Carriage Oak Cottage

As the winter doldrums have really started to get me down, I find myself counting down the days to daylight saving time. The spring makes me think and dream of vivid, poppy colors. Which is why I love these vases, created by Kristin Malaer of Raleigh, North Carolina.  

Kristin loves to play with color and texture and therefore chose to cover these glass vases in her own mixture of stucco and cement. The result is something unique and intriguing to the eye. This set of three would look lovely on my front porch, side by side, filled with spring flowers...sigh.  

Kristin is a busy bee, getting ready for spring herself as she now has hundreds of colorful vases to choose from on her site. Sounds like a good plan to beat the winter doldrums... Enjoy the weekend y'all. 




Checking in with The White Pepper...

When you find a good vintage shop online, it's worth bookmarking as the inventory is constantly changing. Such as The White Pepper, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, which is always stocked with original, beautifully curated finds from the past. It's like the perfect yard sale...

I can't get enough of these vintage brass pineapple ice buckets. Aren't they amazing? I can envision this set on the bar I don't yet have. I suppose it's a good enough reason to make room for one...

Another brass treasure are these vintage pineapple and palm tree candle holders. It's all just so good. Check out hundreds more finds just like this, here. 



Kia Neill

I love when an artist expresses their wholly original point of view. Like Kia Neill of Houston, Texas who creates seductive and fantasized versions of mother nature. 

Nothing is literally 'drawn' in her drawings but images come to life in a very slow, deliberate yet spontaneous way. Kia, "To produce my drawings, I use a hairdryer to manipulate puddles of thinned down pigment on paper. The hot air current speeds evaporation and moves the puddles around. The process is unpredictable and induces a type of meditation."  

She continues, "As I gradually layer the marks from the dried puddles, I recognize form and pattern similar to what I see in nature, such as the ridges of clam shells, linear folds of sedimentary layers or jagged tree lines of alpine forests." 

Such beautiful images to get lost in...see more of Kia's impressive work, which includes sculptures and installations, here. 




I'm back in town after a long weekend out west and have a bit of time to share a few pretty things that caught my eye on the flight home. My endless gratitude for Gogo inflight...

I'm currently searching for more artwork for my own home that is original yet affordable. Painter, Lynne Millar was raised in McLean, Virginia, and sells her floral-themed oils on paper at such great prices. ($80 or $40 for these....) 

Then, there's the gorgeous water cut candles I spotted over at JM Dry Goods in Austin, Texas. These eye catching candles come in 8 different colors for $62. 

And checking back in with my favorite Mississippi shop, Amelia Presents, I spotted this gorgeous hand painted clutch for $60 that is offered in blue, green or pink tones (or simply request your favorite color). It's exlusive to Amelia and I dare say, such a good find. 



The Sidecar

Last week, I pitched an idea to my boss- a cocktail cart that I could wheel around the office for Friday afternoon Happy Hours. I promised to find an old cart at a thrift shop and stock it with some basic necessities and let it evolve from there. I'm happy to report, he replied with an enthusiastic "Yes!" But after seeing this Sidecar, made in collaboration by Moore & Giles and famed barman Jim Meehan, I really want this one. 

This made by hand beauty is a true labor of love. Crafted with Virginia black walnut, Tuscan leather, brass rods and polished brass handles, every single component was chosen for the cart's optimal ease and functionality. The tabletop includes two shelves coated in leather to deaden bottle sound and offer reinforcement while the brass handles are flush mounted to prevent interference with the server's shins. 

The Sidecar also doubles as the manliest showcase for one's prized collection of decanters and bottles. It's a conversation piece for sure and meant for the most serious of booze enthusiasts. I keep envisioning how amazing it would be to roll it down the hallways of my office... yet with a price tag of $13,500, that may be a bit of a tough sell. 


Images:     Content: Sweet Peach 


Love Thyself...

With all this Valentine talk of love and relationships, perhaps the most important relationship is the one with yourself. Just follow this informative illustration created by Laura Berger and give yourself some much deserved love this weekend. I'm in Los Angeles to see some friends and show my niece around one of the colleges here. Sunshine, beach, friends, repeat. That's my plan. Enjoy your weekend everyone...




Halli Hitchner

For most of us, finding the right art for our home takes a lot of time. It often doesn't come easily nor quickly. But, I'd have to say these lovely floral paintings are a safe bet. They're incredibly sweet, delicate, charming... 

Halli Hitchner of Fleur Papier was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She's always had a strong connection to natural forms, endlessly inspired by the blooms and vines that grow in her own backyard. Perhaps what I love most, however, is how Halli makes all of her own paper. As she shared, "The labor intensive process of creating a piece involves making and drying the pulp for the handmade paper while at the same time, spending time finding inspiration for what I will hand paint next." 

Halli's hope is that you feel, with each piece, that you've traveled back to the 1800's, perhaps meandering inside an old English garden. Her work is special, meant to be cared for and shared. See all of her current creations, here. 


Images:  Rylee Hitchner;      Content: Sweet Peach


Checking in with Element Clay Studio

Ever since I first blogged about Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio four years ago, I've been following her evolution of work with awe and admiration. Although she creates all manner of pretty ceramic pieces in her Asheville studio, it's her wall tiles that leave my mouth agape, dreaming of where I'd hang each one...

The majority of her lovely porcelain wall tiles pertain to the sea - like barnacles, reefs, urchins and sea anemones. But her recent works delve into nature's lovely florals, like rosebuds, camellias and dahlias.  

And then there's Heather's new Curio Collection, made of elegant dishes with yellow or white gold hand painted trim. I personally love these above, each molded from an actual tortoise shell. My awe and admiration continues...


Images: Element Clay Studio     Content: Sweet Peach  



For one of her holiday gift picks this past December, Libbie Summers (via Salted & Styled) chose the work of Lane Huerta of Lovelane in Savannah, Georgia. From the very first glance at Lane's colorful capes, hats and superhero cuffs for kids, it's easy to see why...

Offered in various bright colors and playful designs, these moto helmets are as adorable as it gets. I think it's my new favorite kid gift cuz I'd want to wear it too.

If you believe your babe is a little superhero, upgrade their wardrobe options at the Lovelane shop. You'll find the perfect collection of goods to let a child's imagination fly...


Images: Lovelane    Content: Sweet Peach



Johnny Porter

My friend Thomas over at Tweeds recently posted an Instagram photo of a new candle line he carries and I was immediately intrigued. Johnny Porter candles, based in Orange County, Virginia, are a collection of manly scents like Honey Maple Bourbon, Pine Camp and Winter Run Spruce. Maybe I'm a bit too easy, but just like that, I'm a fan. 

All of the candles are hand poured into recycled containers and utilize soy wax from American soybean farmers. The nine different scented candles are also well priced at $16. Check em all out, here. 


Images:    Content: Sweet Peach