Katherine Jury

As spring has finally begun to show its colors here in the South, I can't help but be attracted to all things botanical. And this includes the artwork of Katherine Jury in Louisville, Kentucky...

Katherine offers a handful of original art pieces on her site. Each piece is painted with acrylics, then signed, titled and dated on the back. This beauty is Summer Guava.

Katherine, "My desire to share my artwork stems from my belief that what we surround ourselves with becomes a part of who we are. Inspiring surroundings can elevate our soul, fuel our passions, grow our minds and communicate our stories." 

And as if her paintings weren't impressive enough, Katherine crafts small travel clutches too, which are perfect for spring. Starting at just $45, you can also find prints of Katherine's most popular original paintings. And if you're stil craving more, peruse Katherine's beautifully painted scarves, iPhone goods and stationery, here.


Images: katheringjury.com     Content: Sweet Peach