Treehouse Kid & Craft

I love a good kid's shop and Treehouse Kid and Craft in Athens, Georgia is one of the best. Owner, Kristen Bach curates a bevy of products that are meant to nurture the imagination and soothe the soul. It's a mix of design friendly toys, organic bath products, vintage and handmade kid's clothes, furniture, decor, artwork and my favorite- clever games and activities. 

An I love Athens diorama, how fun is that? This is something I'd love to open and start coloring and assembling. Kristen creates and sells these herself... now we just need an Atlanta one. 

What stands Treehouse out from the rest is their classroom space where they offer a variety of DIY classes, workshops and summer camps. Classes include drawing, super hero, collage, sewing, knitting, printmaking, puppetmaking, stop motion animation and so much more...

Kristen opened Treehouse in 2010 and the good news is she's expanding to Atlanta by the end of the year. A new Treehouse will spring up in Inman Park to showcase all her wares and include lots of cool workshops for the kids. It's a place to explore and to play... all imaginations welcome.  


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Double Dutch Press

If you're taking a visit to Athens anytime soon, it's always a good idea to make a stop in Normaltown. For it is only in Normaltown that you'll find the Normal Bar, the Normal Hardware and the not so normal print shop.

Double Dutch Press is a print shop, rental shop, workshop and art store all in one. Plus, they just have really great taste...

The ladies of Beauty Everyday recently introduced me to this shop and its owners, Amanda Burk and Katherine McGuire. It was quickly self evident that this shop would land a coveted spot in the new Athens Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper. An avid fan of paper products, I loved this bright and creative place the moment I stepped inside. For more about the wonderful work they do, just click here to check out what Rinne, Kristen and Rebecca had to say... 


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The Turntable

The Turntable, via Richmond, Virginia based company Fern & Roby is a hefty, manly record player designed for optimal sound and satisfaction. Serious audio geeks need only inquire...

Made of 70 pound cast iron plinth, The Turntable is a feat of engineering. Every design decision considered how best to reduce resonance and vibration. As shared on their site, "Our single point bearing and center of mass design is a low contact and low friction concept that takes advantage of the dynamically balanced platter to get the best performance." At $6,500, this Turntable is not for the faint of heart...I'd love to give it a spin though. 


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Sweet Peach Sweet Spots Athens

After many a long night, it's nice to be able to say that 10,000 copies of the Sweet Peach Sweet Spots Athens paper will be arriving in Athens, Georgia this afternoon. Inside, you'll find 50 Sweet Spots curated by the ladies of Beauty Everyday- Kristen Bach, Rinne Allen and Rebecca Wood...and myself. There is just so much to love about Athens right now- from stellar restaurants, vintage shops to cool bars and hangouts, it's the perfect weekend destination about an hour northeast of Atlanta. 

The papers will be delivered to Treehouse Kid and Craft today and over the coming weeks, will be available at all 50 Sweet Spots. Or, if you're not planning to visit Athens anytime soon, download and print the PDF here. A big thank you to Kristen, Rinne and Rebecca, as well as Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object for her amazing illustrations, Bob Conquest and Vanessa Dina for their incredible design aesthetic and direction. I'm such a lucky one... enjoy the weekend everyone. 



Antique Sale at Bobo

Mark Sage of Bobo Intriguing Objects has been busy. He recently traveled the world (as he does every month) to select and import 6 containers of antiques. Normally he does this for his wholesalers- but this year, for the first time, he's opening it up to the public as well. And the best part is, all the prices will stay at the wholesale rate. 

If you haven't had a glimpse of his 15,000 square foot showroom, you're in for a treat. This is the most packed I've ever seen it. Every inch seems to be covered with something old and cool, and a mad array of items that are one of a kind, not to be found in your average store.

All the antiques at this weekend's sale Mark recently procured in France, Belgium, Sweden and Eastern Europe. 

In the middle of the showroom, you'll find some pretty long tables. The table to the right is 38' long and came from a church in Northern France. The impressive orange pendant lights were once industrial cogs bought in France that Mark then had turned into light fixtures. 

I love these old ladders too. For $135 you can own a ladder that just a few months ago, was sitting in a barn in Ophain, Belgium. 

All I can say is if you're in Atlanta this weekend, don't miss this event. All the details can be found right here. Hope to see you there...


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R. Wood Studio

If anyone has spent some time in Athens, Georgia, then you need no introduction to R. Wood Studio. In this large retail shop and workspace housed in an old produce warehouse, Rebecca Wood has created one of the largest, most recognizable pottery studios in all of America. 

Every piece of pottery found here is made and painted by hand and instantly feels like an R. Wood creation simply by its shape and color. It all began in 1987 when Rebecca, always an artist and maker of things- from jewelry to clothes, tried her hand at pottery. After purchasing an old kiln at a yard sale and creating pretty dishware with her hands, buyers began to notice...and place orders. The business, like her newfound passion, was organically born. 

When you walk into R. Wood, one of the first things you'll notice is the 1st tables, where a variety of dishware is available for sale. You'll find everything you need to set a table here- from rice and dipping bowls, creamers and cups to baking dishes and antipasti plates.

Then there is the Seconds Room where you'll find slightly flawed pieces sold for discounted prices. All the colors complement each other as Rebecca's pieces are meant to mix and match if so desired. It's more fun that way anyway...

With retailers all over the country and demand for her work for photo shoots and gift shows, Rebecca depends on a steady stream of artists to help her designs come to life. You'll often see them hard at work when you walk in the large front doors...

There are currently eight artists that work full time in the studio, from 30-40 hours per week. This is Michele, who is crafting bowls using a slab and her own handiwork. It's kept southern and local here, even the clay is from just up the way in North Carolina.  

From top left, Michele, Michael and Caden were hard at work the Saturday afternoon I stopped by to take a few pics. As Caden shared, the work here is disciplined and thorough, as many dishes are hand painted with as many as five coats. 

Rebecca is just as you would think- kind, thoughtful, full of vibrancy and creativity. It's been such a pleasure to get to know her a bit as she just recently helped me curate the Sweet Peach Sweet Spots Athens paper, which will be out and available within a week. I hope you check out the Sweet Spots, particularly #49. It's a goodie...


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This documentary short, Fishhooks from Lunch and Recess gives us a glimpse into the life of Charleston based taxidermist, Becca Barnet. It's produced to perfection and its fanfare is well deserved. Take a few minutes today to's worth it. 



Although many of my friends prefer to stay organized through their digital devices these days, I'm still partial to a good notebook. Something tactile in my hands holds weight and substance. I can write down quick ideas, websites to check out, things to do. And now that there are notebooks as handsome as these, my love for paper and pen can only grow from here...

Graphic Designer, Suann Song of Washington DC, noticed a need for quality desk accessories made here in the United States. Her line of desktop products, Appointed, began as a Kickstarter campaign in March of this year. It's safe to say, the campaign was a quick success. 

Suann's signature notebook is made with the highest quality materials, including a water resistant bookcloth cover, brass coil, recycled paper and preforated sheets that are either blank, lined or grid ruled. Plus, for a nice added touch, notebooks may be monogrammed as well. 

When I produce in the field, I always have a jotter in my back pocket. I think I'll be ordering a few of these mini linen beauties to have on hand...

Suann has expanded her wares to include well made and refined desktop accessories like a minimalist brass mechanical pencil, a heavy weight brass pencil cup and ruler. Practical should be beautiful too. 

And I'm so happy to see Suann teamed up with my friend, Matt Weaver of Andover Trask, who created these natural waxed canvas pencil pouches with brass hardware. At 9" x 6.5", these pouches are large enough to hold Suann's workbook as well. Available in natural or charcoal. (small pouches available too) Classic perfection. Click here to see the entire Appointed collection. 


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Mimi's Peach Gazpacho

Mimi Maumus is a chef after my own heart. When I take a seat in her lovely, inviting restaurant home.made in Athens, I know I'm in for a delicious meal. So I was thrilled when she decided to share her Peach Gazpacho recipe with us. We all need to make this tasty dish before peach season ends. Thank you Mimi... 



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Athens Road Trips!

In the upcoming Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper, Athens edition, the women who helped curate the paper- Kristen Bach, Rebecca Wood and Rinne Allen of Beauty Everyday, share some of their favorite nearby road trips. Below are some of their favorite getaways. These spots are a mix of good food, picturesque sights and fun locales to dig around for low cost treasure. I like that I have some new spots to check out. Thank you gals. In their own words...


Neat Pieces is one of our favorite junk shops. It's housed in an old downtown strip and is layered with treasures. Building after building, we love to meander through and see what we can find. It is always worth the trip and... just a few miles away from one of the most picturesque covered bridges around. 


A great way to spend a Saturday is browsing for plants at one of Georgia's best nurseries and...

...eating good BBQ on the way home. Just to note, Paul's is open only on Saturdays. 


Everyone knows how photogenic Madison is but we also love the tiny town nearby called Bostwick, especially in the fall when the cotton fields come in and the little town holds its annual cotton festival.


At Georgia's biggest flea market there is truly something for everyone, from plants to antiques to tacos! Located just six miles from downtown Athens. 


Athenians head to this nearby river when they want to cool off. You can bring your own kayak or canoe, or rent one and float on down...


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