Charleston Sweet Spots

It's hard not to visit Charleston and fall under its intoxicating spell of southern charm overload. I was in this city last year for the Southern C Summit conference and am here again this week for the same purpose. But this time, I came prepared. To share my love of Charleston, I created a Sweet Spots postcard showcasing the top ten must-see spots in town. Illustrator, Sarah Neuburger from The Small Object was at my side again to bring these locales to life...

I also must thank Erin Connelly of The Commons here in Charleston for her incredible guidance on the curation, Bob Conquest and Vanessa Dina for design input...and my advertisers Nicely Built, Produce Candles and Festival Rooster. Endless gratitude too for Southern C Summit, which allowed me to add a Sweet Spots card to each and every swag bag at the conference. I love what these women do and am thrilled to be just a small part of the event. There are certainly more than 10 Sweet Spots in Charleston but hey, it's a good place to start...Enjoy the weekend y'all. 

And click here to download and print the Charleston Sweet Spots.