Betsy Eby

As I slowly upgrade my house, the one area I wish to improve upon is art. I'm saving up for an Ashley Woodson Bailey print and then I think I need to seriously consider this pretty piece- from Columbus, Georgia based artist, Betsy Eby. 

I loved reading that Betsy is a classically trained pianist. As stated on her site, "The layers and gestures of her paintings evoke musical spaces and rhythms while drawing on patterns found in nature." This makes me think of my dear artist friend, Kathryn Kolb who believes any photograph or piece of art that 'works' also works mathematically. For at the heart of both mother nature and music, is math. 

Betsy's encaustic paintings call upon an ancient method that utilizes heated wax, resin and pigment, all of which are applied thinly with various brushes and tools. The blowtorch liquifies the wax and fuses each layer. She's such a talented one. I look forward to the day I can hang her art in my home...I shall believe it be. 


Images:    Content: Sweet Peach