See Scout Sleep...

Oh, how I love a good pet shop. See Scout Sleep is based in Metairie, Louisiana and they sell a variety of pet beds, collars and leashes, all the while keeping function, style and sustainability in mind...

Their well designed products are handmade utilizing sustainably grown, hypo-allergenic materials such as hemp fabric, chemical-free buckwheat hulls and poly-fill made from recycled plastic bottles. Love that.  

It's hard to find a good leash but in their shop, it's easy. Their offerings are all colorful and cute, like every dog deserves. 

Great collar options as favorites have a bold and fanciful brass clasp. 

I think it's time to upgrade my pet's accessories as now I feel their hardware is quite inadequate. Find all your favorites at See Scout Sleep, here. 


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Karla Pruitt

Karla Pruitt lives in Normaltown, a neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. It is here, inside her lovely home studio, where she plays with color, pattern, light and texture. 

Karla is an accomplished surface designer and painter who gets to create new wallpaper, apparel and pattern designs for various companies. (I've always wanted to create my own wallpaper. A couple years ago, I decided my first wallpaper design would be called, Over Easy for the cute breakfast nook. Not exactly sure what it would look like but I like the name of it :) In any event, I'm a fan of Karla's impressive creativity and ingenuity.

Her wallpaper collection for Hygge & West is quite beautiful. Each creation seems to strike a nice balance between glamour and play. 

Karla's art pattern designs and prints are full of color and joy. Most of her artwork she hand paints - the adorable bees she block-printed. So fun...

This is Karla's first collection of art prints created entirely from her own point of view, as opposed to a directive from a client. She calls it The Winter Series. I love how they are displayed against black. The wallpaper makes a lot of sense in her studio as it has that neutral vibe to let her work shine, yet adds just the right amount of sophisticated glam.

To see all of Karla's impressive portfolio, peruse her pretty site. Then do what I do and imagine your life as a pattern designer- dreaming up new colors and designs on a quiet street inside a charming, sophisticated studio in Normaltown, Georgia. 



Super Simple Straight Shoes

Many of you have heard of Marfa, Texas. Located in the high desert in the western section of the state, this popular and remote artist community is populated by a bevy of craftsman who find inspiration in the vast, empty spaces. Because of this remote locale, far from modern amenities and conveniences, many are also inspired by the need to be resourceful. 

Like Joey Benton, a local furniture designer and maker. He recently took his scraps of high quality leather to create super simple, super comfortable shoes. Joey, "They're based on the idea that a couple hundred years ago, all shoes- there was no left and right. All shoes that were mass produced were produced as straights." 

Joey has created three different designs for his straight shoes, which he calls Ned, Kiko and Jesus. These begin stiff as a board, with part of a thin rubber yoga mat placed in the sole of each shoe. But the best part happens next...

These straight shoes completely conform to your feet with just three simple steps. First, take your shoes and place them in water for about a minute, softening up the leather. Next, place your feet into the wet sandals, allowing your feet to mold to the leather perfectly (do this for a minute a two). Third, place the shoes in the sun to dry for 24 hours. Joey, "When you put them back on, they fit just your feet." 

The more you wear these super simple straight shoes, the more soft and worn they will get. Plus, the patina on the leather will change with time, growing darker and deepening its character. I love the idea behind these shoes and how they came to be. Learn a bit more watching this video and check out the entirety of Joey's goods, including some manly and beautifully designed chairs, here.


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Mirth Studio

When I met Carlye Dougherty last week in Charleston, owner of the must-see Heirloom Bookshop, she shared an article she recently wrote for Charleston Magazine on local artist, Sally Bennett. A few years ago, Sally bought a fixer-upper in Charleston and wanted decorative tiles to help brighten up the space. With a love for Moroccan tile but not a love for the large shipping fees, Sally decided to create them herself. Turns out that was a really good idea...

Sally was up for the challenge as she had run an interior design and decorative painting business in NYC for ten years prior to her move down South. In her desire to transform her new home, she devised a way to combine current technology with printed hand-painted patterns. The end result, on engineered hardwood tiles, was so stunning, she knew she was on to something good. 

In March, under her newly formed company, Mirth Studio, Sally released her first line of decorative tiles that can be installed as full floors, borders, inlays to existing floors or kitchen backsplashes. These are simply gorgeous designs that make me want to redo my entire house. 

This entryway to the left leaves me speechless. I am so head over heels for it, I think I'm going to put this pic on my inspiration board, next to my beach house pic and believe it into existence. Can't hurt, right? 

Sally's tiles start at $18.50/square foot, available in 12, 15 or 24 inch squares. I've picked a few to showcase here but she has over a 100 patterns on her site to sort through and salivate over. Custom tile work is available too, which is perfect for those who like the idea of dreaming up their own pattern. 

For a new idea and a new business, her site and subsequent wood tile collections are incredibly impressive. I hope to talk to Sally one day as I place my order for new tile- from the beach house of course. Until that day arrives, I'll be laying the groundwork, piece by piece..


Photos: Mirth Studio; Charleston Magazine, Julia Lynn      Content: Sweet Peach


Bacon Pancake Dippers

If I were to dedicate blog posts, I would dedicate this one to my nephew, Cameron. I imagine he will gasp, just like I did, upon seeing this incredible (very American) breakfast creation. I may be late to the game but when I saw these things on my friend Bob's facebook feed yesterday I was ready to go buy bisquick and bacon.

These are Bacon Pancake Dippers, a sublime idea if you ask me- either for breakfast, a weekend brunch or any occasion where one desires grease and carbs. This recipe comes via and I will be making it very 


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Ann Ladson Jewelry 

While in Charleston last week for the Southern C Summit, (which I highly recommend to any of you southern creatives...) I was lucky enough to meet Ann Ladson, a local resident and maker of the prettiest jewelry- the kind of jewelry that makes you do a doubletake, then try it on, then say, "I don't want to take this off." At least that's how it happened to me...

Ann describes her jewelry as "design driven by material and process, influenced by local landscape and produced by hand from start to finish." Her jewelry line is comprised of entirely US recycled and refined metals. As you'll see, she cares deeply about texture and high quality construction. Ann added, "The aesthetic of the work is handcrafted and recognizable which sets it apart from other brands." 

Ann currently has two different collections of her jewelry, Delicate and Aqueous. Each collection has its own personality. Ann, "The catalyst of the delicate collection was really elemental shapes and forms while the aqueous collection was inspired by water and classic jewelry designs." 

Ann's previous jobs have included a pastry chef, audio engineer, floral designer and metal worker. She has always been a busy bee with her hands and has certainly found her calling as an accomplished jewelry maker and designer. I like how each piece resonates her thoughtfulness- her individualism and passion. 

Her rings may be my favorite. The top stunner is an 18k and sterling nameplate ring while the bottom is the lovely tidal ring. This is the one I tried on when I met Ann and realized I couldn't take it off. I had to buy it. It was mine. 

I met Ann while visiting Erin (laughing, right), at her shop, The-Commons. Ann is seated next to Erin and then across is Carlye, owner of Heirloom Bookshop, Beckie Manley, a new friend I met at the Summit and then me. We all ate and drank on Erin and Carlye's shared Charleston courtyard. One of those picture perfect afternoons I won't soon forget... 

Ann's best sellers are her bangles, the ebb and the ridge. They each have their own incredible look and feel and are quite stunning when stacked together. See all of her bangle offerings, here.

The showstopper in her collection is the brass 'pearl' necklace and this piece is truly a labor of love. Ann, "In trying to mimic an actual pearl necklace and the unique character of each individual 'pearl,' it is very time consuming and tedious work. It begins with brass wire which is weighed and measured then individually melted down into the individual beads or 'pearls,' drilled with a tiny bit, cleaned of any excess or sharp edges from drilling, then sorted for size, lacquered and finally strung on silk cording with a knot between each 'pearl.' 

This necklace is as beautiful as it is labor intensive, often taking Ann a full week to make just one. It reminds Ann of her own southern upbringing- "At some point in a young woman's life, she is typically given a pearl necklace for a monumental birthday, graduation, etc, and that was the idea behind my version in brass." 

With my Ann Ladson ring still on my finger as I write this, may I encourage y'all to check out her site and indulge in all the gorgeous pieces and pics. I love meeting talented women in the South who are hard working and creative and strong and inspirational. In its own way, meeting Ann and all these wonderful women last week is a reminder of the true strength and beauty of women. With each glance of my ring, I hope to be reminded of just that. 


Photos: Olivia Rae James     Model: Becca Dupree     Content: Sweet Peach


Petit Home

I know I'm a southern blogger writing about southern artistry and design- but I can't help but want to share my favorite Instagram account, which is not from the South, nor the US. I follow many home decor sites but I have to say the Instagram feed of Petit Home is my favorite. 

Petit Home is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is just one of those accounts that always has the prettiest pics of home decor with interesting color and texture combinations- and artwork I haven't seen before. Petit Home has that international feel that is minimal yet colorful, creative and cozy. It's fun to be inspired by each pic as we can enhance our own design knowledge through the work of others around the world. I hope you decide to follow too...enjoy the pics. 

 Petit Home



Barn Light Electric

Lights made back in the day of our parents and grandparents were durable, of high quality and built to last. Too often, in the desire to mass market with a lower price point, we've lost touch with the standard that once was and have settled instead for what is. Couple, Bryan and Donna Scott of Titusville, Florida saw this gap in the market and decided to fill it with their own brand of lights using only the highest quality, commercial grade materials. 

Bryan and Donna's shop, Barn Light Electric, focuses on barn style lighting, which, thanks to the desire for handcrafted, American made products and the rise in demand for industrial style furniture, has been a huge success. 

Many of their barn lights are built for exterior walls and porches and just as many work for inside too- to add a cool masculine vibe to an office, workshop, bath or bedroom. So many good ones to pick from, with lots of customizable options too. 

And truth be told- these lights work well for the women too. (Check out their gorgeous Veronica Valencia collection) Plus, their ever expanding line includes desk lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants and quite a bit more. So check out their site to peruse all the stylish options and feel safe in knowing, whatever you do decide on, it will be of the highest quality and built to last. Just like they used to make 'em. 


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Muncle Fred Art

Every Mother's Day I try to come up with a new idea of what to get my mom. Fresh flowers are often the easy choice but they lack originality. So when I set my eyes on the lovely felted flower creations by Muncle Fred Art of Atlanta, I was a happy daughter...

These felted flower bouquets are about as sweet and original as they come. Kayla Stagnaro is the creative brain behind the scenes and she works tirelessly to craft an array of flower choices and color palettes for her customers. 

What I especially love is how creative she is with the display. Kayla, "I am able to offer a flower shop set up that allows people to pick the style and colors of each flower." I think of this as pretty genius...

Kayla sells individual stems but has a strong passion for creating beautiful bouquets for weddings and various events. Brides can pick out individual flowers to go with their theme- which would be amazing for the gal who loves to craft herself or is one to celebrate the arts. Plus, I'm now loving the idea of sending a small bouquet wrapped in her brown paper to friends and family. It's a gift to last and is just this great bundle of joy and creativity. 

As Kayla shared, "I love working with my hands and creating something I know will last in people's homes. I like to think that these felt flowers serve more than a purpose of beauty- they also serve as a symbol of memories, friendship or love when given as a gift."

If you're in and around Atlanta this weekend, you can find Kayla selling her flowers at Serenbe's May Day celebration or both Crafted Westside and Young Blood carry her work. Plus, find lots of bouquet options in her Etsy shop. And Happy Mother's Day shopping...may it be fun, inspiring and if you're lucky, original. 


Photos: Muncle Fred Art, Instagram      Content: Sweet Peach


Bean and Bailey Ceramics

Last week, I popped into one of my favorite shops, Young Blood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta and co-owner, Rebecca Hanna pointed out a rather lovely new addition to their shop- ceramics by Bean & Bailey. 

I was instantly smitten with their small bud vases, which are modern yet playful - so perfect for displaying a pretty stem or bloom. 

Jessie Bean and Anderson Bailey are the creatives behind Bean & Bailey. Together, in a small studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, they craft contemporary ceramics. As stated on their site, "We use colored porcelain slip to construct both subtly organic forms as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems." 

Inside Jesse and Anderson's shop you'll find a variety of vases, cups and bowls to choose from. As the pair are constantly playing with new colors and styles, it's fun to check in to see what has inspired them lately...

These Matte Cups are the prettiest of colors and textures. To achieve this look, the inside of the cup is coated in a clear glaze with the outside left unglazed to show off the raw clay body. At $20 each, they are also dishwasher and microwave safe. 

These last cups are actually a whiskey set. They are just under 3" high and are made to sit upon a wooden tray for serving and displaying. This is such a fantastic, original gift for the whiskey lover and it reminds me of how nice it is to discover a shop such as Bean & Bailey that's filled with quality goods for the home that are both thoughtful and functional- plus, unlike anything I've ever seen before. See the entirety of Jesse and Anderson's ever expanding collection, here. 


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