Starlite Showroom

In preparation for the unveiling of the next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots edition, I'll be posting quite a few stories on shops in Athens, Georgia. Starlite Showroom is one of my new favorites as it's full of well curated vintage finds at great prices. 

Mark Opel and Dan Beynart opened Starlite this past March. They met playing semi pro baseball and realized quickly their combined admiration for vintage home decor and mantique shopping. Mark has been an antiques dealer in Athens for ten years and Dan has owned local businesses there for years. Together, they realized they could make a good team, as long as they could find the right spot....

With a lot of vision, the pair decided to renovate an old mechanics shop and used car store they found on Broad Street. The space, with half a dozen rooms, initially was a complete mess. It took the pair three months to renovate it, tearing down paneling, rewiring the electrical, adding centralized heat and air and repainting the entire place. Luckily plumbing and contracting is something they both have done on the side and were able to do all the grunt work themselves.

Subsequently, they have low rent and low overhead so they've passed on the savings to us. Their prices are much better than you'll find in many other southern cities- with the large, vintage maps starting as low as $80, the working General Electric AM tube radio is for sale at $81....the ceramics are priced to move and the lattice side table is just $174.

As deer and antlers remain popular sale items, you'll find a plethora of choices here. I particularly liked the large velvet deer painting for just $23. 

As the boys know how to restore antiques as well, all items in the shop are home ready. It's an incredible find and so happy I was directed to it by the women who helped me curate the upcoming Athens Sweet Spots paper- Kristen Bach, Rinne Allen and Rebecca Wood. Next time you're in Athens, you'll have to pop in and check it out. (It's good to note they accept consignment and select items from dealers as well.) With a philosophy of showcasing well-curated retro home goods at great prices in an open, uncluttered space, Mark and Dan have created a shopping experience you're really gonna dig...


Images: Sweet Peach     Content: Pamela Berger