formulate have a natural, flowing variation and they always have. I decided in the last six months or so to really celebrate this variety as the uniqueness that it is. I've begun letting the glazes naturally do what they will without my interference. The watercolor aspect is important to my business because it speaks to a switch in my overall methodology- rather than work against the variety my handmade glazes bring, why not embrace this quality?" 

And after you drool over the pink and gold plates, you can peruse the rest of her lovely wares. This serving platter with a navy brushstroke is Lindsay's modern interpretation of antique silver serveware. Or try the dessert plates and bowls in white and gold for a simple, lovely look. 

What I love is Lindsay's obvious love affair with texture and watercolor. Each piece is one of a kind and perfect in its imperfections. It makes me want to have one of those big, all-white kitchens with open shelving to display each and every one...

Lindsay's splatter bowls and plates are gaining a big fanbase. I just spotted these in this month's Southern Living great is that? I can say with certainty, I can't wait to see what she dreams up next. See the entirety of Lindsay's beautiful collection, here. 


Photos: Suite One Studio      Content: Sweet Peach


Barrett Alley's Indigo Wallets

Indigo is not just for pillows, duvets, scarves and bags. Barrett Alley of Dallas, Texas works with skilled artisans to create a handful of sumptious, indigo wallets

Barrett's popular Devilish wallet is now available in plant-derived indigo, hand cut and sewn from a single alum tawed calfskin. Over time the indigo will slowly rub off, creating a cool fade pattern, similar to a pair of jeans.  

The Destiny 5 pocket flip wallet, like the Devilish wallet, is lined with with an antique Japanese cotton boro textile, dyed with natural indigo. As both these wallets are limited editions, there are just a few left to get your hands on...

These wallets are meticulously made by hand, never by machine. Each one is constructed using a traditional saddle stitch, which is more durable than a machine stitch. As described on their site, "If a hand sewn saddle stitch breaks, the thread is only loosened on one side and the stitch on the other side of the material continues to hold the materials together."

Each Barrett Alley wallet is individually numbered. My personal favorite perk is the antique fabric (sourced globally) that gives each piece a unique feel and character. Sigh,...our collective indigo obsession continues. See the entire Barrett Alley shop, which includes belts, pouches and jewelry, here.


Photos:       Content: Sweet Peach