Bracelets, by Billy Moore

Good news. Billy Moore, the Tennessee based craftsman behind the incredible leather distressed belts, has recently added bracelets to his collection... 

Leather, copper and sterling silver are Billy's materials of choice. His bracelets range in price from $60-$170. 

Billy's double wrap leather bracelets are made from hand worked leather, then softened, painted and weathered by his hands. A copper hook or buckle is the finishing touch. 

As stated on The Lodge site, "Billy's methods are unique among leather craftsmen. Inspired by his father and grandfather who knew how to build things and fix them when they're broke, he uses his hands and tools created by nature to craft his pieces. After acquiring leathers from American tanneries, he conditions the skins, sometimes waist deep in a river, othertimes using a tree stump, or even with boulders to give an uneven finish. See all of Billy's bracelets, here. 


Images: Cause and Effect     Content: Sweet Peach