Little Lux

Ever since I first wrote about Gunner & Lux, a jewelry line started by John Petersen, I've been keeping an eye on what he's designing. At the time of my first blog entry early last year, his then four-year-old daughter, Riley, had started making her own necklaces for herself and friends. They were a mix of vintage jewels and letters. Now, following along on their Instagram feed this past year, I've noticed Riley's side gig become a full time passion. Her very own jewelry line called, Little Lux is now in over 75 shops across the country, including Barneys NYC. Big things are on the horizon for these two gems...

My favorite aspect of Little Lux is how I feel these two actually created their very own trend. Each necklace showcases one thing- whether it's an animal, a person or a thing. The object of attention is oversized yet not overly so. The featured item is allowed to shine, keeping each necklace minimal in design yet with the perfect added touch of color, flair and kid appropriate fun. I just love it...

Although John is there to lend a helping hand and handle the logistics, it's Miss Riley who is at the helm of her own brand. As John shared, "Riley is always coming up with new ideas that we are experimenting with and trying out. She gets lots of ideas from books she reads, antique stores we go to and the many camps she went to over the summer. Some of her ideas work and some don't, but the creative part of sketching and picking colors is where she really gets excited." 

You can see Riley hard at work in the pics above...and it must be amazing for her to be at the forefront of building a very credible and viable business at the spry ol' age of six. I love that her popular Charlie the Cheetah necklace was featured on a recent issue of Babiekins Magazine (modeled here by Marley Battle) As she designs, cuts rope, ties knots, packages, delivers and may I add, writes a Thank You note for every order, she's well on her way to becoming a strong, in trend, in demand, force in the business. How cool is that? Find your favorite Little Lux statement piece, here.


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Checking in with Ashley Woodson Bailey...

I continue my avid love affair with Atlanta based artist, Ashley Woodson Bailey. I aspire to have one of her beautiful large size floral prints hung over my bed will happen. I believe it be. 

In her last series, I was attached to her Magnolia print. In Ashley's most recent work, I am privvy to Michelle- a photograph of a white garden rose that Ashley dedicated to her late friend, Michelle Carey Charba.  

I am still awestruck that all of her work is captured and edited with her iPhone. She amazes and inspires me...Keep up with Ashley's ever expanding floral portfolio, here.


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It's no secret I'm a sucker for a good leather when I saw this shop mentioned in a Garden and Gun tweet yesterday, I had to delve a bit deeper to see what they were all about. 

Turns out, Matine is a line of leather accessories handmade by Carolyn Misterek in Washington D.C. Carolyn has crafted about two dozen pieces to choose from and each one has a minimal, timeless feel with a good pricepoint. 

The Prima Tote is my favorite. I love how it can be a tote one minute and a chic clutch the next. That's my fit exactly. Check out Carolyn's entire leather shop to find your personal favorite, here.


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Curious Kathryn

"I had an idea. A big one. To start a business." That's how 9 year old Kathryn Miles Bauer introduces herself on  her website. And I think those three sentences tell you a lot about Kathryn- she's bold, motivated, fearless and with each passing day, more and more business savvy. 

Kathryn lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she recently launched a candle line under her shop name, Curious Kathryn. She currently offers three scents; Very Vanilla, Lavender and Magic Spell. She hopes to add a few new scents soon, including HOTlanta, a mix of cinnamon and peach. 

I was at her home a couple of weeks ago to capture a bit of her process. She is careful, organized and meticulous with every step- from measuring out the wax to melting to the exact right temperature, then adding the neccessary oils... 

Kathryn has a love for fragrances and especially likes how they can instantly put you in a happy mood or a calm mood. When I asked her what her plans are for Curious Kathryn over the next year, she replied, "My plans are super huge. I was thinking of running a mobile cart and I really love to bake and cook so I was thinking I could have a whole stand and business for kids called The Curious Little Bakery.

I particularly love Kathryn's list of top 5 skills needed for business success:  1. Always be confident and persuasive  2 Organize your time and budget to get your company straight  3. Have business meetings  4. Be very persistant  5. Think big and outside the box  6. Always smile, be adorable and act very mature. 

Kathryn currently sells her candles at Made Again in Atlanta and is hoping to add an online shop to her website soon. Her mom, Celeste, pictured above, is the best mom any young entrepreneur could ask for- kind, smart, encouraging. Good entrepreneurs have good role models, which is all the more reason to follow Kathryn on Facebook and Twitter to see what smart and savvy idea she comes up with next. Miss Curious Kathryn is going places...can't you tell? 


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Jack Mason

College football season begins in less than a month and in the South, that equates to the unified emergence of millions of frenzied, loyal fans. So I liked the fact that one southern company got in on the fun by producing college themed shave kits. 

Michael Reese, Mark Giambrone and Craig Carter launched Jack Mason in Dallas, Texas in March of 2014. They saw a need for stylishly made, college themed goods offered at a good pricepoint and together, they filled that need. 

The shave kits range in price from $85- $135. Each bag is made with full grain leather and lined with durable water resistant coated canvas. 


The boys offer a gridiron shave kit version as well, featuring a team logo, brass rivet detailing, plus a metal frame opening for more room and quick access. If you'd like to see even more offerings via Jack Mason, check out their online shop to find college themed messenger bags, belts, watches and wallets. 


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I dream of my next home having lots of white space and natural light....and in that home I will be placing lovely pieces of modern, clean furniture much like this...

Furniture designer and builder, Kelly DeWitt of Austin, Texas has created an impressive home decor collection. I particularly love her plant hanger, welded from steel and hand-casted white concrete that works just as well indoors or out. 

What a beautiful, timeless aesthetic she has -inspired by the Texan desert of her home and influenced by traditional American design and Shaker furniture principles. Keep up with Kelly's latest creations and whereabouts on Instagram, here.


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Warfield Supply

As my bag obsession continues, I couldn't pass up writing about this up and coming leather company which I happened upon on Instagram the other day. Warfield Supply is owned and operated by Ricky Foster and Jazmin Lee in Nashville, Tennessee and you need to know about them...

With a passion to create functional, stylish products with their own hands, Ricky and Jazmin have amassed an impressive bag collection made from high quality, raw leather. With almost a dozen bags in their arsenal, they've covered the need from small wallet to tote, from clutch to duffle. 

I always love reading about artisans who feel like they've finally found their passion...because it shows. All of these bags are beautifully made and classic in style. Shop for your personal favorite, here.


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The Tiny Finch

Certain pieces of art just resonate instantly with me, invoking a longing to buy and bring home. Like this Longhorn, made with recycled wood. If you find yourself in San Antonio, Texas anytime soon, you may get the same feeling when you step into The Tiny Finch shop and see it upon the wall...

The Tiny Finch is a lifestyle shop owned by native Texan, Courtney Beauchamp. She curates a thoughtful mix of well designed items for the home that all feel like original finds, with a natural, bohemian flair. Home decor items come from artists local to Texas to those based far across the globe. 

This is a shop I can get lost in for a bit as Courtney also curates a unique and lovely selection of jewelry, clothing, furniture and rugs. 

A sucker for textiles, I'm drawn to Courtney's expert curation. Inside her shop, you'll find handwoven Bolivian blankets, pillows made from vintage fabrics, cotton and silk napkins from Ethiopia and linen tea towels from Japan. There's a good chance you've never laid eyes on any of these items before. I love that. 

Luckily, if you're not planning to be in San Antonio anytime soon, you can still experience The Tiny Finch online. Explore the shop, here. 


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Bags by Tweeds

Not that I'm ready for autumn just yet, but looking ahead to the cooler months, I can't imagine a better bag to use, adorn, drool over...

Thomas Wages, the owner of Tweeds, designed these gorgeous messenger and weekender bags made from a mix of full-grain buffalo leather, solid brass hardware and high quality fabrics - like this one, made from Harris Tweed via Scotland. 

Every time I go into the Tweeds shop in Atlanta, I find my way over to these bags and just rub my hand over them slowly- part curiosity, part creepy obsession. This makes me realize this morning, how overdue I am in writing this blog post. Thomas created such a unique and beautiful bag collection available in shop or online. Take a gander, here.


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Pillows On My Bed...


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