Wrong Side

If you're one of my guy friends, you know I like pocket squares. I smile whenever I see one and then tell all surrounding men why each of them should own one. Pocket squares add style and swag to an outfit, how could they ever be a bad idea? 

This weekend, while perusing Instagram, I found Wrong Side in Austin, Texas. Founded by brothers, Sam and Josh Newman, the Wrong Side pocket squares are all sourced from recovered materials. With the intention of making something new from old, the brothers find many of their fabric remnants at local, high quality, shirt making companies like Hamilton and Dos Carolinas.

Ah, it's just so good... Find, or gift, a stylish Wrong Side pocket square, here.  


Images: Wrong Side; Hamilton Shirts 




I saw my savvy friend, Nan Myers of Firefly this weekend and as usual, I questioned her on all her current favorite product lines. One that she shared was this candle company- simply called, Wax. 

Hand poured and packaged along the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas, Wax Candle Company offers a fab selection of manly scents... like Boot, Oak Moss, Lakeside, Smoke Fir, Tobacco Leaf and The Gentleman. And at $18 a jar, there's no reason not to buy two or three. I want...


Images: Wax Candle Co


Weekend Links...

This Magnolia Wreath is a good DIY weekend project.

I love this Paper Garden Print by Brown Parcel Press in Sparta, Georgia. 

A Teepee Motel in Texas. Who knew? 

The best chewy chocolate chip cookies you'll ever eat. 

I think I need this fun packing tape in my life. 

I don't care how fattening it is, I'm making this Three Cheese Spinach Artichoke Dip for the Patriots game tonight. 

Another leather bag to add to my wish list.

Something fun to do this weekend in Charleston.





Blackberry Patch

Tonight, I'm having dinner with my friend Nan Myers, owner of Firefly, based in Thomasville, Georgia. That got me thinking of my favorite jams, salsas and syrups, also from Thomasville. At Blackberry Patch, they make the most delicious small batch, edible concoctions. And I'm not alone in my adoration. Oprah Winfrey just picked Blackberry Patch's syrups as one of her favorite finds for 2014. Impressive...  

Founded in 1988, this company has grown to offer over 60 different products. Their success can be contributed to their commitment in utilizing real, local fruits and following time-honored southern techniques and family recipes.

If you're not convinced to try one of their tasty toppings, their recommended list of recipes may convert you. These include Turkey, Cheddar and Apple Butter Sandwiches, a Maple Praline Smoothie or Mayhaw Glazed Pecans. It's all just so good. Peruse their online shop to pick a favorite... 


Images: Blackberry Patch


The Perfect Winter Hat

I first found this hat when Marianna and Micah Whitson from Old Try put it on their Sweet Peach gift list in 2013. Ever since then, it has stayed fresh on my mind. So as soon as the days and nights became chilly this winter, I decided to buy it. And it's hands down my favorite hat, ever. Slouchy, warm, cozy, comfy, red. It's perfect. 


Sara Essex Bradley 

While doing a little research online today on New Orleans, I found this wonderful photographer named Sara Essex Bradley. She lives and works in the city (where she also grew up) and shoots various subjects of interest-  from tabletop and travel to kids, portraits, lifestyle and my personal favorite, interior design. I wanted to share a few of my favorite images of Sara's... they inspire. 

It's important to note that these interior images come from a variety of different homes, but many are local to Sara's southern hometown city.  

Peruse more of Sara's stellar photography portfolio, here.


Images: Sara Essex Bradley 


Jennifer Lesley

I still have a thing for indigo. These lovely tea towels by Jennifer Lesley of Atlanta are my new favorites. These hand dyed towels come in four different shibori designs.... Love. 



Bulletproof your coffee...

I have yet to try bulletproofing my coffee but I'm intrigued. This trend has taken off on the west coast and NY and involves combining coffee with two tablespoons of grass fed butter. Tech entrepreneur, Dave Asprey came up with the idea while hiking in Tibet (he found a similar creation there, made with yak butter). Supposedly, the combination of coffee with butter high in Omega 3's and vitamins, is good for you and your brain. Those who partake report a suppression of hunger and a renewed mental clarity. Gotta try... 


image: Maya Visnyei



Lake Austin Spa Resort

I know everyone is back from the winter holiday but I can't help but want another vacation. This time, one that includes a spa and places to chill and pretty things to look at...

The Lake Austin Spa Resort, located in Austin, Texas was voted #21 in Conde Nast's Traveler 2014 Readers Choice Awards. This pool barn (one of three pools on the property) has me weak at the knees. Stuck in winter, I dream of summer again...


Images: Conde Nast; Lonny


The Finger Puppet...

I can't help but love a well designed wooden finger puppet, can you? I first saw these figures in fab fabrics at an ICE Atlanta event last year and knew I had to learn more... 

Atlanta artist, Kel Cadet-Lyons is the artist behind each handmade puppet flaunting an authentic Liberty of London fabric. Kel finds inspiration in patterns and colors and vintage travel ads. Just love em... Check out her entire collection, which also includes jewelry and wallets, here.