Very Fine South  

Laura Shope of Very Fine South has a great aesthetic. I first started to see her beautifully made, minimally chic bags around Atlanta spring of last year. Since then, I've been a stalker of sorts, always wondering what she's up to as her work marries high quality with killer design. The cool thing is she just launched a new line and sent over a few pictures to share on Sweet Peach. Introducing the ENSO collection...

Enso is Japanese for 'circle.' As Laura shared, "In Zen Buddhism, the enso symbolizes strenth and elegance. Each piece in the ENSO collection incorporates a full circle in its design. Known for thoughtful simplicity in their design style, Japanese tradition was a naural inspiration of form." The Circle Clutch is made from buttery soft leather, available in six different colors and is fully lined.

Laura wisely subscribes to the 'form follows function' approach to design. As a student at Georgia Tech, she was greatly influenced by the works of Charles & Ray Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Raymond Loewy who were designing to not only fulfill a need, but to do so in a way to bring pleasure and simpliticy into the lives of everyday people. Laura, "The simple and elegant designs that the early mid-century is known for have always made the most sense to me." 

The timeless, classic quality to her pieces that still feel modern is what I love most about her work. I mean, the Cutout Tote, what's not to love? The cutout circular handle allows you you to hold it in your hand or fold it over and slide your wrist through. Dual functionality is always a good thing...

Besides the four pieces in her Enso collection, Laura has a couple limited edition pieces that I just had to share. This includes the stunning Springbok Clutch made from the soft mohawk hair of the South African antelope...or the Deerskin Fringe Clutch made of buttery soft deerskin. They each represent original, handmade works that are truly the show stopper of any outfit. I want, I want, I want... To continue to drool and pine over Laura's goregous works of wearable art , click here.  


Images: Claudia Bost for Very Fine South      Content: Sweet Peach 



Kate Waddell

Someday when I have a new place with lots of natural light (I barely have any now, sadly) I aspire to own some colorful art that matches the happy feeling I get when streams of light fill my home. So, I think the first order of business will be to buy a painting by Charleston based artist, Kate Waddell.

Kate was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia before moving to Charleston for college and calling it her home. I love her distinctive broad stroke paintings in acrylic and gauche. Subjects range from animals and still lifes to nudes and portraits - she's such a talented one. 

If you're in Charleston tonight, (Thursday, May 7) head over to Candlefish at 71 Wentworth Street for her art show from 6-9pm. I wish I could be there to see her work in person, but someday soon is the hope, when the natural light comes streaming in...



Rose and Twill...

After spending much of last week in Charleston, South Carolina, I was happy to discover some local, new artists to blog about on Sweet Peach- one of which is Caitlin Pape of Rose + Twill. 

With a love for graphic design and crafting, Caitlin has found a nice niche for herself. Her vibrant colored quilts are beautifully thought out and executed. I love her aesthetic, as each and every fabric combination seems spot on, don't you think? 

All of Caitlin's quilts are heirloom quality and machine washable, plus she'd be happy to make a custom one of your liking. Just drop her a line, here. 


Images: Rose and Twill     Content: Sweet Peach 



Romina Bacci

A nature girl at heart, I have a soft spot for the work of Romina Bacci of McKinney, Texas. A photographer and graphic artist, Romina combines her many talents into the prettiest collection of botanical art. In her Etsy shop, you'll find a plethora of well designed cards, prints and accessories, all inspired by mother nature...

Her botanical photographs are impressive. A few years ago, I blogged about some of her early pieces. Born in Argentina, Romina created this series of photographs to document her own visual diary of life in both North and South America. Her work continues to impress...

I'm a sucker for a good calendar and Romina has many good ones to choose from- either individual monthly cards or one complete yearly art print.

As Romina is multi talented, her shop is multi faceted, including an enchanting driftwood mobile and hand dyed, hand stamped cotton scarves too. She's an artist to watch and admire... Click here to see her shop, Miles of Light, in its entirety. 


Images: Romina Bacci      Content: Sweet Peach



The Moore & Giles Shoe Shine Kit

When you get older, you miss some of the things from your childhood. I miss the wooden box and shoe shine kit my mom had. All the essentials were inside the box and there was a place for your foot angled just so, on top. It was fun to use, plus I was able to make some good side cash as I polished shoes for my pops. Nowadays, they've modernized the kits a bit and this one, I have to admit, is pretty sweet. 

Made by Moore & Giles of Forest, Virginia, this lux shoe shine kit comes with one black and one brown jar of shoe polish, two small applicator brushes, one large buffing brush and one premium quality polishing cloth. It's missing the cool wooden box but that's okay, their fine brown leather case has me a bit weak at the knees. See all of Moore & Giles manly gear and bags, here.


Images: Moore & Giles    Content: Sweet Peach


Charleston Sweet Spots

It's hard not to visit Charleston and fall under its intoxicating spell of southern charm overload. I was in this city last year for the Southern C Summit conference and am here again this week for the same purpose. But this time, I came prepared. To share my love of Charleston, I created a Sweet Spots postcard showcasing the top ten must-see spots in town. Illustrator, Sarah Neuburger from The Small Object was at my side again to bring these locales to life...

I also must thank Erin Connelly of The Commons here in Charleston for her incredible guidance on the curation, Bob Conquest and Vanessa Dina for design input...and my advertisers Nicely Built, Produce Candles and Festival Rooster. Endless gratitude too for Southern C Summit, which allowed me to add a Sweet Spots card to each and every swag bag at the conference. I love what these women do and am thrilled to be just a small part of the event. There are certainly more than 10 Sweet Spots in Charleston but hey, it's a good place to start...Enjoy the weekend y'all. 

And click here to download and print the Charleston Sweet Spots. 




The Laundress

Whenever I visit Italy, I hear my friend Vanessa's voice in my head. I remember her love for great detergent and the smell of clothes washed in many of the homes there- dried fresh on the line outside. We both fell for the intoxicating smells of Coccolino and bring it back to the states for each other whenever possible. But as I sat at the Southern C Summit conference today in Charleston, I learned of a company filling the niche for high quality, fragrant detergent right here in the USA...

Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd started their company, The Laundress, over a decade ago- not knowing a thing about making quality soap but understanding a real need for it in the marketplace. In their talk today, they spoke of their combined passion and razor sharp focus to deliver on their vision and their hard work has certainly paid off. The now extensive line of The Laundress products for the home has resulted in a legion of die hard fans. And I get it, for the first time I smelled Coccolino, I felt like my life just improved ten fold. A whole world in a bottle I never knew existed...


I'm excited to try a few of their products, all of which have a specific job to do. Colors stay vibrant, stains are zapped and my personal favorite, the detergents remove dust and pet hair throughout the washing cycle. The idea too is your linens, woolens and delicates will last longer when treated so well- plus their products are all 100% biodegradable and nontoxic. I think I just became a super fan.

Supposedly this one smells just like a baby in a bottle.... I wanna try. Check out their site to see a laundry list of more thoughtfully made, beautifully designed products that smell good. The kind of good that can change your life...


Images: The Laundress     Content: Sweet Peach



The Cell Block  

A good hotel room is worth paying a little extra for but truth be told, some are better than others. Like The Cell Block in Clifton, Texas- a two-cell jail from the 1930's converted into a one room, one bath boutique hotel, complete with a rooftop deck and two complimentary alcoholic libations upon arrival. 

This may just be the kind of solitary confinement you can handle. It's spacious, inviting, smartly designed and private- you can't help but feel safe and secure behind these doors. As an added touch, the resident record player spins prison related tunes only ... just think Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. 

And like any good boutique hotel, The Cell Block has a cool shop of takeaways, like the Don't Drop Soap or the cooly designed matchboxes. It's good all around. Book a trip to the stylish slammer, here.


Images: The Cell Block    Content: Sweet Peach 


Little Low

I'm not sure why, but I'm always a sucker for a pretty, floral illustration. Caitlin McClain of Little Low in Austin, Texas has my attention and admiration with her modern and playful art prints...

I like this one too, reminding me of the bare necessities during an outdoor adventure- and I need another one soon. Being stuck in an office lately has me in dire need of some fresh air. I'd just draw a mattress inside that cute tent and then I'd be all set. See all of Caitlin's work, here. 



Lord and Lady

I love a well made skinny tie, particularly one with as much style as this one. Megan Cash of Lord and Lady began crafting ties while attending SCAD in Savannah. Then, little by little, good word followed by good word, a business was born...

Today, her online shop includes all sorts of manly made goods, such as bow ties, pocket squares and cuff links. I particularly love these Auburn cuff links, not because of their sport affiliation, but for how good they'd look with a white shirt on a summer day. I'd have to hug a guy in these...

I recently spotted Megan's bandanas over at one of my favorite Atlanta shops, Crafted Westside. These multi purpose bandanas are super soft with a timeless, rustic design. I keep thinking about that indigo one...  See Megan's entire shop, which includes many more manly options, plus a women's jewelry line, here.


Images: Lord and Lady     Content: Sweet Peach