Kate Waddell

Someday when I have a new place with lots of natural light (I barely have any now, sadly) I aspire to own some colorful art that matches the happy feeling I get when streams of light fill my home. So, I think the first order of business will be to buy a painting by Charleston based artist, Kate Waddell.

Kate was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia before moving to Charleston for college and calling it her home. I love her distinctive broad stroke paintings in acrylic and gauche. Subjects range from animals and still lifes to nudes and portraits - she's such a talented one. 

If you're in Charleston tonight, (Thursday, May 7) head over to Candlefish at 71 Wentworth Street for her art show from 6-9pm. I wish I could be there to see her work in person, but someday soon is the hope, when the natural light comes streaming in...