Caprock Vintage

It's been a while since I featured a vintage shop on Sweet Peach but in my opinion, a while is way too long. Through her collected vintage finds, Iylana of Caprock Vintage in Lubbock, Texas tells a story of her life in the wild west of Texas. 

As brass gains in popularity, I love finding small pieces that would look pretty atop a table or credenza. Iyanla features three dozen vintage brass items in her shop. The bottom is a fly trinket box which makes me think of my friend Bryce...he has a similar one that he uses as an ashtray for guests on the porch.

Iyanla recieves much help from her friend and fellow vintage shopper, Nylece. Together they find objects that have history and style. As Iyanla shares, "We love how objects from the past can connect you to the events you read about in history books and the stories you've heard of your ancestors. These are items we search for and hope to bring to you. They're not just objects, they're part of your history." 

I must admit, I have very few holiday decorations in my home as I'm never in Atlanta during that time. But, I always have one or two items placed somewhere. I can't help but be a bit head over heels for this vintage stained glass Christmas tree votive for $8. I may just have to get it. In the meantime, I'll be perusing more of Iylana and Nylece's fabulous finds, here. 


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The Hometown City Pillow

As I continue to work to update my home, I'm reminded of how many more pillows I need. I recently saw this cotton canvas pillow during my search and love it for its clean, pretty simplicity- via West Elm. 

The city pillow covers are $39 each and can be customized with your favorite font and thread colors, or add a monogram. Too sweet...

Find the hometown city pillow here, and may I suggest checking out West Elm's entire pillow collection. There's quite a few gems in there...


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The Porter Satchel

Bexar Goods designs bags for the active man. Their leather and canvas goods are built to travel and take a beating- yet have a classic, timeless style. I'm liking their new Porter Satchel which I just got a glimpse of on their Instagram account....

As they sum it up, "this bag is rugged, simple and stout. It has one main compartment that can generously accommodate your essential electronic companions, dopp kit and clothing to last you easily for a weekend, it not an extended weekend away from the daily grind." 


Like all quality made leather goods, the Porter Satchel is built to last. And the patina, which darkens over time, just gets better and better...

Each bag is handcrafted by a small team of creative, intrepid craftsmen in Bexar County, Texas, the heart of the Texas Hill Country. They know how it's done...which is why I love this satchel. It's an investment worth every hard earned penny. See all of Bexar Goods, which includes canvas bags, leather bags and accessories, here. 


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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

How can you not love the idea of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck? Best part is, it's headed down South as we speak...

Boyfriends, Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff starting the Big Gay Ice Cream truck on a whim in 2009. It became so popular and so publicized, they opened up the Shop in the fall of 2011 in NYC's East Village and the following year in the West Village. 

Their claim to fame is their insanely delicious soft-serve, which they developed in collaboration with Ronnybrook Farm Dairy. Then, come their inventive flavor combinations. From left to right is the Salty Pimp (vanilla soft serve, dulce de leche with maldon salt dipped in chocolate), Bea Arthur (vanilla soft serve, Nilla wafers and dulce de leche) and Godzilla (vanilla soft serve coated with wasabi peanut dust). 

Then there's American Globs, made with crushed pretzels, sea salt and chocolate dip. How will I ever choose? All of my favorite things...

Here's your chance to try some Big Gay ice cream yourself with the BGIC 2014 Tour. If you live closeby, head out and support these guys and dig into some fantastic ice cream. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has recently been named both the most influential food truck and the best dessert truck in the country. I'm so there... 


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Kiki Slaughter

I like any work of art that I can get a little lost in... where I stare, meander and get out of my head for a bit. The work of Atlanta based artist, Kiki Slaughter has succeeded in getting my full attention. I can't help but want to know more...

Kiki is a southern gal, rasied in Charlottesville, Virginia. As shared on her site, "Her paintings are best described as an experiment with the fundamental process of painting. She pours, scrapes, layers and otherwise manipulates paint on the canvas to create works that are rich in both color and texture." 

She creates large abstract oil paintings that feel wholly inspired and layered in meaning. Like many great artists, she's a storyteller at heart. As Kiki shared, "When I begin a painting, I do not always have an idea of the finished product in mind. Instead, I find painting to be an organic process in which the act of painting itself and the phsyicality of materials I use are both muses and methods for my work." 

As one may suspect, Kiki is very inspired by the color and forms of the natural world. She is tuned in to her instincts - able to create a cohesive piece of art that draws us in, not by luck, but by an intuitiveness for form, light and balance. As my friend Kathryn Kolb would say, it works. There's always a reason to why we stop, stare and stay awhile...

Learn more about the work of Kiki Slaughter, here. 




Damm Studio

Husband and wife team, Robert and Brenda Zurn who recently opened their studio, DAMM out of St. Petersburg, Florida, believe good design incites conversation and inspiration. They seek quality in craftsmanship and care for their aesthetic as they continue to expand their unique and lovely lighting collection. 

These Hombre pendants are my favorite design of theirs...made from defunct lighting parts. Robert and Brenda enlisted local finisher, Scott Farrell (a custom motorycycle painter), to hand paint an ombre fade on each fixture. Too pretty...

Their Theorem desk lamp was inspired by the hypotenuse of a right triangle. The solid ash base is paired with a solid brass neck in either natural or black. And having a deep love of Italy, I loved reading about their Piazza lights, inspired by the Piazza del Duomo of Milan. 

The Noland was inspired by an Italian garden rotunda. It's nice to see how each piece is beautifully thought out with a keen attention to detail and form. I'm a fan... check out all their lighting pieces, designed and built to order in their charming Florida studio, here. 


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In the mood for Indigo...

Indigo is everywhere. It's been a trend in the making for quite some time but now its got me wrapped around its finger. I'm on the lookout for all things indigo these days. Deep, dark, moody, layered, beautiful. I can't resist falling under its spell... 

The nice thing is there is no shortage of indigo home decor items or inspiration at our disposal. Search Google images for 'indigo pillows' or 'indigo bedroom' and there's a ton of great links. Plus, you can peruse so many fab Pinterest collections, like this one. When I get a little extra time, I'm definitely going to try this DIY for Shibori Indigo Pillows. 

Here's a few of the many home decor indigo items that caught my eye - Shibori wallpaper by Scion of UK; mudcloth indigo pillow; Indigo plate by Marimekko; Fluidity wall covering by Porter Teleo;  Indigo sheets via Jayson Home; short striped cup by BTW Ceramics for Steven Alan. 

And then of course is Maura of Folk Fibers who handcrafts the most insanely beautiful quilts and pillows, dying all of her fabrics on her own, the natural way. The results are truly stunning. Oh indigo, you've got me... 


Photos: Apartment Therapy; Desire to Inspire;;; urban outfitters;;;;  Folk Fibers;     Content: Sweet Peach


Lineaus Athletic Company

I love products that have an old school touch. Classic, traditional design is popular with the men, which is why I know they'd love anything made by Lineaus Athletic Company of Marfa, Texas. 

These football and rugby balls are as gorgeous as they come. Made with full grain baseball glove cow hide, each one is made super sturdy, using three cords of polyester thread, double locked-stitched. 

Then there are the heavy balls, available from 1lb to 5 1/2 lbs, along with this impressive and ultra cool medicine bag. I also really like this squat bar, because why not make it stylish? No matter which manly thing you desire, each product from Lineaus is custom made, ensuring a beautifully constructed, highly functional product to stand the test of time. Old school.   


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Knack Studio

For years I've been following the work of Barb Blair in Greenville, South Carolina. First it was her design blog, then studio, then her vendor space in Antiques on Augusta. Now, it's her picturesque storefront situated in the Village of West Greenville.

After many emails back and forth over the years, it was so nice to meet Blair face to face last month. Her space borderlines on magical as it's bright and welcoming and full of interesting finds. She curates items that are, according to Barb, "unique, small batch and exclusive to this area." 

Barb is well known for her furniture design business. She finds used, neglected furniture pieces and brings them to life with colorful paint, wallpaper, stenciling, spray painting, new hardware or designs. Her intention with each creation is to "make a unique piece that you can design a whole room around." Her book, Furniture Makeovers shares some of her trade secrets with easy, inspiring DIY projects...

So much good stuff...including the lovely ceramic dishes made by Crave Studio just up the street, Love tote bags designed by Greenville artist, Annie Koelle and custom carved whales by Tennessee artist, Gene Claiborne. 

I fell a bit in love for these cutting boards as well, hand made in Greenville from reclaimed lumber and flooring. 

I took an extra moment to read these fabulous dinner napkins by Sir/Madam that showcase Shakespeare sonnets and vintage love letters. Makes me want to create my own...would make such a fun gift. 

Barb took the time to show me her sizeable workshop in the back of her studio. What a lovely space to share, work and entertain in. Go visit Knack Studio next time you're in Greenville, or contact Barb directly for her beautifully curated goods or design skills. Lucky for the rest of us, she ships nationwide...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


Ceri Hoover

As autumn is upon us, I'm on the lookout for the perfect brown leather bag. When I saw these beauties online the other day, designed by Ceri Hoover of Nashville, Tennessee, I had to learn more...

Ceri's background is in interior design. A couple years ago, after crafting her own cute clutch, Ceri received rave reviews from friends. So she decided to go all in and design an entire collection of bags for the wholesale market. 

Ceri launched her business in 2013 and is now in 100 boutiques nationwide. She feels her bags are sexy, not flashy. Ceri, "They resonate with women from 16 to 60. People want classic design and nothing I design is overstated." 


Many of her functional, classic bags include her signature look of mixing cowhide with a camel colored leather. The bags have a relaxed, edgy style that feels natural and unforced. Her collection is slowly expanding to include a men's line as well. I can't wait for that... until then, check out Ceri's entire shop, here.


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